Diary of Henry Machyn January 1554

Diary of Henry Machyn January 1554 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1554.

03 Jan 1554. The iij day of January my lord mayre and the chamburlayn of London dyd present unto the enbasadurs gyfts of dyvers thyngs, as (blank)

09 Jan 1554. The iij day of January my lord mayre and the chamburlayn of London dyd present unto the enbasadurs gyfts of dyvers thyngs, as (blank)

10 Jan 1554. The x day of January the enbasadurs rod unto Hamtun Courtt, and ther they had grett chere [as] cold be had, and huntyd, and kyllyd tagc and rage with honds and swords.

13 Jan 1554. The xiij day of January ther was a man drane from the Towre thrugh London a-pone a sled unto Tyborne, and ther hangyd, dran, and quartered, for conterffeytyng the quen('s) senett [signet].
The sam day was had to the Flett doctur Crom, persun of Aldermare, for [preaching on Christmas-day without licenced]

14 Jan 1554. The xiiij day of January was had to the Towre master Hadyntun, dwellyng in Bouge-rowe, and all ys goods seysenyd for the quen and in the contrey for proffessyng of serten [heretical doctrines.]

15 Jan 1554. [The xv day of January, the lord mayor, and the] aldermen whent to Westmynster [to the court, and] my lord chanseler mad a protestacyon [to them, and to] othur pepyll, that the quen('s) (37) grace ys myndyd [to marry] with the prynche of Spayne (26), and the reme [realm] for to have [great] benefett commyng in to the rayme [realm]; and that he not [to meddle with the public affairs of the State] thyngs, butt her consell of thys reame sh ....

16 Jan 1554. The xvj day of January was bered master Wylliam, marchand of the stapull of Callys, with mony mornars [at] sant Androus ondershaft, as ser Rowland Hyll (56), ser Hare Hubbellthorne, ser Androu Jude, and dyvers aldermen, with .... stayffes torchys, and ij whyt branchys, and a good sermon; .... powre men and women had good gownes.

04 Jan 1554. [The ij day of January the king of Spain's ambassadors landed at Tower wharf. During whose landing there was great shooting of the guns. The lord] Wylliam Haward dyd saff-gard them; and so rod to-gether, and in Fanchyrche stret my lord of Devonshire (27) and dyvers odur mett them, and rod with them unto Durram Plasse, and ther they dyd a-lyght.

22 Jan 1554. The xxij day of January was reynyd at yeld hall the lord Robart Dudlay (21) for tresun, the duke of Northumberland('s) (50) sune, and cast the sam day.

25 Jan 1554. The xxv day of January was bered master Sturley sqwyre, at Rychemond, with cot armur and penon and skochyons of armes, stayffe torchys and ij whyt branchys, and mony mornars.

25 Jan 1554. The xxv day of January was a goodly prosessyon at Powlles with a 1. copes of cloth of gold, with Salve festa dies; yt was sant Powlles day, and ther was a godly masse; and the sam day master Feknam (39) was mad a prebendary at evyngsonge.

Wyatt's Rebellion

26 Jan 1554. The xxvj day of January began wachyng at evere gatt in arness, for tydyngs cam the sam tym to the quen and her consell that ser Thomas Wyatt (33), ser George Harper, ser Hare Ysseley (54), master Cobam, and master Rudston (39), and master Knevetts (37), and dyvers odur gentyllmen and commons, wher up, and tha say because the prynche of Spayne (26) commyng in to have owre quen (37), for they kepe Rochaster castell and the bryge and odur plases.

27 Jan 1554. [The xxvij day of January the city sent into Kent a great number of men in white coats. The captains to command them, and the rest of their forces, were the duke of Norfolk (17), earl of Ormond (22), sir George Howard, [Possibly Hayward] and divers others. But many of the guards, and of the white-coats, deserted] them, and captaynes cam hom a-gayn. Wyatt (33) had gotten some of the late king's ordenanse; and so, after their removyng, cam towards Dartford with ys army towards London.

28 Jan 1554. The xxviij day of January the Quen('s) (37) grace dyd send to master Wyatt (33) [and his company the] master of the horsse (33) and master Cornwales, to know their intentt; and thay send word that they wold have the Quen and the Towre in kepyng, and odur thynges.

29 Jan 1554. The xxix day of January master Wyatt (33), master Harper, master Rudston (39), master Knevett (37), and the commons, commyng [marched to] Blake-heth, and so forward toward London with [a great] army commyng.