Diary of Henry Machyn January 1556

Diary of Henry Machyn January 1556 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1556.

12 Jan 1556. The xij even was at Henley a-pon Temes a mastores Lentall wedow mad a soper for master John Venor and ys wyff, and I and dyver odur neybors; and as we wher at soper, and or whe had supt, ther cam a xij wessells, with maydens syngyng with ther wessells, and after cam the cheyff wyffes syngyng with ther wessells; and the gentyll-woman had hordenyd [ordained] a grett tabull of bankett, dyssys [dishes] of spyssys and frut, as marmelad, gynbred, gele [jelly], comfett, suger plat, and dyver odur.... dwellyng in Ive-lane, stuard unto master G ... ser Rechard Recherdsun, prest, with ij whytt ...., xij stayfftorchys, and iiij grett tapurs, a dolle, and a knell at Powlles, and a-nodur at sant Feyths.

22 Jan 1555. The xxij day of January whent in-to Smythfeld to berne betwyn vij and viij in the mornyng v men and ij women; on of the men was a gentyllman of the ender tempull, ys nam master Gren; and they wer all bornyd by ix at iij postes; and ther wher a commonment thrughe London over nyght that no yong folke shuld come ther, for ther the grettest [number] was as has byne sene at shyche a tyme.

05 Feb 1556. The v day of Feybruary was bered master Cry[stopher] Allen, sum-tyme altherman of London, in sant ... in London, with iij dosen torchys, on dosen of [staff]-torchys, ij whyt branchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and pore men and women had gownes, and ther wher mony mornars in blake, a lx; and the xxviij was the monyth ['s mind?]

08 Feb 1556. The viij day of Feybruary dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Peryn, a blake frere [blackfriar], and at the sam sermon was a prest, on ser Thomas Samsun, dyd penanse for he had ij wyffes, and a shett abowt hym, and a tapur in ys hand bornyng a-for the precher, and the mayre of London and the althermen and worshephull men, and mony odur.

12 Jan 1556. The xij day of January was bered in Essex master Leygett, justes of pesse, with ij whyt branchys and a v dosen of torchys, and iiij gret tapurs and a gret dolle, and mony mornars, and a gret dener; and shroyff sonday was ys monyth myne, and ij dosen stayffes more, and a grett dolle to the pore and a ij dosen skochyons.... Grenwyche, and to the courtt gatt for the Spaneardes and odur, one master Kayes kepyng [there] tavarne and vetell.