Diary of Henry Machyn January 1557

Diary of Henry Machyn January 1557 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1557.

04 Jan 1557. The iiij day of January at nyght was serten feyres [fires] [seen] in Fynsbere feyld and in More-feld at the wynd-mylle, and at the Doge-howse, and in gardens by mony men, and yt was sene at Damanes cler [Dame Agnes Clare], and mo plases.

08 Jan 1557. The viij day of January dyd ryd in a care at Westmynster the wyff of the Grayhond, and the Abbott['s] servand was wypyd becaus that he toke her owt of the care, at the care-harse [carts tail].

10 Jan 1557. The x day of January was bered at sant Botollf without Althergatt on master Tayller a gold-fyner [gold refiner], with ij fayre whytt branchys and a xij stayffes torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and mony morners, and the compene of the Goldsmyth(s) in ther levery.

11 Jan 1557. The xj day of January was bered my lade Challenger (30), the wyff of ser Thomas Challenger (36), and was the wyff of ser Thomas Lee of Hogston, and bered at Shordyche chyrche, with ij whyt branchys, and ij dosen stayffes torchys and iiij grett tapurs, and a harold of armes, and iiij baners of emages and a viij dosen of skochyons of armes, and the strett hangyd with blake boythe the strett and the chyrche and armes.

13 Jan 1557. [The xiij day of January, in alderman Draper's ward, called] Chordwenerstrett ward, a belle-man [went about] with a belle at evere lane end and at the ward [end, to] gyff warnyng of ffyre and candyll lyght, [and to help the] powre, and pray for the ded.

15 Jan 1557. The xv day of January was bered at A[llhallows-] stannyng in Fanchyrche-strett on master Croker, w[ith a herse] and a dossen stayffes torchys and iiij grett tapers, and [arms] a-pone them, and armes a-bowt ys body and se .... mornars and mony prestes and clarkes syngyng.

20 Jan 1557. The xx day of January at Grenwyche parke the quen (40) grace('s) pensyonars dyd mustur in bryth [bright] [harness] and mony barbe horsses; and evere pensyonar had iij men in grene cottes gardyd with whytt; so thay rod a-bowt [the park,] iij in ranke apone grett horssys with spers in ther handes pentyd whyt and grene, and a-for rod trumpeters blohyng; and next a man of armes bayryng a standard of red and yelowe, in the standard a whytt hart, and on the thodur syd a blake eygyll with goldyd leges; and be-twyn ij and iij of the cloke thay cam downe and mustered a-for the Quen('s) (40) grace a-for the parke gatt, for ther stod the Quen('s) grace on he, and my lord cardenall (56), and my lord admerall (47), and my lord Montyguw (28), and dyvers odur lordes and lades; and so a-for the pensyoners rod many gentyll-men on genetes and lyght horsses, butt spesyalle ther rod on gentyll-man, ys nam ys master (blank), apon the lest mulle thatt evere I say; and so thay rod to and fro a-for the Quyne; and ther cam a tumbeler, and playd mony prate fettes a-for the Quen and my lord cardenalle, that her grace dyd layke hartely; and so her grace dyd thanke them alle for ther peyne; and so after they partyd, for ther wher of the pensyonars 1. and mo, besyd ther men of armes; and ther wher of pepulle of men and vomen a-boyff x m. pepulle and mo.

Around 1554 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. Around 1556 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. In 1559 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592 wearing a Garter Collar and St George Pendant.

26 Jan 1557. [The xxvj day of January went to Cambridge, Watson (42) bishop elect of Lincoln, Scot bishop of Chester, and Christopherson bishop elect of Chichester,] comyssyoners to the [lord cardinal, to the] chyrche of sant Mares, and thay toke up on Martin [Bucer] (65) that was bered ther, and Paulus Phagius (53) [was] taken up at Sant Myghelle cherche that was [buried there,] and after brentt [burned] boyth.

25 Jan 1557. The xxv day of January was bered master[ess] Ogull, the wyff of master Ogull, in the parryche [church of] sant Gylles with-out Crepulgatt, with ij whytt branchys, and a dosen stayffe torchys, and iiij grett gylt candylstykes, and with iiij grett tapurs and armes apone them, and a ij dosen of skochyons of armes; and a blake frere dyd pryche at masse for here.

28 Jan 1557. The xxviij day of January was bered at Powlles ser ... Trekett, on of the keeper(s) of the westre [vestry], the wyche he was worth a grett sum of money and gold.

28 Jan 1557. The sam day cam thrugh London to (blank) a fayre (blank) cowe and a grett hynd and fat that ever that I have sene, to goo to-gether to (unfinished)

28 Jan 1557. The xxviij day of January was had to the Towre my lorde Sturton (37) for murder of ij gentyllmen, the father and the sune and ere [heir], master Argylles[Hartgill] and ys sune, the wyche was shamfully murdered in ys own plasse.

31 Jan 1557. The xxxj day of January my lord tresorer('s) lord of mysrulle cam to my lord mare, and bad my lord to dener, and ther cam a grett cumpene of my lord tresorer('s) men with portesans [partisans], and a grett mene of musysyonars and dyssegyssyd, and with trumpets and drumes, and with ys consellers and dyver odur offesers, and ther was a dullvyll [devil] shuting of fyre, and won was lyke Deth with a dart in hand.