Diary of Henry Machyn January 1558

Diary of Henry Machyn January 1558 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1558.

02 Jan 1558. [The iij day of January came tidings to the Queen (41)] that the Frenche kyng (38) was [come to] Nuwnam bryge with a grett host of men [of war], and layd batheryng pessys unto ytt, and unto Rysse-banke by water, and to Cales, [and] led grett batheryng peses to hytt, for ther wher [great shooting].

04 Jan 1558. The iiij day of January the cete of London toke a v men to go to Calles, of evere [craft,] to fynd boyth harnes, bowes, morespykes and [guns,] and men of ther charge and cost, and prest money, they cam to the quen('s) (41) nave [navy] of shypes.

06 Jan 1558. The vj day of January thes men wher browght unto Leydenhalle, and mustered afor my lord mayre and the althermen; and at after-none by iiij of the cloke they toke ther way to the Towrewarff, and ther thay toke shypyng toward Callys.

08 Jan 1558. The viij day of January the marchandes of the stapull of Calles toke up c. and ode [odd] men to go toward Calles of ther cost.

09 Jan 1558. The viij day of January thay toke shypyng at the Towre-warfe toward Calles, and odur men of ware, and from odur plases to the see-ward, betwyn v and vj of the cloke at nyght.

08 Jan 1558. The viij day of January was sett up at Wyndsore the yerle of Sussex (33) the depute of Yrland ys baner of armes, and ys elmett, crest, mantylle, and ys sword for ys stallasyon of the garter.

Surrender of Calais

10 Jan 1558. [The x day of January heavy news came to En]gland, and to London, thatt the Fre[nch had won] Cales, the wyche was the hevest tydy[ngs to London] and to England that ever was hard of, for lyke a trayter yt was sold and d[elivered unto] them the (blank) day of January; the duke of Guise (38) was cheyff capten, and evere man dyschargyd the town.

01 Jan 1558. The furst day of January, was nuwyerevyn [New Years Eve], ther cam a lord of mysrulle from Westmynster with ys harold and ys trumpettes and ys drumys, and mony dysgyssyd in whytt; and so he cam in to London, and so he was browth in-to the contur in the Pultre; and dyver of ys men lay all nyght ther, and ys men whent a-stray hom agayn by iiij and vj to-geder to Westmynster on hors-bake and of fott.

11 Jan 1558. The xj day of January the cete of London [took up] a m. men mo, and mad them whytt cottes of .... and red crosses, and evere ward of London fund (blank) men.

13 Jan 1558. The xiij day of January was bered at [Westminster] in sant Margerett parryche my lade Powes (51), [daughter] to the duke of Suffoke, Charles Brandon (74), [with two] whytt branchys, xij torchys, and iiij grett [tapers,] with xij skochyons of armes.

16 Jan 1558. The xvj day of January was bered in Suffoke ser Recherd Freston (58) knyght, and cofferer unto the quen Mare (41)—the iiij and v of King Philip and Quen Mare—with a standard, a penon of armes, cote-armur, elmet, target, and the sword and mantyll, and iiij dosen of skochyons.

17 Jan 1558. The xvij day of January was the monyth myn of ser Gorge Gyfford (63) knyght, with a standard, a penon of armes, cott-armur, elmett, targett, and sword, mantylles, and ij baners (of) emages, and vj dosen skochyons, and iiij dosen torchys; thy(s) was don in Bukyngham shyre.

After 17 Jan 1558. [The (blank) day of January was buried master Alsop apot]hekare unto kyng Henry (66) [the viijth and to] kyng Edward the vjth (20) and sergant [of the confectionary] unto quen Mare (41); with ij gret whytt [branches, and] xij torchys; and the xij pore men had nuw [gowns of] mantyll frys; and iiij grett tapurs; and mony morners in blake; and the morow masse, and after a grett dener; and a ij dosen skochyons.

20 Jan 1558. The xx day of January begane the parlement at Westmynster—the v yere of quen Mare. Her grace toke her charett at the Whytt-halle, and her lordes of the parlement, and the bysshopes and prestes, and so to the abbay to the masse, and after to the parlement-howse, and so the trumpetes.

21 Jan 1558. The xxj day of January cam a nuw commondement tho my lord mayre, that he shuld make (blank) men rede [ready] in harnes, with whyt cotes weltyd with gren, and red crosses, by the xxiij day of the sam monythe [to be at] Leydenhalle to go toward (unfinished)

22 Jan 1558. The xxij day of January ther was a nold [an old] man sett up of the pelere for sedyssyous words and rumors.

22 Jan 1558. The sam day was a boy wypyd at the post callyd the Reformassyon, for sayhyng that Lon ....

22 Jan 1558. The sam day was bered docthur Bartelett, fessyssyon at Blakefrers, at sant Barthellmuw in Smythfeld, with a dosen of skochyons of armes, and ij whyt branchys and ij torchys, and iiij gret tapurs.

24 Jan 1558. [The xxiv day of January the soldiers appeared before the lord mayor in Leadenhall, where he took a view of all] the men that the compene(s had furnished), and deleverd (them) unto the captaynes at v at nyght, and thay toke shypyng [at eight].

24 Jan 1558. The sam day ther whent unto Westmynster (blank) men that wher qwynners [coiners], the wyche wher taken at Cambryge.

30 Jan 1558. The Sonday the xxx day of January dyd pryche at Powlles Crosse the byshope of Wynchester (48), and mad a goodly sermon.