Diary of Henry Machyn January 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn January 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

02 Jan 1559. The ij day of January was bered mastores Matsun, the wyff of capteyne Mattsun, the wyche she mared with master Shelley of Sussex was her furst husbond; with ij whyt branchys and xij torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and ij baners of santtes, and ij dosen of skochyons of armes, and a harold of armes.

Jan 1559. The (blank) day of January was bered in Kent ser John Baker knyght, and master of (blank); with a standard and a cotte armur, pennon of armes, and iiij baners of santes and a herse of wax, and vii dosen penselles, and x dosen skochyons and a (blank) dosen of torchys, and mony morners in blake gownes, and ij gret whytt branches, and a harold of armes, and a grett dolle, and after a grett dener, and pore men had gownes and ther dener.... Whyt-hall ser .... Lee .... and the althermen all in skarlett.

08 Jan 1559. The viij day of January was bered Edmund .... penter in sant Botulf with-owt Althergatt, and ther the masters of the Penters in ther leveray, with .... and vj sthayffe torchys; for he was a good wor[kman] as any ys, the wyche he retayned to master Ga[rter] ...

08 Jan 1559. The sam day was creatyd of my lorde of Norfolk a pursewantt, Bluwe mantyll, and creatyd Rychemund, [who] cam latt over the see owt of Franche.

Coronation of Elizabeth I

Jan 1559. The (blank) day in Crystynmas weyke they begane [to build] skayffold(s) in dyvers plasses in London for pa[geants] agaynst the crounassyon of quen Elesabetth, that [is to be the] xv day of January, and the condut nuw paynted.

08 Jan 1559. The viij of January ded at the Grayffes-end Lankoster the harold of armes, the wyche ded comm home from the berehyng of ser John Baker knyght, and bered the ix day of January at Grayffes-end.

12 Jan 1559. The xij of January ded master Grennell, my lord cardenall's (58) waxchandler, at sant Gylles.

Jan 1559. The (blank) day of January was bered in the ylle of Shepay my lord warden of the v porttes (74), and master tresorer to the quen('s) howsse, and knyght of the garter, with standard and a grett baner of armes, and v baner-rolles of armes, and iiij baners of emages, and a iii haroldes of armes, and a herse of v prynsepelles of wax, v dosen of penselles and a x dosen of skochyons of armes, and iiij whyt branchys and a dosen of torchys, and 1. pore men had gownes, and a c. and a d' [a half] in blake gownes and cottes.

Coronation of Elizabeth I

12 Jan 1559. The xij day the Qwen('s) (25) grace toke her barge at Whytt-halle toward the Towre, and shott the bryge, and my lord mare (50) and the althermen, and all the craftes, in barges with stremars and baners of ther armes.

13 Jan 1559. The xiij day of January with-in the Towre the Quen mad Knyghtes of the Baythe x.
Note. The following were made Knights of the Bath ...
John Darcy 2nd Baron Darcy Chiche 1532-1581 (27)
John Sheffield 2nd Baron Sheffield 1538-1568 (21)
John Darcy 2nd Baron Darcy Chiche 1532-1581 (27)
Robert Rich 2nd Baron Rich Leez 1537-1581 (22)
Roger North 2nd Baron North 1530-1600 (29)
John Zouche 7th Baron Zouche Harringworth 1459-1526
Nicholas Poyntz 1528-1585 (31)
John Berkeley
Edward Unton 1534-1582 (25)
Henry Weston 1535-1592 (24)
George Speke 1530-1584 (29).

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13 Jan 1559. The sam day was creatyd at Crechyrche at my lord of Norffoke('s) plasse Cokes, Perkollys, mad Lanckostur the harold.

Coronation of Elizabeth I

14 Jan 1559. [The xiv day of January the Queen (25) came in a chariot from] the Towre, with all the lordes and ladies [in crimson] velvet, and and ther horses trapyd with the sam, and [trumpeters in] red gownes blohyng, and all the haroldes in ther cottes armur, and all the strettes stroyd with gravell; and at Grasyus strett a goodly pagantt of kyng [Henry] the viij (67) and quen Ane (58) ys wyff and of ther lenege, and in Cornelle a-nodur goodly pagantt of kyng Henry (67) and kyng Edward the vjth (21); and be-syd Soper lane in [Cheap a]nodur goodly pagantt, and the condyth pentyd; [and] at the lytylle condutt a-nodur goodly pagant of a qwyke tre and a ded, and the quen had a boke gyffyn her ther; and ther the recorder of London and the chamburlayn (38) delevered unto the quen a purse of gold fulle to the waluw of (blank); and so to the Flett strett to the condyt, and ther was a-nodur goodly pagantt of the ij chyrchys; and at Tempylle bare was ij grett gyanttes, the one name was Goott-magott [Gogmagog] a Albaon and the thodur Co(rineus.)

15 Jan 1559. The xv day was the crounasyon of quen Elsabeth (25) at Westmynster abbay, and theyr all the trumpettes, and knyghtes, and lordes, and haroldes of armes in ther cotte armurs; and after all they in ther skarlett, and all the bysshopes in skarlett, and the Quen, and all the fottmen waytyng a-pone the quene, to Westmynster hall; ther mett all the byshoppes, and all the chapell with iij crosses, and in ther copes, the byshoppes mytered, and syngyng Salve festa dyes; and all the strett led with gravell, and bluw cloth unto the abbay, and raylled on evere syd, and so to the abbay to masse, and ther her grasse was crounyd; and evere offeser rede against she shuld go to dener to Westmynster hall, and evere offeser to take ys offes at serves a-pone ther landes; and my lord mare (50) and the althermen.

Jan 1559. The day of January was buried at saint Giles's with-owt Crepull-gatt master Thomas Grennell, .... with iiij gylt candyllstykes and iiij grett tapurs, .... whyt branchys and xvj stayffe torchys, and the [company of] the Wax-chandlers; and he gayff to the ys compene [for to] make mere (blank); and ther was the compene of Flechers at ys berehyng, and all they dyd offer ... they had iiij nobuls to make mere at the S[un? in] Crepullgatt; and, after mase done, ther was a grett dener and soper at ys owne howsse.

Coronation of Elizabeth I

16 Jan 1559. The xvj day of [January] was gret justes at the tylt-[yard], iiij chalengers, the duke of Northfoke (22) and (unfinished)

17 Jan 1559. The xvij day of January was tornayhyng at the barears at Whythalle.

18 Jan 1559. The xviij day of January whent to berehyng ser Olever Laurans knyght, with standard, cote armur, and penon of armes, elmett, target, sword, and mantylle; and v dosen of skochyons.

20 Jan 1559. The xx day of January was set up for doctur Koke of the Arches, in the parryche of sant Gregores be-syd Powlles, a cott-armur and a pennon of armes, and ij baners of santtes.

04 Jan 1559. The iiij day of Feybruary was cared in a charett with vj banerrolles, and a-for a grett baner of armes, and iiij baners of santtes, alle in owlle [oil], and thos iiij borne by iiij haroldes of armes in ther cott armurs, with a vijxx horsse, toward Bassyng to be bered ther; and ther was a goodly herse of wax; my lade marques of Wynchester was the lade; and at evere towne had money and torchys, master Garter, master Somersett, master Rychmond, master Lanckoster, and Bluwmantyll, and viij dosen penselles and viij dosen of skochyons.... of armes and iij dosen of skochyons.