Diary of Henry Machyn January 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn January 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

12 Jan 1561. The xij day, the wyche was the vj day of January, was bered in sant Benettes at Powlles warff master Antony Hyll, on of the quen('s) gentyllman of (blank), and a xvj clarkes syngyng to the chyrche, and to the berehyng.... a] boyffe iiijxx of gentyll-women [to .... whe]re they had as grett chere as have bene sene, behyng a fysse day; and after ther w .... the cheff men of the parryche and odur, and [they had] a grett dener and grett chere for fysse.

16 Jan 1561. The xvj day of January was bered at sant Aus[tin's] Jakobe the husser [usher] of Powlles skolle; at ys berehyng wher a xx clarkes syngyng ym to the chyrche, and [there] was a sermon.

10 Jan 1561. The x day of January was bered at Cam[berwell] master Skott, justes a pese, a vere good man; and he had [a] ij dosen of skochyons of armes.

17 Jan 1561. The xvij day of January was bered in sant Peters in Cornehylle master Flammoke grocer, and he gayff mony gownes of blake, and he gayff to pore men (blank); and he was cared to the chyrche with-owt syngyng or clarkes, and at the chyrche a sphalme [psalm] songe after Genevay, and a sermon, and bered contenentt.

27 Jan 1561. The xxvij day of January was mared in sant Pancras parryche Wylliam Belleffe vyntoner unto with master Malore('s) dougthere, arderman; and ther was a sermon, and after goodly syngyng and playhyng; and ther was dyver althermen at the vedyng [wedding] in skarlett; and they gayff a C. payre of glovys; and after a grett dener, and at nyght soper, and after a maske and mummeres.

27 Jan 1561. The sam day dynyd at master Clarenshux (51) my lord Pagett (55) and ser John Masun (58) and my lade Masun and ser Crystefer Allen and ser Hare Pagett (22) and dyvers gentyllmen.

In 1549 Unknown Painter. Flemish. Portrait of William Paget 1st Baron Paget Beaudasert 1506-1563.

25 Jan 1561. The xxv day of January toke ys gorney in-to Franse inbassadur to the Frenche kyng the yerle of Bedford (34), and he had iij dosen of logyng skochyons [escutcheons to leave at the houses in which he lodged by the way].

27 Jan 1561. The xxvij day of January .... a man ys nam .... a puterer .... by on (unfinished)

29 Jan 1561. The xxix day of January dyd ryd a[bout] London, ys fase toward the horse taylle, .... and sellyng of messelle bacun.

31 Jan 1561. The xxxj day of January the sam man was sett on the pelere and ij grett peses of the m[easly] bacun hangyng over ys hed, and a wrytyng [put] up that a ij yere a-goo he was ponyssed for [the] sam offense for the lyke thyng.