Diary of Henry Machyn January 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn January 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

04 Jan 1562. The iiij day dyd pryche at Powlles crosse [the] dene of Powlles (45), and ther dyd a man pennans; he was dume, but the masters of Brydwell mad ym [speak], and for that cause he was there.

12 Jan 1562. The xij day the lord mayre (66) and the althermen whent to Powlles, and all the craftes in London in ther leverey, and the bachelars, and after cam into Chepe-syd a lord of mysrulle from Whyttchapell with a grett compene with many gones and halbardes, and trumpettes blohyng; and ys men well be-sene; and thrugh Nuwgatt and in at Ludgatt and so abowtt Powlles, and so into Chepe-syde, and so hom to Algatt.

10 Jan 1562. The x day of January was cared in-to the contrey, to be bered by her hosband the yerle and her hosband ser Thomas Kyttsun (77), the contes of Bathe (53).

Jan 1562. The (blank) day of (blank) master Recherd Alyngtun (27), the sune of ser Gylles Alyngtun (62) knyght of Cambryge-shyre, the wyche he ded of the smalle pokes.

Jan 1562. [The .. day of January Thomas Howard duke of Norfolk (25) was conducted by] the master and the ward[ens of the Fishmon]gers and all the clothyng in-to the [guild-hall in] London, and ther he was mad fre of [the company]; ys grane-father was Thomas Haward [duke of] Northfoke (89) the last, and fre of the worshephull c[ompany of] the Fyssmongers; and after to my lord mare (66) to dener. The compene of the Fyssmongers dynyd at the Kyng('s) -hed in .... Fysstrett.

14 Jan 1562. The xiiij day of January cam rydyng in-to [Cheap-] syd (blank) John Onelle (32), the wyld Yrys-man, and [went] and dynyd at the sant John('s) hed at master Daneell['s the] goldsmyth; the wyche was the sune of the erle of (Tyrone) (82).

11 Jan 1562. The xj day of January was bered in Suffoke my lade contes of Bayth (53) wedow, and the last wyff to the sed erle (63), and late the wyff of ser Thomas Cutsun (77), and late to ser Recherd Longe (68) knyght; with a grett banar of armes and vj banar-rolles of all mareges [marriages], and a x dosen skochyons of armes, and vj of sylke wrought with fyne gold.

04 Jan 1562. The iiij day of January cam to the c[ourt the] yerle of Kyldare (37), and browth the grett O'Nelle (32) of Yrland, for he had the charge of hym [to bring] hym to the quen.

15 Jan 1562. The xv day of January the Quen('s) (28) grace cam to Beynard Castyll to the yerle of Penbroke (61) to dener, and mony of here consell, and tared soper, and at nyght there was grett chere and a grett bankett [banquet], and after a maske, and here grace tared all nyght.

18 Jan 1562. The xviij day of January was a play in the quen('s) hall at Westmynster by the gentyll-men of the Tempull, and after a grett maske, for ther was a grett skaffold in the hall, with grett tryhumpe as has bene sene; and the morow after the skaffold was taken done.... women for ....

18 Jan 1562. The sam day was ij sett on the [pillory] for conterfetyng a wrytyng that serten .... had sett ther hand too a lysens for to [beg?, in] dyvers sheyrs and contreys, the wyche was fa[lse.]

25 Jan 1562. The 25 day of January (27)was created master Robert Cooke (27), Blanch-Rosse pursewant at armes, my lord Robart Dudley's (29) servant, the wyche he never servyd in no plase a-for.

27 Jan 1562. The xxvij day of January was bered master Charlys Wrys[seley] (53) alyas Wyndsore, with all the haroldes of armes, master Garter (52), master Clarenshux (52), master Chaster alleas Norrey (52), master Somersett, [master York,] master Rychmond, master Lankester, Rugecrosse, Ruge-dragon, [Portcullis,] and Blumantylle, with vj skochyons of armes, in sant P[ulcher's] parryche, bered in the body of the chyrche; and they [ie the heralds] payd the ch[arges].

31 Jan 1562. The xxxj day of January was a proclamasyon thrughe London that the quen('s) (28) qwyne [coin] shuld go styll from man to man; and that Lent to be fastyd, with grett charge, penalte, and sumes, and the next tyme be punyssed.

31 Jan 1562. The sam day at after-none was bered in sant Necolas Oleffe parryche good masteres Fanshawe, the good gentyll-woman, and wyff unto master Phanthawe (57), on [one] of the cheycker, [one of the Exchquer] with no armes.