Diary of Henry Machyn January 1563

Diary of Henry Machyn January 1563 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1563.

12 Jan 1563. [The xij day of January the Queen's second Parliament began to sit at Westminster, and the] lordes and byshopes rod in ther [parliament robes, and] the Quen('s) (29) grase in cremesun welvett, [and the earl of] Northumburland (35) bare the sword a-for the quen; [all the] haroldes of armes in ther cotte armurs, and all the trumpettes [blowing], and lythe at owre lade of Grace chapell, and they [went in]to the abbay, and ther was a sermon (by Nowell (46), dean of Saint Paul's.)

29 Jan 1563. The xxix day of January was bered in sant [Olave's?] in the Jury my lade Dormer, late the wyff of ser Myghell Dormer [knyght], latt mare of London and merser and stapuller, .... and master doctur Dalle and ser Thomas her chaplen her sekturs [executors], and ther [were four] haroldes of armes, master Somersett, master Clarenshux (53), Marshalle and Ry[chmond,] and the qwyre hangyd with blake and armes, and ther was .... the corse and hangyd with blake and armes, and then cam the corse [covered with a] palle of blake velvett with armes a-pon bokeram skochyons; [and there were] iij pennons of armes borne a-boutt the corse; and xxvj roset gownes for so many pore women, and a lx blake gownes and cottes; [and there] dyd pryche the vekar, callyd Busken, of the parryche; and a v dosen of skochyons of armes, and after to here plase to dener.

30 Jan 1563. The xxx day of January dyd ij women ryd a-bowtt London in a care; on for a common skold, with a dystaffe in her hand; the thodur with a whyt rod in here hand, with bluw hodes on ther hedes, for okuw-pye her owne gayre.

Jan 1563. The (blank) day of January ther was a Frenche mayd dwellyng in the Whytt frerers in Fletstrett she was delevered of a pratte [pretty] gyrlle, and after she brake the neke of the chyld, and cared yt in-to Holborn feld, and bered (it) undur a turffe; and ther was a man and a woman dyd folowe her, and saw wher she layd yt, and toke her, and browth her thedur, and mad her take yt up, and browth here to the altherman's depute, and he send her to the conter.