Diary of Henry Machyn July 1551

Diary of Henry Machyn July 1551 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1551.

1551 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

07 Jul 1551. The vij day of July begane a nuw swet in London, and ... ded my lord Crumwell (31) in Leseter-shyre, and was bered [with a stand] ard, a baner of armes, and cote, elmett, sword, targett, and sc [ochyons, and] harold; and the sam tyme ded my lord Powes (48), and the x day [at W]ollwyche, sir John Lutterell (32), knyght, a nobull captayne.

08 Jul 1551. The viij day of July was a plage, and a proclamasyon that [a testern shou]ld be but ixd, and a grot iijd; and anodur proclamasyon cam [out the] xviij day of August, that testerns cryd at vjd a pese; a grot [at ijd]; ijd but jd; and a jd ob.; and a alpeny a fardyng.

10 Jul 1551. The x day of July the Kynges (13) grace removyd from Westmynster unto Hamtun courte, for ther ded serten besyd the court, and [that] causyd the Kynges grase to be gone so sune, for ther ded in Lo[ndon] mony marchants and grett ryche men and women, and yonge men and [old], of the nuw swett,—the v of K. E. vjth.

12 Jul 1551. The xij day of July ded sir Thomas Speke (43) knyght in Chanseler lane, in saynt Donstonys parryche in the whest, at ys owne howsse; he fell [sick] in the court; and was bered with standard, penon, cote armur, elmet, sword, and target; and vj dosen of shokchyons of armes, and the compeny of the Clarkes; and the sam day ded on of the Gard, and bered ther by.

13 Jul 1551. The xiij day of July ded the old knyght and gentyll sir John [Wallop] (61) and knyght of the nobull order of the garter, and captayn of the castyll [of Gynes], for he was a nobull captayne as ever was, the wyche I [pray] Jhesu have mercy on ys solle; and he was bered with standard and [banners] of ys armes, cote armur, elmet, target of the garter, sw[ord,] and viij dosen of skochyons; and a marmed was ys crest; and [in his] stede ys chossen captayn sir Andrew Dudley (44) knyght of the ga[rter.]

1551 Sweating Sickness Outbreak

16 Jul 1551. The xvj day of July ded of the swet the ij yonge dukes of Suffoke [Note. Henry Brandon 2nd Duke Suffolk 1535-1551 (15) and Charles Brandon 3rd Duke Suffolk 1537-1551 (14)] of the swet, boyth in one bed in Chambryge-shyre; and [buried] at (blank in MS.); and ther ded from the viij day of July unto the xix ded of the swett in London of all dyssesus, viijc. iijxx. and xij. and no more in alle, and so the chanseller is serteffyd.

After 16 Jul 1551. The ensuing imperfect passage probably relates to the funeral of sir Peryn Negroo knt. (Strype, Mem. ii. 279.)
targett, elmet, and sword ... and apone the castyll a man with a shurt of ... hand and with xij stayffes, torchys bornyng ... flut playng, hoveles, and ys flag borne, and .... in the grond, and the stret honge with blake with ys armes ... ther dyd pryche the Doyttur Bartelet, and ther was the compeny [of Clarkes,] and a harold of armes, and mony morners of capt.

06 Jul 1551. The vj day of July the Kynges (13) grace rod thrugh Grenwyche parke unto Blake heth, and my lord of Darbe (42), and my lord of Warwyke (47), and my lord admerall Clyntun (39), and sir Wylliam Harbard (50), and odur lordes and knyghts and gentyllmen, and trumpeters playhyng, and alle the gardes in ther dobelets and ther hosse, with bowes and arowes and halbards ij and ij to-gether, and the Kynges grace in the myds on horsse-bake, and ther the Kynges grace ran at the ryng on Blake heth with lordes and knyghtes. [The earl of Warwick met the King there with a hundred men of arms, and great horses, and gentlemen] in clothe, and brodered the alffe, and the same night the Kyng suppyd at Depforth in a shype with my lord Admyral, [and the lords] of the conselle, and with many gentylmen.

27 Jul 1551. The xxvij day of July was the nuw bisshope of W (37) ... was devorsyd from the bucher wyff with shame enog[h.]