Diary of Henry Machyn July 1552

Diary of Henry Machyn July 1552 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1552.

01 Jul 1552. The furst day of July ther was a man and a woman on the pelere [pillory] in Chepe-syd; the man sold potts of straberries, the whyche the pott was nott alff fulle, but fyllyd with forne; the man nam ys Grege; sum-tyme he con[terfeited] ym selffe a profett, for he was taken for [it, and] sett by the pelere [pillory] in Sowthwarke.

11 Jul 1552. The xj day of July hangyd one James Ellys, the grett pykke purs that ever was, and cutt-purs, and vij more for theyfft, at Tyburne.

12 Jul 1552. The xij day of July was bered ser Robartt Do[rmer] (66) knyght, a grett shepe-master in Oxford-shyre, with standard and a penon of armes, and ys cot and target, and crest, and elmett, and mantylls, and vj dossen of skochyons.

.... the mornyng with-owt syngyng butt .. the clarke, and with-owtt any more serves done.

15 Jul 1552. The xv day of July was wypyd a yong man and ij women for vyssyones and synes; and the [woman] she was putt on the pelorie, for she wold [have] poysenyd her husband, for the same woman [permitted] her servand to com in to here.

16 Jul 1552. The xvj day of July was bered master [Cowper's] wyff, behyng the shreyffe of London, with [as great funeral] as ever was on a shreyff('s) wyff; doyctur Kyrkman dyd pryche there for her.

22 Jul 1552. The xxij day of Julij was bered master .. porvear of wyne for the kyng, the wych was warden of the Fysmongers, and he fell in a .. at the berehyng of master Cowper('s) wyff, and cared unto hys brodur('s) howse hard by, and was cared [to the] paryche of saynt Marten organes, wher he ...