Diary of Henry Machyn July 1554

Diary of Henry Machyn July 1554 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1554.

21 Jul 1554. The xxj day of July by x of the cloke [was proclaimed] thrug London that the prynche of Spayne (27) was [arrived at Southampton] and that evere pere and lord and lade shuld [resort] unto her grace['s] cete of Wynchester with all spede to her graceus weddyng.
The sam after non commondyd by my lord mayre that hevere man shuld make bone-fyres in evere strett, so ther was mony plases had tabuls and [ ... ] tyll x at nyght, and ryngyng and plahyng.

23 Jul 1554. The xxiij day of July wher commondyd that evere .. shuld goo a prossessyon and to syng Te Deum laudamus in evere parryche in London, and ryngyng of the belles.

29 Jul 1544. The xxix day of July dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Harpfeld and he dyd pray in ys bedes for the kyng and the quen Phelipe (17) and Mare (28) by the grace of God kyng and quene of England, Franse, Napuls, Jerusalem, Ierland, deffendors of the fayth, prynces of Spayne and Sycylye, archedukes of Austryche, dukes of Mylayne, Burgundye, and Brabant; contes of Haspurge, Flandurs, and Tyrole; whyt thes stylle as ys a-ffor.

30 Jul 1554. The xxx day of July was bered at Grenwyche ser Robart Whentworth knyght, with armes and dyvers mornares.

06 Sep 1554. The vj day of September wher creatyd ser Antony Browne (25) creatyd vyconte lord Montyguw.

06 Jul 1544. The vj day of Julij was a goodly sermon [by] on of the prebendares of Powlles; and ther was a nuw skaffold mayd ther for the mayd that spake in the wall and wystelyd in Althergat stret; and she sayd openly that yt was on John Drakes ser Antony Knevett servand; and she whept petefully, and she knelyd and askyd God mercy, and the quen; and bad all pepull be ware of false thechyng, for she sayd that she shuld have many goodly thynges gyffyn her ....