Diary of Henry Machyn July 1555

Diary of Henry Machyn July 1555 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1555.

01 Jul 1555. The furst day of July whent in-to Smythfeld to borne [burned] master Bradford (45), a grett precher by kyng Edwards days, and a talow chandler('s) prentes dwellyng by Nugatt, by viij of the cloke in the mornyng, with a grett compene of pepull.

01 Jul 1555. The sam day was bered good master Thomas .... altherman, sum tyme shreyff of London, and [a hearse] with ij whyt branchys and xij longe torchys [a hearse] stayffe torchys and iiij grett tapurs, and xij gownes gyffen unto xij pore men of blake peneston, and the compene of the Clarkes and mony prestes and ... armes of the body and the tapurs, and ther wher ... blake gownes, and after durge speysse-bred and wine; and the morow masse of requeem, and ther dyd pryche a frere of Grenwyche, and a grett dolle.

02 Jul 1555. The ij day of July was the Marchand-tayllers' fest, and ther dynyd my lord mayre and dyvers of the conselle and juges and the shreyffes and mony althermen and gentyllmen, and thay had agaynst ther dener lviij bokes and ij stages; the master of the compene master Jeye Wade sqwyre, (and the wardens) master Eton, master Rowe, and master Hylle, and master God, and all v borne in London and tayller(s') sunnes alle.

06 Jul 1555. The vj day of July rod to Tyburne to be hangyd iij men, and on drane [drawn] upon a hyrdyll unto Tyburne for qwynnyng [coining] of money.

08 Jul 1555. [The viij day of July were three more delivered out of Nugate, and sent into the country to be burned for heretics.]

12 Jul 1555. The xij day of July was bornyd [burned] at Canturbery iiij men for herese, ij prestes and ij laye men.

21 Jul 1555. The xxj day of July was cared to the Towre, [in the] morning erlee, iiij men; on was the good-man of [the] Volsake [Woolsack] with-owt Algatt.

21 Jul 1555. The xxj day of July dyd pryche at Althermare [church] Recherdson the Skott, that was the reder at Wyttyngton college, from on tyll iij of the cloke, and ther was the grettest audyense that has ben sen in a parryche; and he came thedur to have recantyd, butt he wold nott.