Diary of Henry Machyn July 1557

Diary of Henry Machyn July 1557 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1557.

03 Jul 1557. The iij day of July the Kyng (30) and the Quen (41) toke ther gornay [journey] toward Dover, and lay all nyghtt at Syttyngborne.

06 Jul 1557. The vi day of July was bered at sant Pulkers with-owtt Nuwgatt, master Stukley; with ij whytt branchys and (blank) stayffes torchys, and with armes.

10 Jul 1557. The x day of July was bered at Peterborow my lade Tressam (72), with iiij baners, and a herse of wax, (blank) torchys, and a iiij dossen of skochyons.

05 Jul 1557. [The v day of July the King (30) took shipping at Dover] towarde Callys, on hys jornay [toward Flanders].

Scarborough Castle Rebellion

Apr 1557. The (blank) day of Aprell suffered dethe in [several] plases in the Northe for entrying in-to Sk[arborough] castyll, (for) the wyche at London master Thomas [Stafford] (24) was heddyd on Towre hylle; and at Tyborne John Procter aleas Wylliamsun, Wyllyam Stowe, John Bradford, and more in dyvers plases; [in York]shyre, John Wylborne, Clement Tyllyd, John Cawsewelle, and Robart Hunter, at York, [by the] dethe of hangyng, drahyns, and quarter[ing].
Item, at Skarborow suffered dethe master Thomas Sp .., John Adames, John Wattsun, skott, John .. a frencheman.
At Hulle, John Browne, Owyn Jones, suffered.
At Beverley, Hary Gardener and John Thomas suffered.
At Whyttby, Thomas Warden and John Deyctam, skott.
Att Malton [Note. Assumed to be Melton since in the East Riding like the other places mentioned rather than Mlaton in the North Riding.], Wyllyam Palmer, John Mortfurth, scott.
Att Flamborow, at Assyley, Thomas Wylkynsun.
At Byrlyngton, John Wallys.
At Awdborowre, Antony Persevall.
At Hornesey, Wylliam Wyllamsun.
At Pawlle in Holdernes, Roger Thomas.
At Hassylle, Roger Raynoldes.
At Alefax, Lawransse Alssope.
At Donkester, in Yorkeshyre, Thomas Jordayn.
At Howden, John Grey, skotte.
At Wakefeld, Robert Hawgatt, skott; and all thes for enteryng in Skarborow castylle.
.... es Stanley, of Le, in Essex.
Thomas Thorley, of Prykkyllwell, in Essex.
Hare Ramsey, of Amwell, in conte of Harford.

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14 Jul 1557. The xiiij day of July was bered at [saint] Bowtolfe in Temes strett master Tornburn, fysmonger, with ij whytt branchys, and xii torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and mony morners.

14 Jul 1557. The same day was bered good master Worley in the parryche of sant Mare-bowe, in Chepe, with ij whytt branchys, and xij torchys, and iiij gret tapurs, and a xviij morners, and a ij dosen of skochyons.

02 Jul 1557. The ij day of July the duke of Norfoke('s) (21) sun was crystened at Whytt-hall at after-non, and the kyng (30) and my lord chanseler (56) was the godfathers, and my old lade the duches of North-foke (60) [Note. Assumed to be the dowager duchess of Norfolk since referred to as 'old lade' rather than the current Duchess of Norfolk Elizabeth Leybourne Duchess Norfolk 1536-1567 (21)] was the god-mother, and ther wher iiijxx storchys bornyng.

15 Jul 1557. The xv day of July the Quen('s) (41) grace dynyd at Lambeth with my lord cardenall Polle (57), and after dener removyd to Rychmond, and ther (her) grace tares ther her plesur.

15 Jul 1557. The xv day of July was nuw coffend again and le [aded] master Wyttyngtun and my lade ys wyff, at Wyttyngtun college, and had durge over nyght, and the morow masse; the wyche was the fonder of the same colege, and beldyd Nugatt and other places, and was mere of London.

Jul 1557. The moneth of July whent a grett army after that the kyng (30) was gone over; my lord of Pembroke (56), cheyff capten of the feld, and my lord Montyguw (28) whent, and my lord Clyntun (45), and dyvers lordes and knyghtes and gentyllmen by water and land, and goodly aparelle; they wher sent to Dover. London fond v c. men all in bluw cassokes, sum by shypes and sum to Dover by land, the goodlyst men that ever whent, and best be-sene in change (of) aparelle.

30 Jul 1557. The xxx day of July master Dave Gyttons, master Meynard, and master Draper, and master Smyth, master Coldwelle, and master Asse and Gybes, and master Packyngtun, and monser the Machyn de Henry [Note. The writer of this diary.], and mony mo, ded ett alff a busshell of owsturs [oysters] in Anckur lane at master Smyth and master Gytton's seller a-pone hoghedes, and candyll lyght, and onyons and red alle and clarett alle, and muskadylle and malmesey alle, fre cope [Note. Possibly 'free cups'], at viij in the mornyng.

16 Jul 1557. [The xvi day of July died the lady Anna of Cleves (41), at Chelsea, sometime wife and queen to king Henry the] viijth, but she was never crounyd, butt [remained in England,] and she was seyryd [cered ie inclosed in waxed cloths.] the nyght folohyng.

15 Jul 1557. The xv day of July was bered master Reche('s) [Possibly Margaret wife William Roche died 1549 Lord Mayor in 1540] wyff, [who] was mere of London and knyght and altherman of London, with ij wyth [white] branchys, and xij torchys, iiij tapurs, and ij dosen of armes.

22 Jul 1557. The xxij day of July was bered in Essex master Latham, with ij whytt branchys, and xij stayff-torchys, and iiij grett tapurs.

22 Jul 1557. The sam day cam from my lord Dacurs of the North (60), beyond Carlylle, (blank) lyght hors-men to go [beyond] see.

23 Jul 1557. The xxiij day of July sir Gorge Pallett (65) and ser Wyllyam Cortnay (28) toke ther barge at Towre warff, at ... of the cloke at after-non, toward Dover, and dyvers captaynes.

17 Jul 1557. The xvij day of July was a scresmys [skirmish] at Margyson be-twyn the Englysmen and Frenchemen, and ther owre men had the beter and had good bote of cattell; and ther wher slayne ix men of armes and xviij taken presoners of Frenche-men, and of owrs iij taken presoners and v hurtt, by the helpe of men of Gynes and Calles horse-men.

26 Jul 1557. The xxvj day of July was bered masteres Draper of Camurell [Camberwell], with ij whytt branchys and xii stayff torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and ij dosen of skochyons of armes.

29 Jul 1557. The xxix day of July was fechyd out of Westmynster [ie out of sanctuary] by the constabyll of the Towre of London, the wyche ys constabull, and browth on (blank) Waxham, the wyche he brake out of the Towre, and was browth thrugh London.

29 Jul 1557. [The same day, being saint Olave's day, was the church holiday in Silver street; and at eight of the clock at night began] a stage play of [a goodly matter, that continued until] xij at mydnyght, and then they mad an end with a g[ood song.]

29 Jul 1557. The sam day began the herse at Westmynster for my lade Anne of Cleyff (41), with carpynters worke of vij prensepalles, as goodly a hers as ....