Diary of Henry Machyn July 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn July 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

03 Jul 1559. The iij day of July was cared to be bered unto (blank) on master Sadler, latt altherman and draper, and the chyrche hangyd with blake, and with ys armes, and a sarmon, and a iij dosen of skochyons.

05 Jul 1559. The v day of July was deposyd of ther byshopeprykes the archebyshope of Yorke doctur Heth (58), and the bysshope of Ely docthur Thurlbe (53), at my lord treysorer('s) (76) plasse at Frers Augustyne.

07 Jul 1559. The vij day of July, was sant Thomas of Cantebere day, my good lord of Wynchastur doctur Whytt (49) came owt of the Towre, with the leyftenantt ser Edward Warner (48), by vj [6] in mornyng, and so to my lord keper of the brod selle, and from thens unto master Whyt, John, [possibly Thomas] altherman, and ther he lys.

10 Jul 1559. [The x day of July was set up in Greenwich park a goodly] bankett[ing-house made with fir] powlles, and deckyd with byrche and all maner [of flowers] of the feld and gardennes, as roses, gelevors, [lavender, marygolds,] and all maner of strowhyng erbes and flowrs. [There were also] tentes for kechens and for all offesers agaynst [the morrow,] with wyne, alle, and bere.

11 Jul 1559. The xj day of July ther was mad a plasse [for the queen's] pensyoners to rune with-owt a tyltt with spayrers [spears]. [There were three] chalengers, my lord of Urmon (27), and ser John Paratt (30), and master [North], and ther wher (blank) deffenders boyth with spares [spears] and sw[ords.] Abowt v [5] of the cloke at after-non the Quen('s) (25) grace [came,] and the inbassadurs, and dyver lordes and lades stode [over the] gatt for to se; and after thay rane one chassy[ng the other], and after the Quen('s) grace cam down in-to the parke [and] toke her horse, and rod up to the bankett howse, [with] the inbassadurs and the lordes and lades, and so to soper [and] a maske, and after a grett bankett, and after grett castyng [of fire] and shutyng of gunes tyll xij [12] at nyght.

12 Jul 1559. The xij day of June (sic) the frers of Grenwyche whent away.

13 Jul 1559. The xiij [Note. Possibly 16 Jul 1559.] day of July whent the frers blake in Smythfeld went a-way.

01 Jul 1559. The furst day of July all the craftes of London send owt a (blank) men of armes, as well be-sene as ever was when owt of London, boyth waffelers in cott of velvet and cheynes, with gunes, mores-pykes, and halbardes, and flages, and in-to the duke of Suffoke('s) parke in Sowthwarke, and ther they mustered a-for my lord mayre (50); and ther was a howsse for bred and dryng [drink], to gyffe the sawgyars [soldiers] to ett and drynke, and they then after thay lay and mustered in sant Gorges ffeld tyll x of the cloke. [The next morning they removed towards Greenwich to the court there, and thence into Greenwich park, where they tarried] tyll viij of the cloke, and then thay [marched] to the lawne, and ther thay mustered in harnes, [and the gunners] in shurttes of maylle, and at v of the cloke at nyght the Quen (25) [came] in to the galere of the parke gatt, and the inbassadurs and lordes [and ladies, to a] grett nombur, and my lord marques, and my lord admerall (49), and my [lord Robert Dudley (27), and] dyvers mo lordes and knyghtes, and they rod to and fro [to view them, and] to sett the ij batelles in a-ray; and after cam trumpeters bluwing [on] boyth partes, and the drumes and fluttes; and iij ansettes [onsets] in evere bat[elle]; so thay marchyd forward, and so the gunes shott and the morespykes [en]contered to-gether with gratt larum, and after reculyd bake [again]; after the towne army lost ther pykes and ther gunes and bylle .. rely, and contenent they wher sturyd with a-larum; and so evere man toke to ther weypons agayne; by and by the trumpetes and the drumes and gones playd, and shott, and so they whent to-gether as fast as they could. Al thys wyll the Quen('s) grace and the inbasadurs and the lordes and lades be-held the skymychsyng; and after they reculyd bake agayn; and after master chamburlayn and dyvers of the commenars and the wyffelers cam to the Quen, and ther the Quen('s) grace thankyd them hartely, and all the cette [city]; and contenent ther was the grettest showtt that ever was hard, and hurlyng up of capes [caps], that her grace was so mere [merry], for ther was a-buyff above lyk M [1000] pepull besyd the men that mustered; and after ther was runyng at the tyltt, and after evere [man] home to London and odur plasses.

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04 Jul 1559. The iiij day of July, the Thursday, the prests and nuns of Syon whent a-way, and the Charter-howsse.
The abbott of Westmynster and the monkes was reprevyd.

Henry II of France Dies Francis and Mary "Queen of Scots" Succeed

20 Jul 1559. The xx day of July kyng Phelype (32) was mared [married] unto the Frenche kyng('s) (40) dowthur (14), and grett justes mad ther, and the Frenche kyng dyd just [joust], and ther he had on of ys ees stryken owtt with a spyld [splinter] of a spayre, that he ded of the stroke, by one (blank).Henry II of France Dies Francis and Mary "Queen of Scots" Succeed

14 Jul 1559. The xvj day dyd pryche at Powlles crosse (blank)

18 Jul 1559. The xviij day of July the vesetars [visitors] satt at the [bishop] of London palles.

17 Jul 1559. The xvij day of July the Quen('s) (25) grace removyd from Grenwyche of her prograsse unto Darford in Kent; so the next day removyd unto Cobham, my lord Cobham('s) (31) plasse, and ther her grace had grett chere.

20 Jul 1559. The xx day of July the good old the bysshope of D[urham] (85) cam rydyng to London with iijxx [60] hors, and so to Sowth[wark] unto master Dolman('s) howsse, a talowchandler, and ther he lys aganst the chene gatte.

After 20 Jul 1559. The (blank) day of July a haburdassher, dwellyng a-ganst sant John('s) hed at Ludgatt, dyd kyll hym-seylff.
The sam day a mayd dwellyng in Colmanstrett dyd cutt her thrott a-pesse, and after she lepyd in-to a welle and drownyd yr seyllff.

25 Jul 1559. The xxv day of July, was sant James day, the warden of Wynchaster and odur docturs and prestes wher delevered owt of the towre, and masselsay, and odur.
The sam nyght was the Mersers' super, and ther supyd my lord mare (50) and my lord treysorer (76) and dyvers of the consell and dyvers althermen, and ther was chossen the shreyff for the quen master Logee, altherman and groser, for the yere to cume and nowe.

26 Jul 1559. The xxvj day of July cam tydynges in-to London the yonge Frenche kyng (15) has proclamyd ym-seyllff kyng of Skottland and England and Franse and (unfinished) .... and the morow a grett dener ... chylderyn of the hospetalle, and a-for and after .... unyalles, and ther was a goodly compene of ....

28 Jul 1559. The xxviij day of July cam home [sir Thomas Chamber] from Whytchyrche and be-syd Wynchaster at nyght [parson of the Trinity at] Quen-heyff, and agaynst the Blake Bull [he met] a yonge man servand unto the woman that owr [parson] delt nowghtly [naughtily] with ys masteres the Fryday a[forc, and the] sayd yonge man haskyd ym why that he dyd or .... so evyll, and so thay changyd a blow or ij, [and by] chanse ser Thomas Chambur hyt ym on .. with a botell that he browth from Wy[nchester,] and the sam nyght the parsun was had to the [counter,] and ther lay fryday at nyght, saterday, so[nday, and] monday tyll iiij at after-none, and ther wher serten of the offesers of Brydwell feychyd [him] from the conter in Wodstrett, and so cared hym [to Bride] well a-for master Grafton, master Hakworth, and master Sy[monds, and] mony mo masturs of Brydwell, and ther was ... and dyvers men of Trenete parryche and women; and he sayd that he wold not tare longe, and desyred them to gett a-nodur prest to serff ys turne, for he wold nott tarre, for he wold gett a-nodur serves as sune as he cold gette, but or he whent h ..