Diary of Henry Machyn July 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn July 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

04 Jun 1561. The iiij day of July dynyd at the in-bassadurs of Sweythen in Lymsthrett all the quen('s) consell, furst (unfinished)

05 Jun 1561. The v and vj day of July was grett rayne and thonderyng in London boyth the days.

07 Jun 1561. The vij day of July dyd pryche at the Gray Frers, because yt reynyd that they cold not pryche at Powlles crosse.

08 Jun 1561. The viij day of July was bered in sant Clement parryche withowt Tempull bare mastores (blank) the wyff of master (blank) comtroller unto the nobull yerle of Arundelle, the wyche she ded in chyld-bede, and she had a xiiij in blake gownes and cottes, and iiij women dyd bere her, and they had cassokes nuw and raylles, and on the body wher vj skochyons of armes, and master Recherdsun the parsun of sant Mathuw mad the sermon.

09 Jun 1561. The ix day of July was the pelere set up in Chepe for a prentes [apprentices] that had conveyed from ys master the sum of a (blank) l., and had bowth hym nuw aparell, nuw shurtt, dobelet and hose, hat, purse, gyrdyll, dager, and butes, spurs, butt-hose, and a skarffe, and thys nuw all, and thys dyd hang up on the pelere, and goodly geldyng and sadyll, cot, cloke, sadyll ....

10 Jun 1561. [The x day of July the Queen (27) came by water] unto the Towre of London by x [of the clock, until] v at nyght, and whent and sa(w) all her my[nts; and they gave the] Quen serten pesses of gold, and gayff the [lord] of Hunsdon (35) had on, and my lord marques of [Northampton,] (49) and her grace whent owt of the yron gatt [over] Towre hyll unto Algatt chyrche, and so down Hondyche [to the] Spyttyll, and so downe Hoge lane, and so over the feldes to the Charter howse my lord North('s) (65) plase, with trumpetes and the penssyonars and the haroldes of armes and the servantes, and then cam gentyllmen rydyng, and after lordes, and then [the] lord of Hunsdon (35) and bare the sword a-for the quen, and then cam [ladies] rydyng; and the feldes full of pepull, gret nombur [as ever was] sene; and ther tared tylle Monday.

13 Jul 1561. The xiij day of July was bered in sant Andrewes in Holborne master Phassett, gentyll-man, on of the (unfinished)

01 Jul 1561. The furst day of July be-gane workemen and la[bourers] at Powlles for the reparyng of the chyrche and the stepull, and the oversers and the doars of the sam here be ther namys, master Graftun grocer, and master Haresun goldsmyth, and master (blank) grocer.

13 Jul 1561. The sam day was bered in sant Pulkurs parryche master (blank) alle-bruar [ale brewer], and ther was all the compene of the Bruars in ther levere, and Veron the Frenche-man dyd pryche for hym.

13 Jun 1561. The sam nyght the Quen('s) (27) grace whent from the Charterhowse by Clarkyne-welle over the feldes unto the Sayvoy unto master secretore Sysselle (40) to soper, and ther was the consell and mony lordes and knyghtes and lades and gentyll-women, and ther was grett chere tyll mydnyght, and after here grace ryd to my lord North('s) (65) to bed at the Charter-howse.

14 Jul 1561. The xiiij day of July was nuw graveled with sand from the Charterhowse through Smyth feld, and under Nuwgate, and through sant Nycolas shambull, Chepe-syd, and Cornhyll, unto Algatt and to Whyt-chapell, and all thes plases where hangyd with cloth of arres and carpetes and with sylke, and Chepe-syd hangyd with cloth of gold and cloth of sylver and velvett of all colurs and taffatas in all plases, and all the craftes of Londun standyng in ther leverey from sant Myghell unto Algatt, and then cam mony servyng-men rydyng, and then the pensyonars and gentyll men, and then knyghtes, and after lordes, and then the althermen in skarlett, and the serjant(s) of armes, and then the haroldes of armes in ther cottes armurs, and then my lord mare (52) bayryng here septer; [then the lord Hunsdon (35) bearing the sword; and then came the Queen's (27) grace, and her footmen richly habited; and ladies and gentlemen; then] all lordes' men and knyghtes' [men in their masters' liveries; and at] Whytt-chapell my lord mare and the althermen [took their leave of] here grace, and so she toke her way to-ward [her pro]gresse.

15 Jul 1561. The xv day of July was bered in sant Laurence in the Jure mastores the wyff of master (blank), with the compene of the Clarkes, and she had ij dosen of skochyons, on of bokeram, and a-nodur of paper in metalle.

20 Jul 1561. The xx day of July was bered in Westmynster abbay master Bylle (56) dene of Westmynster abbay and master of Etton and master (of sant John's) college in Cambryge, and cheyffe amner [almoner] to the quen('s) (27) grace.

20 Jul 1561. The sam day, behyng sant Margat evyn, master Clarenshus (51) rod and toke ysjorney in-to Essex and Suffoke on ys vese[tation], and parte of Northfoke, and Ruge-crosse rod with hym, and a v [of his] servantes in ys leverey and bage.

20 Jul 1561. The xx day of July dyd pryche at Powlles crosse (blank)

21 Jul 1561. The xxj day of July yt dyd rayne sore, and yt be-gane on sonday at nyght and last tyll monday at nyght.

18 Jul 1561. The xviij day of July was the obseque of my lade Hamptun the wyff of ser (blank), with a pennon of armes and a iiij dosen and a d' of bokeram.

16 Jul 1561. The xvj day of July was cristened Robard Dethyke the sune of ser Gylbartt Dethyke (51), Garter, in the parryche of sant Gylles withowt Crepull-gatte, and the chyrche hangyd with clothes of arrys and the cloth of state, and strode with gren rysses and strode with orbese [herbs], and ser Wylliam Huett (65) depute for my lord of Shrowsbere (33) and master Care [Carey] [Note. Possibly George Carey 2nd Baron Hunsdon 1547-1603 (14)] depute for my lord Honsdon (35), and my lade Sakefeld [Note. Possibly Cicely Baker Countess Dorset 1535-1615 (26)] the quen('s) depute; and after wafurs and epocrasse grett plente, and myche pepull ther, and my lade Yorke bare my lade depute's trayne; and so hom to here plase, and had a bankett. a bankett .... [master Alexander Avenon was] chosen the shreyff for the quen('s) grace.

30 Jul 1561. The xxx day of July at bowt viij and ix at nyght [there was] lythenyng and thonderyng as any man has sene [until] x, and after a grett rayne tyll mydnyght, that we [supposed] that the world where at a nend [end], that evere one [thought] that the day of dome wher come at hand, yt ....