Diary of Henry Machyn July 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn July 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

01 Jul 1562. The furst day of July was the Marchand-tayllers' fest, and dynyd my lord mare (66), the yerle of Sussex (37), the yerle of Kyldare (37), ser (blank) Stanley, and ser Thomas Whytt, ser Thomas Offeley (62) and master Ro .., ser Wyllyam Huett, ser Marten Bowes (65), master Cowper, master Allen, master Gyl[bert,] master Chamburlayn altherman, master Champyon, master Avenon, master Malere, and master Baskerfeld, and the master and the iiij wardens and the clarkes and the bedyll of the Skynnars, and mony worshephull men, and mony lades and gentyllwomen, and they had agaynst the dynner iijxx and (blank) bukes [bucks] and iiij stages; and master Wylliam Allen (47) electyd shreyff for the quen, and master Whettelle the master, and master Raff Whytt hed warden and master Mar .. and master serjant Halle and master Browne wardens; and master Garter (52) and master Clarenshux (52) dynyd there.

Around 1561. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Alderman Martin Bowes 1497-1566.

28 Jun 1562. The xxviij day of June grett wache at the Towre and at Towrehylle and sant Katharyn's, a C [100] hagabuttes and a C [100] in cossellettes, vj drumes and iiij flages, on sant Peter's evyn last past, and a castylle and sqwybys.

05 Jul 1562. The v day of July ther wher at Westmynster ij chylderyn plahyng to-gether, behyng sonday (unfinished)

07 Jul 1562. The vij day of July, Symon Smyth browth to the gyld-halle Kynlure Machen for to have lyssens [license] to have here to have a hosband Edward Gardener cowper, and they wher browth in-to the consell chamber a-for my lord mayre and the althermen and master recorder and master Surcott and master Marche, and they wher examynyd whether they where sure or not, but at the last yee sayd .... dowther [daughter] of Cristofer Machyn [Note. the author of the diary].

14 Jul 1562. The xiiij day of July was a grett sh[ooting of the] parryche of sant Gregores in Powlles chyrche-yerd, [the one] halff agaynst the thodur; on [one] syd had yelow [scarfs, and] thodur red skarffes, and a vj drumes and iiij fluttes; [and so] to my lord of London('s) plase to soper, a c. messes.

20 Jul 1562. The xx day of July was goodly weddyng in (blank) parryche, of master Coke and master Nycolles dowther; for ther were the lord mare (66) and alle the althermen, and mony lades and mony w[orshipful] men and women, and after the wedyng was done [they went] home to the Bryghowse to dener, for ther w[as a great dinner] as ever was sene, and all maner musyke, and d[ancing all the] day longe, and at nyght goodly soper; and after a goodly [masque? at] mydnyght; at the wedyng master Becon dyd pryche; for [there were] no maner mettes [meats] nor drynges [drinks] that cold be had for money that were wanting.

20 Jul 1562. The sam day was bered mastores Wast in sant Andrew's in the Warderobe, with alff a dosen skochyons of armes, now the wyff of (blank)

20 Jul 1562. The sam nyght was the Mercers' soper, and ther sopy[d my] lord of Penbroke (61) and (unfinished)

Around 1560 Steven van der Meulen Painter -1564. Portrait of William Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke 1501-1570.

21 Jul 1562. The xxj day of July was grett cher at the Bryghowse, at the sam wedyng at master Necolles, and after soper cam iij maskes; on was in cloth of gold, and the next maske was frers, and the iij was nunes; and after they dansyd be-tymes, and after frers and nunes dansyd to-gether.

22 Jul 1562. The xxij day of July was a grett shutyng of the paryche of (blank)

23 Jul 1562. The xxiij day of July was my lord Gylles dowther cristened at sant Botulf with-owtt Byshope-gatt, Mare, the dowther of my lade Powlett; the godfather master Smyth of the custum-howse, and master John Whyt('s) wyff altherman and mastores (blank)

Jul 1562. The .. day of July was christened the dowther of Wylliam Harve (52) aleas Clarenceux king of armes, in the parryche of sant Brydes, the godfather Cordall master of the rolles knyght, and the godmothers my lade Bacon (35) my lord keper('s) (51) wyff, and my lade Sysselle (36) [Note. Sister of Anne Cooke 1527-1610 (35)] wife of ser Wylliam Sysselle (41); and after unto master Clarenshux('s), and ther was a grett bankett as I have sene, and wassail, of epocras, Frenche wyne, Gaskyn wyne, and Reynys [wine,] with grett plente, and all ther servandes had a banekett in the hall with dyvers dyssys [dishes].

Unknown Painter. Posthumous portrait of Nicholas Bacon Lord Keeper 1510-1579. After 1585 Marcus Gheeraerts Painter 1562-1636 (attributed). Portrait of William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley 1520-1598. His right-hand is holding the Lord Treasurer Staff of Office. Around 1565 Unknown Painter. Portrait of William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley 1520-1598. His right-hand is holding the Lord Treasurer Staff of Office. After 1590 Unknown Painter. Portrait of William Cecil 1st Baron Burghley 1520-1598. His left-hand is holding the Lord Treasurer Staff of Office.

Jul 1562. The sam day a commondementt cam downe to my lord mare (66) that evere craft in London shuld resortt to theyre [halls] to make owt a vj C. men well be-sene in cosseletts, gones and bowes and pykes, with all sped, and to take clen ... up and comely.

30 Jul 1562. The xxx day of July was bered in sant Talphes in Crepullgatt mastores Parston, late the wyff of master Howelle doctur of phesyke, with a xij clarkes syngyng; and then cam the corse with vj skochyons of bokeram, and a xij mornars, and xvj pore women in blake gownes; and master Coverdalle (74) mad the sermon; and after to the plase to dener.