Diary of Henry Machyn July 1563

Diary of Henry Machyn July 1563 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1563.

05 Jul 1563. The v day of July ded master Ellys Oggraffe of Lan .... Harfordshyre sqwyre, and bered the x day of July.

09 Jul 1563. The ix day of July cam a commondementt .... that evere man in evere strett and lane for to ma[ke fires] iij tymes in the weke for to have the ere opon .... sese the plage [plague] in the cete, and yff ytt plese God so .... so to contenew the fyre in evere strett and lane [every] Wedynsday and Fryday.

08 Jul 1563. The viij day of July cam a commondementt that [all] halles of craftes in London shuld fynd to the iiij .... in alle the hast that may be, for to goo to Porthm [outh] in all the sped that may.

13 Jul 1563. The xiij day of July master Clarenshux (53) rod toward Suffoke a-pon ys vesytassyon [visitation] of ys offes.

16 Jul 1563. The xvj day of July was bered in the parryche of saynt Step[hen's by] London stone master Berre sqwyre and draper and marchand of the stapull, [with a] harold of armes, and he had a cott armur and a penon .... of skochyons of armes, and ys plase was hangyd with blake .... the cherche hangyd with blake and armes, and [there were] all the craft in ther leverey; ser Wylliam Ch[ester] (54) cheyff mornar, and master Argall next, and master John Bere, [and then the] corse with a pall of blake velvett and mony .... mad the sermon, and all dune to the plase [to dinner, for there was a] grett dener.... bered in lytyl Allalows .... master Crolley (46) mad the [sermon] ....

Jul 1563. The .. day of July was on (blank) Penred [that had a] chyld to lerne, and for a sm[all fault did] bett [beat] hym so [severely] with a leden gyrdyll with bu[ckles, that he left] no skyne [on his] body and .... almost pu .... ys master was sett on the pelere and wypyd with [... that his] blude ran downe, and with that my lord mare (54) [passed] thrughe Chepe-syd the boye was sett on the pelere, [and his c]oatt was taken of ys body that my lord and all the [people] myght see how that he was beyten, the petest [piteous] [sight to] se at any tyme.

Jul 1563. The sam tym was a proclamassyon mad that [no] Englys man so-mever he was had lyberte to take [no] Frenche man by water and by lande, and to take shyp[s, mon]aye and goodes, and the men to ransum; and at after-none wen ... e that cold take one, they that wold myght have hym.

31 Jul 1563. The xxxj day of July was a-nodur proclamassyon that no man shuldmedyll with no Frenchman, nodur with no in-bas [sador] nor ys servandes, nor fre-denesun [free denizen].