Diary of Henry Machyn June 1556

Diary of Henry Machyn June 1556 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1556.

02 Jun 1556. The ij day of June was bered at sant Magnus at London bryge ser Recherd Morgayn knyght, a juge and on of the preve consell unto the nobull quen Mare, with a harold of armes bayryng ys cott armur, and with a standard and a penon of armes and elmett, sword, and targatt; and iiij dosen of skochyons, and ij whytt branchys and xij torchys and iiij gret tapurs, and xxiiij pore men in mantyll ffrysse gownes, and mony in blake; and master chansseler (55) of London dyd pryche.

02 Jun 1556. [The same day were arraigned at Westminster hall three gentlemen, master Rosey, master Bedyll, and master Dethick, for] the the experyng [conspiring] the kyng and quen majeste deth.

08 Jun 1556. The viij day of June was a goodly pressessyon at Whyt-hall by the Spaneards; the hall hangyd with ryche cloth, and at the [screen] in the halle was a auter mad, and hangyd rychely with [a canopy], and with grett baseins clen gylt and candyll-stykes; and in the [court] at iiij corners was mad iiij godly auters hangyd with clothe of gold, and evere auter with canepes in brodere; and [in the] court mad a pressession way with a C. yonge okes sett in the grond and of evere syd sett ard [hard ie close] to the wall with gren boughs; and then cam the pressessyon out of the chapell syngyng and playing of the regalles; and after the sacrement borne, and over ytt the rychest canepe that the Quen had, with vj stayffes borne by vj goodly men, and a-bowt the sacrement a C. torchys burnyng, and sum of whytt wax; and at ever auter [was ringing] and senst [censed] with swett odurs, and all the kyng['s] garde with [partizans] gyltt, and after to messe in the chapell, and song by the Spaneardes.

25 May 1555. The xxv day of May was slayne by my lord Dacre's (58) son master West sqwyre [Lewis West son of William West of Aughton]; ther wher xl men a-ganst master West and ys viij men, be-syd Roderam in Yorke-shyre. The lord Dacre (58) dwellys at Aston in the sam contrey.

06 Jun 1556. The ix day of June was drane from the Towre unto Tyborne iij gentyllmen for a consperace, master Rosey, master Bedylle, and master Dethyke, and ther hangyd and quartered, and ther quarters bered, master Rosey('s) hed on London bryge, and Bedylle('s) hed over Ludgatt, and master Dethyke('s) over Althergatt.

06 Jun 1556. The sam day was a woman sett on the pelere in Chepe, a baude, for conveyhyng of harlottes unto men('s) prentes and servandes

11 Jun 1556. The xj day of June was a man sett on the pelere, a gold-smyth in Lumbarstrett, for raysyng of an oblygasyon, and mad ytt a syngull oblygassyon falsely and deseytt for money.

14 Jun 1556. [The xiv day of June father Sydnam, a grey friar of Greenwich, preached at Trinity church, and after dined with Sir Robert Oxenbridge (48) knight.]

15 Jun 1556. The xv day of June was raynyd at Yeld-hall [master] Lecknolle, grome porter unto kyng Edward the vj and quen Mare, the iij yere of quen Mare, and cast to suffer deth.