Diary of Henry Machyn June 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn June 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

1559 Creation of Garter Knights

06 Jun 1559. [The vj day of June saint George's feast was kept at Windsor;] the yerle of Pembroke (58) was the [Queen's substitute,] lord Montycutt (30) and my lord of .... ; ther was stallyd at that tyme the duke of [Norfolk] (23), my lord marques of Northamtun (47), and the yerle of [Rutland] (32), and my lord Robart Dudley (26) the master of the quen('s) horse, nuw mad knyghtes of the Garter, and ther was gret [feasting] ther, and ther be-gane the comunion that day and Englys.

29 May 1559. The xxix day of May was depreved of ys byshopepryke of London doctur Boner (59), and in ys plasse master Gryndall (40); and [Nowell] (42) electyd dene of Powlles, and the old dene depreved, master [Cole] (59).

11 Jun 1559. The xj day of June dyd pryche at Powlles master [Sandys] (40), and ther was my lorde mayre (50) and the althermen, and my lord of Bedford (32), and with dyvers odur nobull men; and postulles [Apostles] masse mad an end that day, and masse a' Powlles was non that day, and the new dene toke possessyon that was afore, by my lord of Bedford (32), and thys was on sant Barnabe day; and the sam nyght thay had no evyng-song at Powlles.

11 Jun 1559. The sam nyght abowtt viij of the cloke at nyght the Quen('s) (25) grace toke her barge at Whyt hall, and mony mo barges, and rod a-longe by the banke-syd by my lord of Wynchaster('s) place, and so to Peper alley, and so crost over to London syd with drumes and trumpetes playhyng ard be-syd, and so to Whyt hall agayne to her palles.

18 Jun 1559. The xviij day of June dyd pryche at Powlles crosse docthur Juell (37), and ther was my lord mare (50) and the althermen and master comtroller of the quens howse ser Edward Rogers (61), and mony mo, boyth men and women.

21 Jun 1559. The xxj day of June was v bysshopes deprevyd, the bysshope of Lychfeld and Coventre (55), and the bysshope of Carley (52), the bysshope of Westchester, the bysshope of Landaffh (87), and the bysshope of ( ).

23 Jun 1559. The xxiij day of June was electyd vj nuw byshopes, com from beyond the see, master Parker (54) bysshope of Canturbere, master Gryndall (40) bysshope of London, docthur Score (49) bysshope of Harfford, Barlow (61) Chechastur, doctur Bylle of Salysbere [Note. Possibly a reference to William Bill Almoner 1505-1561 (54) although he wasn't Bishop of Salisbury, doctur Cokes (66) (of) Norwyche [Note. He was elected but the Queen changed her mind and appointed him to Ely].

02 Jun 1559. The ij day of Juin was bered at lytyll sant Baythelmuwes my lade Barnes, the wyff of ser George Barnes, knyght, and late mare of London; and she gayff to pore men and powre women good rosett gownes a (blank), and she gayffe to the powre men and women of Calles (blank) a-pesse, and she gayff a C [100] blake gownes and cottes; and ther she had penon of armes, and master Clarenshux kyng of armes, and ther was a xx [20] clarkes syngyng afor her to the chyrche with blake and armes; and after master Horne mad a sermon, and after the clarkes song Te Deum laudamus in Englys, and after bered with a songe, and a-for songe the Englys pressessyon, and after to the place to dener; ser Wylliam Garrett cheyff morner, and master Altham and master Chamburlayn, and her sunes and doythurs; ther was a nobull dener.

24 Jun 1559. The xxiiij day of June ther was a May-game, . and sant John Sacerys, with a gyant, and drumes and gunes [and the] ix wordes [Nine Worthies] with spechys, and a goodly pagant with a quen c . and dyvers odur, with spechys; and then sant Gorge and the dragon, the mores dansse, and after Robyn Hode and lytyll John, and M[aid Marian] and frere Tuke, and thay had spechys rond a-bowt London.

25 Jun 1559. The xxv day of June the sam May-gam whent unto [the palace?] at Grenwyche, playng a-for the Quen (25) and the consell, and the ... thay whent by land, and cam (back by water?)
The sam day at afternone was bered, at sant Fayth, Dokeray, docthur of the law, with ij grett whyt branchys, ... grett stayff torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and a dosen and d' [a half] [of scocheons,] and mony morners; and the morow a grett dener.

26 Jun 1559. The xxvj day of June was bered in the sam parryche [mistress] Gybbons a doctur of the law('s) wyff, the wyche she ded in .. and she had ij grett whyt branchys and xij torchys and iiij .. tapurs and ij lb. tapurs, and viij women bare here all in ... and the branchys and the torchys, and ther was a sarmon, and mony morners, and a dosen of armes, and a grett dener.

26 Jun 1559. The sam day was deprevyd of ther bysshoprykes the bysshope of Wynchestur (49) and the bysshope of Lynckolne (44) at master Hawse the kyng('s) shreyff in Mynsyon lane, and the bysshope of Wynchester (49) to the Towre agayne, and the bysshope of Lynckolne (44) delevered a-way.