Diary of Henry Machyn June 1563

Diary of Henry Machyn June 1563 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1563.

10 Jun 1563. The x day of June was a degre [decree] mayd a-for my lord [the duke] of Northfoke (27), and master Garter (53) and master Clarenshux (53) and master Norrey (65), that master Garter have the berehyng of all knyghtes of the Garter and all yerles and ther [wives] and all lordes and ther wyffes and vyconttes.

10 Jun 1563. The sam day ded my lord Pagett (57) at Draytun.

13 Jun 1563. The xiij day of June by a stylle the fyre had taken hold of a pese of tymber; yf that ther had not bene good helpe yt had done myche hurt, for yt was a-monge the drapers in Watlyngstrett be-syd Bowe lane.

14 Jun 1563. The xiiij day of June the Quen('s) (29) grace removyd from Whythall by water toward Grenwyche, and a-bowt Ratclyff and Lymhowse capten Stukely dyd shuwe here grace the pleysur that cold be on the water with shuttyng of gones after lyke warle with plahhyng of drumes and trum[pets.]

Jun 1563. [The . day of June was the funeral of the lord Paget (57)] .... with a standard and a grett banar .... banar-rolles of armes and a cott armur .... garter, helme, and crest, and mantylles and sword .... dosen of skochyons, and a iiij dosen of penselles [about the] herse.

16 Jun 1563. The xvj day of June dyd ryd in a care [to the] yeld-hall docthur Langton the phesyssyon in a g[own] of damaske lynyd with velvett and a cott of velvett .... and a cape [cap] of velvett, and he had pynd a bluw ho[od on] ys cape, and so cam thrugh Chepe-syd on the market [day,] and so a-bowtt London, for was taken with ij wenchys yonge a-tones.

19 Jun 1563. The xix day of June yt raynyd swett showrs tyll x of the cloke.

03 Jun 1563. The iij day of June was bered in sant James [Garlick-hithe?] master Coldwell gentyllman and a laer [lawyer] with halff a [dozen] skochyons of bokeram, and ther was a x mornars .... and women, and ther was a xij clarkes syngyng .... ded of a laske; and master Beycon mad the sermon.

19 Jun 1563. The sam day in the mornyng ther was sett on dyvers chyrche dorres, be-cause that he sayd that they dyd not ryng when that the quen whent to Grenwyche, and that they shuld not open the chyrche dors tyll that he had a nobull on evere chyrche by the water syde from Tempull bare unto the Towre, but he cold gett no thyng yett.

19 Jun 1563. The sam day was browth to the Towre serten .... for ther was capten callyd .... conveyed them away for they [were gone to] Grayff-ende and browth bake to the Towre agayne.

26 Jun 1563. The xxvj day of June ther was taken in Dystaffe lane the persun of Abchyrche be-syd London stone .... he havyng a wyff, and wher that he la a-bowtt .... have hys pleasur on her, and offered her serten money, and the plase [ap-] ponted, and she mad her fryndes [aware] of yt, and so they stod in a plases tyll he had mad .... off with gowne and jakett, and downe with hosse .... whether that any .... that the curett and the chyrche wardens .... howse wher the plage [plague] shall hapen .... they .... that they shall not come to the chyrche for the spase.... next folohyng after that the plage has bene, and so [a cross was] sett at evere dore of bluw and a wrytyng un[der] ....