Diary of Henry Machyn March 1551

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1551 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1551.

07 Mar 1551. The vij day of Marche was bered my lord Wentworth (50), the lord Chamburlayn of the kynges howse, in Westminster abbay, in the sam chapell that the old abbatt was be [red; there] was iiij of the cheyffe harolds ther, M. Garter, M. Clar [enceux,] M. Yorke, M. Chester, beyryng the cote armur, the elmett, t[arget], then cam the standard, and then mornars alle in blake ... and a C. chylderyn and prestes and clarkes in ther surpl[ices; then] the cors with iiij baners rolles, and the qwyre was hangyd [with black] and the raylles and armes. Mylles Coverdalle (63) dyd pryche, and ther [was a grett] dolle, and a grett compeny of lordes and knyghtes and genty[lmen] morners.

Around 1550 John

09 Mar 1551. The ix day of Marche was a proclamasyon that no [man or] woman shuld nott ett no flesse in lent, nor fryday, nor [wednesday] thrught the yere, nor ymberyng days, nor no days that ys co[ndemned?] by the chyrche apone payne of forfyte.

14 Mar 1551. The xiiij day of Marche was hangyd, in Smyth-feld, on John Mosbe and ys syster, for the death of a gentyll man of Feyversham, one M. Arden the custemer, and ys owne wyff was decaul.... and she was burnyd at Canturbery and her sarvand hangyd ther, and ij at Feyversham and on at Hospryng, and nodur in the he way to Canturbery, for the death of M. Arden of Feyversham. [and at Flusshyng was bernyd Blake Tome for the sam deth of M. Arden. [Note. This last line was added to the entry some time after it was written.]

14 Mar 1551. The xiiij day of Marche wa(s) raynyd at the yeld-halle a C [100] mareners for robyng on the see, and the captayne, behyng a Skott, was cared to Nugate the sam day, and serten cast.

The sam day was cared in-to Norfoke on Wyth, a grett ryche man, and he was condemnyth to be drane and hangyd, for the besenes that was done in Norffoke, at ys owne dore.