Diary of Henry Machyn March 1552

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1552 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1552.

19 Mar 1522. The xix day of Marche cam from Saynt James thrught the parke to the court, and from Parke gate unto the courtt was struys [Note. strewn] with sand fyne, and afor her came dukes, lordes, and knyghtes, and after lades and gentyllwomen a gret compeny, and so she was reseyuyd in to the courte goodly.
... cared thrugh Nuwgatt and Smyth ... s strett, and so a-ways,—the vj yer king Edward the vjth.

21 Mar 1552. The xxj day of Marche dyd ryd thrugh Lo[ndon on horseb]ake ij yonge feylles boyth of on horse, and on [of them] carehyng a spytt up ryght and a duke [Note. duck] rostyd, and ... Nugatt, and ther they alyth of ther horse and ... and the duke at Nugatt, and so was led with the ... begers thrugh Flett lane with many pepull won ... to the Rose at the Flet bryge, the taverne wher ... to have hetten [Note. eaten] yt there, and I left them ther, and [came to] the court to dener; one of them dweltt at the Sun ...

22 Mar 1552. The xxij of Marche was bered John Welle ... myllner, dwellyng at the iiij mylls at Stratford, and ...

17 Mar 1552. The xvij day of Marche rod thrugh London unto [St.] James in the feld, the kyng('s) plase [Note. palace], the kynges syster my [lady] Elsabeth (18), with a grett compeny of lordes and knyghtes and gentyll men, and after her a grett nombur of lades and gentyllwomen to the nombur of ij C. on horsse-bake, and yomen.