Diary of Henry Machyn March 1553

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1553 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1553.

01 Mar 1553. The iij day of Marche rod in a care on of the bedylls of the begers, for bowdry, dwellyn in saynt Bathellmuw lane be-syd my lord mayre.

24 Feb 1553. The xxiiij day of February was bered in saynt Katheryns Colman master Hare [Harry] Webe sqwyre, and porter of the Towre, with a harold, and ys penon of armes, and ys cot armur, and with iiij dossen of skochyons.

22 Mar 1553. The xxij day of Marche was bered master Syssylle sqwyr, and gentyllman of the kynges robes, and the father unto sir Hare Sysselle knyght, and bered at saynt Margates at Westmynster, with cote armur and ys penon of armes; and he had a-nodur cote armur, and a penon, was mad and cared in-to the contrey wher he dwelt.

The sam day, wyche was the xxij day of Marche, was bered master John Heth, dwellyng in Fanchyrche strett, and ther whent a-ffor hym a C. chylderyn of Gray-freres boys and gyrlles, ij and ij (to-)gether, and he gayff them shurts and smokes, and gyrdulls, and moketors; and after thay had wy.. and fygs and good alle, and ther wher a grett dener; and ther wher the cumpene of Panters, and the Clarkes, and ys cumpony had xxs. to make mere with-alle at the tavarne.

27 Mar 1553. The xvij day of Marche cam thrugh London, [from] Algatt, master Maynard, the shreyff of London, wyth a standard and dromes, and after gyants boyth [great and] smalle, and then hobe-horsses, and after them the g[ ... ], and affter grett horsses and men in cotes of velvet, [with chains] of gold a-bowt ther nekes, and men in harnes; [and then] the mores dansse, and then mony mynsterels; and af[ter came] the sergantes and yomen on horsse-bake with rebyns [of green] and whytt abowtt ther nekes, and then my lo[rd justice?] late behyng lord of myssrulle, rod gorgyusly [in cloth?] of gold, and with cheynes of gold abowt ys neke, with hand fulle of rynges of grett waluw; the w ... serjants rod in cotes of velvet with cheynes of [gold;] and then cam the dullo and a sawden, and then [a priest?] shreyffyng Jake-of-lent on horss-bake, and a do[ctor] ys fezyssyoun, and then Jake-of-lent('s) wyff brow[ght him] ys fessyssyons and bad save ys lyff, and he shuld [give him] a thowsand li. for ys labur; and then cam the carte with the wyrth hangyd with cloth of gold, and fulle of ban[ners] and mynsterels plahyng and syngyng; and a-for rod master Coke, in a cot of velvett with a cheyn off gold, and with flowres.