Diary of Henry Machyn March 1554

1554 Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

1554 Consecration of new Bishops

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1554 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1554.

08 Mar 1554. The viij day of Marche cam owt of the Towre of London the archbysshope of Canturbere Crenmer (64), and bysshope of London was Rydley (54), and master Lathemer (67) condam, [i. e. quondam (bishop of Worcester).] and so to Brenfford and ther ser John Wylliam reseyvyd them, and so to Oxfford.

09 Mar 1554. The ix day of Marche was reynyd at Westmynster my lord Thomas Gray, the duke of Suffoke('s) (37) brodur, and cast .... [to lose h]ys hed.

11 Mar 1554. The xj day of Marche was bered ser Wylliam [Goring] (53) knyght in Sussex, with a standard, a penon of armes, [with coat] armur, target, sward, and a helmet; and ther was a h[erse of] wax and viij dosen of penselles and viij dosen of sh[ocheons], ij whyt and branchys of wax, and iiij dosen of stay[ff] torchys, and a harold of armes master Chastur; and he ded .... owe, and cared in-to the contrey by water to Kyngstun, [and] after by land to ys on contrey.

14 Mar 1554. The xiiij day of Marche was in Aldergat-stret a woy[ce heard] in a walle that dyd spyke unto serten pepull, the wyche .... was complenyd unto my lord mayre, and so after yt was [made] knowen by dyvers what ther wher, and after cared unto [prison,] as Nugatt contur and the Towre.

Wyatt's Rebellion Executions

15 Mar 1554. The xv day of Marche was raynyd at Westmynster ser Thomas Wyatt (33) knyght, the captayn cheyffe [of] Kent, and cast to be hedyd and after quartered and sett up.

18 Mar 1554. The xviij day of Marche was kared to the Towre of London my lade Elsabeth('s) (20) grace, the quen('s) (38) syster, a-for none.

24 Mar 1554. The xxiiij day of Marche was delevered owt of the Towre and had the quen('s) (38) pardon the lord marques of Northamtun (42), my lord Cobham (57), and ij of ys sunes, and dyvers odur mo.

07 Mar 1554. The vij day of Marche rod a bocher rond a-bowt London, ys face toward the horsse taylle, with ha [lf of] a lame be-fore and a-nodur behynd, and vell and a calff borne a-for hym, a-pon a polle, rawe.

16 Mar 1554. The xvj day of Marche was deprevyd the archebysshope of Yorke (72), and the bysshope of Lynkolne doctur Tayller (51), and the bysshope of Chester, the bysshope of sant Davys.

17 Mar 1554. The xvij day of Marche was deprevyd the bysshope of Harfford and the bysshope of Glosetur (59); commyssyonars that dyd depreyffe them my lord chansseler and my lord of Durram, my lord of Londun, my lord of Chechastur, and my lord of sant Asse.

1554 Consecration of new Bishops

01 Apr 1554. [The first day of April my lord chancellor (54) did consecrate six new bishops at St. Mary Overy's, before the high altar; and a goodly mass was said. And when all] was done thay yede unto my lord ch[ancellor's,] for ther was as grett a dener as youe ha[ve seen.] Thes be the bysshopes names that wher consecrated, [doctor] Whyt (44), warden of Wynchastur, the bysshope of Ly[ncoln]; doctur Borne, bysshope of Bathe; doctur Morgan, bishop of sant Davys; doctur Brokes (41), bysshope of Gloss [ter]; doctur Cottes, bysshope of Westtchastur; bysshope of sant Asse changyd to be bysshope of Arfford; master [Griffith] (47) parsun of sant Magnus bysshope of Rochastur.