Diary of Henry Machyn March 1556

1556 Execution of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

1556 Great Comet

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1556 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1556.

07 Mar 1555. The vij day of Marche was hangyd at Tyborne x theyffes for robere and odur thynges.

1556 Great Comet

07 Mar 1556. The vij day of Marche be-gane the blassyng [star] at nyght, and yt dyd shutt owt fyre to grett [wonder] and marvell to the pepull, and contynud serten [nights].

08 Mar 1556. The viij day of Marche dyd pryche at Powlles crosse doctur (blank), and ther was a man dyd penanse with ij pyges rede dythe, on apon ys hed sowd, the [which] he browth them to selle.

05 Mar 1556. The v day of Marche was the obseques of the bysshope of Peterborowth in Lynkolne shyre, [and] bered with a goodly hersse and armes and pensells; and with ij whyt branchys and viij dosen of stayffes, and with an harold of armes and v baners and a C. in blake gownes and cotes, and a gret meyne of pore men in gownes, and the morow masse, and after a grett dener der.

07 Mar 1556. The Fryday the vij day of Marche was hangyd in chaynes besyd Huntyntun on (blank) Conears, and Spenser after-ward, for the kyllyng of a gentyllman that kept them bowth lyke gentyllmen; and ther be-syd wher thay hange, the wyche on Benett Smyth ded promessyd and hyred them, and promesed them xll. to do that dede.

14 Mar 1556. The xiiij day of Marche was on sett on the pelere for sedyssyous wordes and rumors and conseles agaynst the quen('s) (40) mageste—the iij yer of her grace.

18 Mar 1556. [The xviij day of March were divers gentlemen carried to the Tower by certain of the guard, viz. John Throgmorton,] Hare Peckam, master Bethell, master Tornur, master [Hygins, master] Daneell, master Smyth marchand, master Heneage of the chapel, [George the] sherche of Graffend [Gravesend], master Hogys, master Spenser, and ij Rawlins, and Rosey keper of the Star-chambur, and master Dethyke, and [divers] odur gentyllmen that I have not ther names.

04 Mar 1556. [The iiij of March a young man named Fetherstone, who gave himself out to be King Edward the Sixth (18), and whose sayings and pretences had occasioned many men and women to be punished, was hanged, drawn, and quartered;] and ys hed was sett up the v day upon London bryge, and ys quarters was bered.

09 Mar 1556. The ix day of Marche was hangyd at Brykhyll Benett Smyth, in Bokyngham-shyre, for the deyth of master Rufford, gentyllman, the wyche Conears and Spenser sluw—the iij yer of quen Mare.

22 Mar 1556. The Sonday xxij day of Marche was at the Gray-ffrers at Grenwyche was my lord cardenall Polle (56) was consecratyd, with x byshopes mytyred—the iij yer of the quen Mare.

25 Mar 1556. The xxv day of Marche was owre Lady day, the Annunsyasyon, at Bow chyrche in London was hangyd with cloth of gold, and with ryche hares [arras] and cossens for the commyng of my lord cardenall Polle (56); ther dyd the bysshope of Vosseter dyd synge he masse mytyred; and ther wher dyver bysshopes, as the bysshope of Ely (50), bysshope of London (56), and bysshope of Lynkkolne (46), and the yerle of Penbroke (55), and ser Edward Hastynges (35), the master of horsse, and dyvers odur nobuls, and after masse done to my lord (unfinished).

27 Mar 1556. The xxvij day of Marche was hangyd be-yonde Huntyngtun in cheynes [chains] on Spenser, for the deth of master Rufford of Bokyngham-shyre, by ys fellow Conears hangys.

Execution of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer

21 Mar 1555. The xxj day of Marche was bornyd at Oxford doctur Cranmer (65), late archebysshope of Canturbere.