Diary of Henry Machyn March 1558

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1558 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1558.

02 Mar 1558. The ij day of Marche my lade Whyt was bered in Althermare parryche, and ther was a goodly herse of wax, and ther was viij dosen pensels, and viij dosen skochyons and d', and iiij dosen torchys; and the harolde was master Clarenshus; the cheyff morner my lade Laxtun, and master Roper led her; and mony morners; and after cam my lord mayre, and xx althermen folod the corsse, and iiij baners of emages, and ij grett whytt branchys; and the morow masse and a godly sermon, and all the craft in ther leverey; (blank) pore men had gownes, and powre women had gownes, and after to ys plasse to dener, and my lord mayre and the althermen, and mony gentyllmen, for ther was a grett dener as [has] bene sene; and ther was iij masses songe, on of the Trenete, and on of owre Lade, the iij of requiem.

04 Mar 1558. The iiij day of Marche a' for-non my lade Elsabeth('s) (24) grace toke her horss and red to her plasse at, with mony lordes, knyghtes, and lades, and gentyllwomen, with a goodly compene of horsse.

04 Mar 1558. The sam day at after-non the pensyoners mustered in sant James parke in harnes, and ther men with spers, and the trumpetes blohyng, and se them in a-ray rydyng.

After 04 Mar 1558. The (blank) day of Marche ther was never so low a nebe [an ebb tide], that men myght stand in the mydes [midst] of Tames, and myght a' gone from the brygys to Belynggatt, for the tyd kept not ys course; the wyche was never sene a-fore that tyme.

06 Mar 1558. [The vj day of March, being the second Sunday in Lent, preached before the lord mayor and the bishops] at [Paul's cross] my lord abbott of Westmynster docthur [Feckenham] (43); ther he mad a godly sermon as as bene [heard].

06 Mar 1558. The vj day (of) Marche was cared in a hersse [to] be bered in Cambrygshyre ser Phylype Pares knyght, at a [place] callyd Lyntun, wher sergant Heth ded, and was ....

07 Mar 1558. The vij day of Marche was the parlement holden at the Whytthalle the quen('s) plasse, and endyd at vij of [the clock at night], and watt actes mad at the end of the parlement.

01 Mar 1558. The (blank) day of Marche the qwyn('s) (42) grace['s pensioners] mustered in Hyd-parke, and all ther men in gren [cloth and] whytt; and ther my lord of Rutland (31) toke the [muster of] them.

09 Mar 1558. The ix day of Marche was a yonge man namyd (blank) dyd ryd in a care, ys fasse toward the hors tayle, [with] ij grett pesses of beyff of . clodes poudered.

10 Mar 1558. The x day of Marche the Quen('s) (42) grace removyd unto Grenwyche, in lentt, for to kepe ester.

14 Mar 1558. The xiiij day of Marche ded and bered at the Munyrys, at vj of the cloke at nyght, my lade Jennynges, doythur to ser John Gage (78) knyght.

16 Mar 1558. The xvj day of Marche my lord mare and the althermen wher commondyd unto Yeld-halle, for thay had a commondement by the qwyen (42) that thay shuld lend the quen a (blank) of H.; for ther sat my lord stresorer (75), my lord preve-saylle (52), and the bysshope of Elly (52) as commyssyonars, and my lord chanseler (57), with odur of the conselle.... with ij whyt branchys and xij torchys .... great tapurs, and after a grett dener within the ....

19 Mar 1558. The xix day of Marche my lord mayre and the althermen whent unto Yeld-halle, and ther all the craftes in London browth in the bylles what ther compene wold lend unto the quen('s) (42) grace for to helpe her in her fa ... toward the wars.

21 Mar 1558. The xxj day of Marche was the Paskalle for the abbay of Westmynster mad ther, the wheyth of iij C. of wax; and ther was the master and the wardens of the Waxchandlers [with] xx more at the makyng, and after a grett dener.

21 Mar 1558. The sam day at after-none the yerle of Sussex (33) toke gorney [journey] in post toward Yrland.

21 Mar 1558. The sam day of Marche wher browth in-to the (blank) afor the bysshope of London (58) and odur lernyd men of the temporolte iij men, the wyche ther openions wher shyche that they wher juged and condemnyd to suffer deth by fyre; one man was a hossear [hosier] dwellyng in Wodstret, ys nam ys (blank).

22 Mar 1558. The xxij day of Marche my lord mayre and the althermen whent unto Yeld-Halle, and ther the quen('s) consell cam theder, furst my lord chanseler (57), my lord treysorer (75), my lord of preve-selle (52), the bysshope of Ele (52), and ser John Baker, secretore Peter, and mony more, and after whent to my lord mare to dener.

23 Mar 1558. The xxiij day of Marche was a proclamasyon of serten actes that was sett forth by the last parlement, that was endyd the vij day of Marche the iiij and v of kyng (Philip) and quen Mare.

[Here two or three leaves of the Diary appear to be lost, involving the space of nearly four months].