Diary of Henry Machyn March 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

10 Mar 1559. The x day Marche was a goodly herse of wax set up for my old lade of Oxford (41) at Lambeth.

12 Mar 1559. The xij day of Marche was the sam hers was taken downe the day a-for she was browth to the chyrche, the wyche was as goodly hers of v prynsepalles as has bene sene, with armes and penselles.

15 Mar 1559. The xv day of March was my lade the contes of Oxford (41) was browthe to the cherche at Lambeth, with ij harordes of armes, master Garter and master Clarenshux, in ther cot armurs, a-for the cors a grett baner of armes, and iiij baners of santtes, and iiij baner-rolles of armes borne a-bowtt her and iiij grett whyt branchys and ij dosen grett long stayffes torchys borne by her sarvandes in; and my lade Haward (44) cheyffe morner, and money in blake, and the quwere was hangyd with lx ... with armes and raylles a-bowt with blake and armes; and the morow masse with small chere after-ward, butt evere man a ...

21 Mar 1556. The xxj day of Marche was bered at [Chenies, in] Bukynghamshyre my old contes of Bedford (77) .... of armes and a grett baner of armes and a v [banner-] rolles of her progene and vii dosen of skochyons .... vj of sarsenett, and iiij dosen of grett stayffe torchys.

21 Mar 1559. The xxj of Marche the quen('s) master cokes and odur her offesers, and at Mylle-end ther they dynyd, [with] all maner of mett and drynke; and ther was all maner of artelere, as drumes, flutes, trumpetes, gones, mores pykes, halbardes, to the nomber of v C.; the gonners in shurtes of maylle and .... pykes in bryght harnes, and mony swardes and v grett pesses of gones and shot in ... the wyche dyd myche hurt unto glass wy[ndows;] and cam a grett gyant danssyng, and after [that a] mores dansse dansyng, and gones and mor[es pikes]; and after cam a cart with a grett wyth and ij [bears?] with-in the cartt, and be-syd whent a gret .... of grett mastes; and then cam the master cokes rydyng in cottes in brodere, and chynes of gold, and mony of the quen('s) (25) servandes in ther levery, to the cowrt, and ther they shott ther pesses, and with-in the parke was ij C. chamburs gret and smalle shot, and the Quen('s) (25) grace standyn in the galere; and so evere man whent in-to the parke, showhyng them in batell ray, shutyng and playhyng at bowt the parke; and a-for the quen (25) was on of bayres [one of the bears.] was bated, and after the mores dansers whent in-to the cowrt, dansyng in mony offeses.

23 Mar 1559. The xxiij day of Marche was bered at sant tellens ser John Sentlow (59) knyght, with ij haroldes of armes, master Clarenshux and master Somerset, with standard and penon, and cott and elmet, target and sword, but nodur crosse nor prest, nor clarkes, but a sermon and after a salme of Davyd; and ij dosen of skochyons of armes.

After 16 Mar 1559. The (blank) day of Marche ser Antony (63) [Saint Leger, knight of the] garter, latte deputte of Yrland, was bered in Kentt, with a standard, a grett baner of armes, [helmet,] crest, target, and sword, and vj dosen of skochyons; [and two] harold(s) of armes, master Garter and master Lankestur, and (unfinished)

Note. It will be observed these paragraphs are repetitions of those in the preceding page: and, as the dates (printed in italics) were filled in subsequently to their being written, the former dates are probably to be preferred.

08 Mar 1559. The viij day (of) Marche ded my lade (59) ys (63) wyffe, and was bered at (blank).

16 Mar 1559. The xvj day of Marche was bered in Northamt[onshire] ser Thomas Tressam (59), lord of sant Jones, with iiij baner rolles and a grett baner of armes, and a standard, elmett, targett and sword, and cott armur; and a viij dosen of [scocheons], and a iiij dosen of torchys and iiij dosen penselles, and [ij] whyt branchys, and mony morners in blake, and ij haroldes of armes, master Clarenshux and master Somersett.

27 Mar 1559. The xxvij day of Marche dyd pryche at sant Mare Spyttyl doctur Bylle (54) the quen('s) (25) amner [almoner].

28 Mar 1559. The xxviij day of Marche, the wyche was Ester-tuwysday, doctur Cokes (66) sum-tyme dene of Westmynster dyd pryche.

29 Mar 1559. The xxix day of Marche dyd pryche at sant Mare Spyttyll master Horne (49), parsun sum-tyme at Allalows in Bredstrett.