Diary of Henry Machyn March 1560

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1560 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1560.

03 Mar 1560. The iij day of Marche, abowtt vij of the [clock] in the mornyng, cam in a servyngman with a [horse-load] of flesse of dyver kyndes, and ther yt was st[ayed] and after cared the horse and yt to my lord mare (64) (by) the porter of Byshope-gatt, and lett hym goo.

03 Mar 1560. The sam day dyd pryche at Powlles crosse the nuwe byshope of London master Gryndall (41), in ys rochet and chyminer; and after sermon done the pepull dyd syng; and ther was my lord mayre (64) and the althermen, and ther was grett audyence.

03 Mar 1560. The sam day at after-non dyd pryche at the curte [court] the byshope Skore (50), in ys rochett and chyminer, and ther was grett audyens, and after (unfinished)

06 Mar 1560. The vj of Marche dyd pryche at the court doctur Byll (55) dene of Westmynster that day in the quen('s) chapell, the crosse and ij candylles bornyng and the tabulles standyng auter-wyse.

06 Mar 1560. The sam day at after-none was sessyons at Nuwgatt, and ther was raynyd the lame woman that kyllyd the yonge man in Turnagayne lane and a dosen more, and the lame woman cast.

08 Mar 1560. The viij day of Marche dyd ryd in a cart abowtt Londun a bocher and a bocher('s) wyff, that was here servand, and the wyche was her hosband('s) brodur.

08 Mar 1560. The sam day of Marche [rode to hanging] xj; vij wer men, and iiij women; on woman the sam woman that kyllyd the man in Turnagayne lane; and on man was a gentyllman; and a-nodur [a priest,] for cuttyng of a purse of iij s. but he was [burnt] in the hand afore, or elles ys boke [Note. A reference to the 'benefit of clergy' by which he would have been judged in an ecclesiatical court.] would have [saved] hym,—a man of liiij [54] yere old.

01 Mar 1560. The furst day of Marche was a proclamasyon by the quen('s) (26) grace and the consell that no man nor woman, nor they that kepys tabulles, shuld ett no flese in lentt nor odur tyme in the yere that ys commondyd by the chyrche, nor no bucher kyll no flese, but that they should pay a grett fyne, or elles vj ours [2 hours] on the pelere, and in-presoment x [10] days.... and after taken downe and cared .... knyght marshall('s) servandes unto the nuw pet .... Cornhylle and ther a serten tyme.

08 Mar 1560. The viij day of Marche dyd pryche at the cowrt, afor non, master Pylkyngtun (40) the nuw byshope of Wynchaster, and ys matter whent myche to ma[intaining] Oxford and Cambryge skullors [scholars], and the byshopes and [clergy] to have better levyng [living ie income].

10 Mar 1560. The x day of Marche dyd pryche at Powlles the byshope Skorre (50), and ther was my lord mare (64) and the althermen, and grett audyence, and he prechyd in ys rochett and ys chymber.

11 Mar 1560. The xj day of Marche dyd pryche at the court doctur Sandes (41) byshope of Wosseter.

12 Mar 1560. The xij day of Marche was bered at Dyttun my lade Barkeley (42), the wyff of ser Mores Barthelay (54) knyght, with a penon of armes and a iiij dosen of skochyons, and a harold of armes, master Rychemond.

12 Mar 1560. The tuwsday the xij day of Marche was slayne in Powlles chyrche-yerd on master Bodeley a gentyll-man of the Tempull by on of master Alcokes servands, wher he supyd the sam nyght, at the constabulle('s) howse of sant Martens the Sanctuarij.

13 Mar 1560. The xiij day of Marche dyd pryche at the cowrt master (blank)

15 Mar 1560. [The xv day preached at court] master (blank) the wyche he mad a nottabull sermon that the quen('s) (26) grace gayff hym th[anks] for hys payne, butt sum men wher offendyd.

16 Mar 1560. The xvj day of Marche whentt to berehyng [from the] Bell in Cartter lane on master Bodeley, a gentylman of the Tempull that was slane in Powlles cherche-yerd by on of Alkokes servands, and ther fechyd hym a C [100] ge[ntlemen] and odur to bryng hym to the Tempull, and xx clarkes syngyng, and after bered.

17 Mar 1560. The xvij day of Marche dyd pryche at Powlles cross Veron, parsun of sant Marttens att Ludgatt, and ther was my lord mare (64) and the masters the althermen, with mony more pepull; and after the sermon done they songe all, old and yong, a salme in myter [metre], the tune of Genevay ways.

17 Mar 1560. The sam day at after-non dyd pryche at the cowrt [at] the prychyng plasse master Juell (37) the nuw byshope of Salysbere, in ys rochett and chymmer.

19 Mar 1560. The xix day of Marche at santt Martens at Ludgatt all the belles of the chyrch dyd ryng a grett pelle, and after done all the pepull dyd syng the tune of Geneway, and with the base of the organes, for ther he was myttyd parsun, and he mad a sermon that tyme.

14 Mar 1560. The xiiij day (of) Marche was cared from London, when they were examynyd be-for the consell, for a grett robere by one Duncombe gentyllman and ys companyons by them commytted; and (received by) master Autre shreyff of Bedford-shyre; and then he and ys sayd fellous wher hangyd, wher the sad master Duncombe myght se thow [two] or iij lordshyps whyche shuld have bene his yf his behavyor had bene good; and ther they were hangyd all.

22 Mar 1560. The xxij day of Marche dyd ryd in a care, with a basen tynglyng a-for, ij that rode a-bowt London that cam owtt of Sowthwarke, for the woman was bowd to a gyrle of xj yere olde, and browth her to a stranger.

20 Mar 1560. The xx day of Marche was the nuw byshope of Lychfeld and Coventre ys wyff was a broght to bed, ys nam master Bentun (46), on London bryges at the sygne of (blank)

22 Mar 1560. [The xxij day of March preached at court the same master Bentham (46),] byshope of Lychfeld and Coventre.

24 Mar 1560. The xxiiij day of Marche, was mydlentt sonday, dyd pryche at Powlles [doctor] Sandes (41) the nuw byshope of Wosseter, and ther was m[y lord mayor (64)] and the althermen, and he prychyd in ys rochett [and chiminer,] and ther was my lord the erle of Bedford (33), and dyvers g[entlemen] and grett audyens of pepull.

24 Mar 1560. The xxiiij day of Marche, was mydlent sonday, master Barlow (62) byshope of sant Davys dyd pryche at the cowrtt, but the quen was not at yt; butt ther was mony pepull; and he was in ys rochett and ys chymmer, and at v of the cloke yt ended; and contenentt her chapell whent to evy[ning song,] and ther the crosse stood on the auter, and ij candylstykes and ij tapurs bornyng, and after done a goodly anteme song.

27 Mar 1560. The xxvij day of Marche was proclamasyon [at the] cowrt and at the crosse in Chepe and at the strett tyme .. Lumbard street in dyvers plasses, of the Frenche [king] (16) and the Skottys quen (17), boyth in Englyus and Frenche, with [a] trumpett blohyng, and a harold of armes, master Clarenshux (50), in ryche cotte, with a serjant of armes with a grett masse, and the ij shreyffe(s) all on hors-bake.

27 Mar 1560. The sam day dyd pryche at the cowrt master Wysdom.

29 Mar 1560. The xxviiij day Marche cam by water at afternone unto Somersett plasse the duke of Vanholtt (34). [Note. To be created Knight of the Garter].

29 Mar 1560. The xxix day of Marche dyd ryd in a cartt ij women.

31 Mar 1560. The xxxj day of Marche dyd pryche at Polles crosse Crolley (43), the wyche was Passyon sonday, sum tyme a [exile, and a learned writer, afterwards minister of St. Giles, Cripplegate.]