Diary of Henry Machyn March 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

02 Mar 1561. The ij day of Marche was consecratyd at the byshope of London('s) palles master Yonge (54) byshope of Yorke, was byshope of (Saint David's).

06 Mar 1561. The vj day of Marche was bered in sant Gorge parryche in Sowthwarke, the wyche he cam owtt of the kynges bynche, master Seth Holand, latt dene of Vossetur, [Worcester] and the master of All Solles colege in Oxford, and a lx men of gentyllmen of the in of the corttes, and of Oxford, browth ym to the chyrche, for he was a grett lernydman.

09 Mar 1561. The ix day of Marche dyd pryche at the cowrt the byshope of London master Gryndall (42).

09 Mar 1561. The sam day cam owt of Franse the yerle of Bedford (34).

09 Mar 1561. The sam day dyd pryche in the shroudes at Powlles master Gresshope of Oxford.

07 Mar 1561. The vii day of Marche at nyght cam a servyngman in Towre stret, and toke from a cyld [child] neke (a ...) of sylver, and the pepull bad stope the theyffe, and he rane in-to Marke lane, and stopyd and gayff ym a blowe that he never went farther, and ded.

17 Mar 1561. The xvij day dyd pryche at the cowrt the [bishop] of Durram (41), that was Mydlent sonday.

04 Mar 1561. The iiij day of Marche was a tall man wypyd a-bowtt Westmynster and throwge London and over London bryge and Sowthwarke for conter-feythyng the master of the quen('s) horse hand.

20 Mar 1561. The xx day dyd pryche at the courtt the [dean] of Powlles, master Nowell (44).

20 Mar 1561. The xx day of Marche ded at the cowrt the yonge lade Jane Semer (20), the duke of Somerset('s) (61) dowther, on of the quen('s) (27) mayds.

23 Mar 1561. The xxiij day of Marche dyd pryche at [Newington] be-yonde sant Gorgus the byshope of Canturbere, docthur Parker (56), and mad a goodly sermon.

23 Mar 1561. The sam day dyd pryche at the cowrte the byshope of Ely, docthur Cokes (68), and he w[ould that none] shuld pryche of he [high] matters butt they that were well le[arned.]

22 Mar 1561. The xxij day of Marche dyd a woman ryd a-bowt Chepesyd and London for bryngyng yonge frye of dyvers kynd of fysse unlafull, with a garland a-pone her hed hangyng with strynges of the small fysse, and on the horse a-for and be-hynd here, led by on of the bedylls of Brydwell.

23 Mar 1561. The xxiij day of Marche dyd pryche at Powlles crosse a byshope.

22 Mar 1561. The xxij day of Marche ther was a wyff dwellyng in sant Martens in the vyntre, within the clostur dwellyng, of the age of lii. toke a woman into her howse at the done-lyhyng, and the sam nyght she was delevered with chyld, and the sam woman of the howse led her-seyff in bed, and mad pepull beleyff that yt was her owne chyld.

26 Mar 1561. [The xxvj day of March master Sampson preached at the court.]

26 Mar 1561. The sam day of Marche at after-none at Westmynster [was brought] from the quen('s) armere [almondry] my lade Jane Semer (20), with [all the quire] of the abbay, with ijC. of (the) quen('s) cowrt, the wyche she was [one] of the quen('s) mayd(s) and in grett faver, and a iiijxx morners of [men and] women, of lordes and lades, and gentylmen and gentyllwomen, all in blake, be-syd odur [other] of the quen('s) preve chambur, and she [had] a grett baner of armes bornne, and master Clarenshux (51) was the harold, and master Skameler (41) the nuw byshope of Peterborow dyd pryche. [She was] bered in the sam chapell wher my lade of Suffoke (43) was.