Diary of Henry Machyn March 1563

Diary of Henry Machyn March 1563 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1563.

04 Mar 1563. The iiij day (of) Marche ther was a man's dowther dwellyng in sant James in Garlyke heyff, in the plase that w[as the] yerle of Wosetur('s) plase, she was delevered with a chyld, and after caste yt owt of a wyndow in-to Temes, and after Daker co ...

08 Mar 1563. The viij day of Marche wher hangyd at Tyburne x men; [one] was Brutun, and (blank) after browth bake to sant Pulkurs ther to be bered, and ther master Veron the vecar mad a sermon for them.

08 Mar 1563. The sam (day) mastores Bacun was chyrched at sant Androw's in warderobe, the wyff of master Bacun sergantt of the catre unto quen Mare, and after she whent home unto here father's howse master Blakwelle, and so she and a grett compene of gentyll women had a grett dener as cold be had as for lentt, as for fysse.

17 Mar 1563. The xvij day of Marche dyd on master Lynsey armorer dwellyng in Byshope-gatt strett dyd hang hym-seylff in a preve howse with-in ys hone howse, for he had ys offes taken away from hym by on that he had browth up.

17 Mar 1563. The sam day ther was a mad [maid] dwellyng in Hay lane with master Campyon berbruar [beer brewer] in grett Allalowes in Temes-strett dyd falle owt of a wyndow and brake her neke.

17 Mar 1563. The sam day at the Well with ij bokettes in sant Martens ther was (a) woman dwellyng ther toke a pere of sherers for to have cutt here throwtt, butt she myssyd the pype in here syknes and madnes, and with a day after she ded and was bered ther in the parryche.... and to the Masselsay to the .... that he had a lysens for to kyll fl[esh.]

Mar 1563. [The .. ] day of Marche ther stod a man at Powlles [with a white] shett a-bowtt hym for gettyng ys owne dowther .., that after she ded.

21 Mar 1563. The xxj day of Marche dyd pryche at Powlles crosse the byshope of Wynchastur (53), and mad a godly sermon.

22 Mar 1563. The xxij day of Marche was mad for ser Wylliam Fuwilliam that ded in the tym of kyng Henre the viijth and was bered [in the county] of Northamtun, furst a nuw standard and a penon and armes, [coat] armur, elmett and mantyll, crest, targett, and sword; and the old tak[en away; the] crest a busse of fethers standyng with-in a crown of gold.

Wreck of The Greyhound

21 Mar 1563. The xxj day of Marche tydynges cam to the cowrt that on off the quen's shypes callyd the Grahond was lost gohyng to Nuwhavyn; the captayn was ser Thomas Fynche (51) knyghtt of Kent, and ys brodur and on of my lord Cobbam('s) brodur and ij of my lord Whentforth ('s) bredurne [John Wentworth 1538-1563 (25) and James Wentworth 1540-1563 (23)] and mony gentyll men and mynstorels; [one] of my lord of Warwyke('s) newys [nephews], and a good mastur; and mony [good] marenars and sawgears [soldiers] to the nombur of (blank)

26 Mar 1563. The xxvj day Marche was bered the good lade Chastur [at] Rayston, the wyff of ser Robartt Chastur knyght, with a pennon of armes and a iiij dosen of skochyons and a vj of bokeram, and the chyrche hangyd with blake and armes, and master Somersett was the harold; and ther was mony mornars in blake, and grett mon [moan] mad for her, and a sarmon, and a grett dolle of money, and mett and drynke, and after a grett dener.

29 Mar 1563. The xxix day of Marche was browthe from sant Savyour's late abbay in Barmsey-strett to be bered my good lade Lane the wyff of ser Robart Lane of Northamtunshyre, and was bered in sant Towllys in Sowthwarke, and ded in chyld-bede; and with xx clarkes, and a-for the corse a xij of her servandes in blake cottes a-for here, and then cam serten gentyll-men mornars, and then cam the penon of armes borne by a gentyll-man, and then cam master Clarenshux (53), and next the corse borne by vj women, and iiij gentyll-men mornars beyryng the iiij corners of the palle of blake velvett, and with armes, and after to the chyrche, and syngyng the clarkes; andt her dyd pryche master Coverdalle (75).

Mar 1563. [The .. day of March was buried master David Woodroffe, alderman and haberd]asher [of London,] .... and I blake gownes and cottes and .... whent a-for hym and after a xx clarkes [with their surplices] a-pon ther armes, and next iiij althermen in [violet]; then cam a morner, beyryng hys pennon of ys [arms], a harold beyryng ys cotte armur, and next master Clarenshux (53) [in his] cott armur kyng of armes, and next cam the corse covered with a pall of blake velvett and with armes hangyng of ytt, and vj [mourners] beyreng the corse, and next ij pennons borne on evere syd; [the chief] mornar master Voderoff ys eldest (son), and next master Stonhowse ys sune [in law, and a]nodur sune and a-nodur sune-elaw, and mony odur mornars, [to the] chyrche, and then mony women mornars; the iiij althermen [sir William] Garrett, ser Thomas Offeley (63), ser Wylliam Chastur and master Cristoffer D[raper]; and (the) chyrche hangyd with blake and armes rond a-bowtt, andin .... the chyrche was raylles mad and hangyd with blake, [and] the strett hangyd with blake and armes, and the howse; and .... dyd pryche; and after they offered ys cott and pennon of armes, and all the mornars and the craft offered, and after [to his place] to dener.

31 Mar 1563. The xxx day of Marche in Kent master Marlow, a marchand [living] at Crayford, dyd ryd to ys farme a mylle off to loke [over it], and after ryd in-to the marche [marsh] a-pon the walle, and by mysf[ortune] fell of on ys horse, and ded for lake of help, for ther [was no]body with hym to help ym.