Diary of Henry Machyn May 1552

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1552 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1552.

03 May 1552. The iij day of May was a proclamasyon how Gaskyn wyne shuld be sold at viijd. the galon; a barelle of alle at iijs. viijd.: a barelle of dobulle bere at iijs. viijd.; thre-holpeny bere the barelle iijs.; syngyll bere the barelle ijs.; and no no dobulle dobulle alle, nor dobulle dobulle no more be callyd no more dobulle dobulle.
.... tyme callyd Jehesus ... a penon of armes and a cote ... blake, and with ij dosen of skochyons ...

12 May 1552. The xij day of May the Kynges (14) grace [rode through] Grenwyche Parke unto Blake-heth, with ys ga[rd with bows] and arowes, and in ther jerkenes and dobeletes. [The King's] grase ran at the ryng, and odur lordes and kn [yghts.]

14 May 1552. The xiiij day of May my lord marqwes [of Northampton's] (40) men of armes did muster in More felds ... compeny and grett horssys, and a trompett blow ... nombur of a C. men of armes and welle h[arnessed.]

16 May 1552. The xvj day of May the Kyngs (14) grace [rode into the said] parke for to se the goodly muster of ys [men] of armes, and every lord('s) men; severall [trumpets] bloghyng a-for ther men, and ther standards, and ther cottes in brodery of yche lords colers, and ther speyres coloryd lyke, and ther fott-men.
The furst the kynges pensyonars, the lord Bray ther captayn, and the kyng's grett baner [of arms] borne of-fore of damaske, blue and red, and the trumpeters blohyng, and the pensyonars in goodly a[rray, and] in harnes from tope to the to, and goodly basses of cotes, and ther men in lyke colers of cloth.
The ij my lord Tresorer's men of armes, a whytt standard with faucon of gold, cotes whyt and red.
The iij my lord Grant Master, with men of armes, ys standard of red damaske, a whyt lyon sylver, crounyd gold, and with ragyd stayffes; cotes alle blake wellevet in-brodery the alff, and th'odur cloth blake in-brodery whyt and red.
The Duke of Soffoke (35), with ys men of armes, and ys standard a unycorne sylver armyn in a sune-beme gold, whyt and morrey, and ys penselles.
[The vth, the lord Privy Seal his men of arms; his standard of three colours, a whyt goat, the standard powdered with escallop shells; his coat white and red in-brodery, and pensils of the same.]
[The vj, the lord] Grett Chamburlayn, [marqwes of Northampton (40); his] standard yelow and blakke, a mayden hed [crowned gold; his coats] yelow welvet the alffe ys men, and th'odur [half cloth] and fott men in yelow welvet, and pensels.
The vii, Master of the Horse, Warwyke (25), ys men of [arms; his] gyttun a red damask, whyt lyon, crounyd gold, [and pow] deryd with rag(ged) stayffes of sylver, and pensells.
The viij, the yerlle of Rottland (25) with ysmen of armes; [his] standard of yelow and bluw with pekoke in [pride] gold, and pensells with a pecoke; cottes bluw in-brod [ery].
The ix, the yerlle of Huntyngtun (38), with ys men; hys standard a babyon [baboon], cottes bluw brodered [velvet;] the penselles with bulles hed, crone a-bowt ys neke.
The x, the yerle of Penbroke (51) ys men of armes; ys coler of hys standard of iij collers, red, whyt, and bluw, and a gren dragon with a arme in ys mowth; and penselles.
The xj, the lord Admerall (40) with ys men of armes; hys gytton the crosse of sant Gorge blake, with a ankur of sylver, cottes blake, and brodered with whyt.
The xij, the lord chamburlayn Darcy (45) ys men of armes; ys standard a mayden with a flowre in her hand; cotes red broderd with whytt; and penselles.
The xiij, the lord Cobham (55) with ys men of armes, and ys standard whyt and blake, and a Sarsunhed in [it;] ys cotes blake gardyd with whytt; and penselles.
The xiiij, master treasurer Cheny (67), lord warden of the cinque ports; his guydon a red cross, and half a rose in a sun-beam black; spers and pensells and alle companys.

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21 May 1552. The xxj day of May was a cart-lode [of befe] forfett be cause he wold nott selle ytt [according to the] proclamasyon was proclamyd,—the vj king [Edward the vjth.]

26 May 1552. The xxvj day of May came in to Fa[nchurch] parryche a goodly May-polle as youe h [ave seen. It was] pentyd whyt and gren, and ther the men and [women did] wher a-bowt ther neke baldrykes [of white and] gren, the gyant, the mores-danse, and the ... had a castylle in the myd with pensels, and .. plasys of sylke and gylded ; and the sam [day the] lord mayre by conselle causyd yt to be [taken] done and broken, for I have not sene ...

02 May 1552. The ij day of May was a proclamasyon for haledaye[s and] fastyng days to be observyd and kept, and alle othur fe[asts;] and for korears and lethers sellers and tynkares, and pe[dlars.]
The sam day was hangyd at Tyborne ix fello[ns.]