Diary of Henry Machyn May 1554

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1554 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1554.

Before 08 May 1554. The day of May was raynyd at Yeld-hall master Wylliam Thomas, clarke to the consell, and cast to suffer deth, to be dran and quartered.
The (blank) day of May was a proclamasyon that no man shuld not talke of no thynges of the qwen.

08 May 1554. The viij day of May war all the craftes warnyd to cum .... in ther leveray, and they wher commondyd that they shuld (unfinished

10 May 1554. The x day of May was durge at Westmynster and at Powles, with torche lyght; and the morow after and at Westmynster was masse, and ther they dyd offer, mony of the quen('s) consell and dyvers lordes, for the solles of kyng Henry the vijth (97) and quen Elsabeth (88), and for kyng Henry the viijth (62) and qwene Katheryne (68), and kyng Edward the vjth (16).

13 May 1554. The xiij day of May was the Fyssmongers and sant Peters in Cornhylle prossessyon, with a goodly qwyre of clarkes syngyng, and a iiijxx of prestes wayryng copes of cloth of gold, and so folohyng my lord mayre and the althemen in skarlet; and then the compeny of Fyssmongers in ther leveray, and they and the offesers beyryng whyt rods in ther handes, and so to Powlles, and ther they dyd the oblassyon after old fassyon.

06 May 1554. The vj day of May was a goodly evyngsong at Yeldhall colege, by the masters of the Clarkes and ther felowshype of Clarkes, with syngyng and playng as youe have hard.

07 May 1554. [The morrow after was a great mass at the same place, by the same fraternity, when every clerk offered a halfpenny. The mass was sung by divers of the queen's chapel and children. And, after mass done, every clerk went their procession two and two together, each having] a surples and a ryche cope, and a garland; [after them] iiijxx standards, stremars, and baners; and evere on that bare them had a nobe or elles a surples; and ij and ij together; [then came] the waytes playng, and then be-twyn xxx clarkes, a qwre syngyng Salve fasta dyes; so ther wher iiij qweres. [Then cam] a canepe borne by iiij of the masters of the Clarkes [over the] sacrament, with a xij stayff-torchys bornyng; [up sa]nt Laurans lane, and so to the farther end of Chep, then back a-gayn up Cornhylle, and so to Ledynhalle; and so down to Byshopegatt unto sant Albrowsse chyrche; and ther they dyd put off ther copes and so to dener evere man, and ther evere on that bare a stremar had monay, as they wher of bygnes ther.

14 May 1554. The xiiij day of May was creatyd my lord Garrett (29) the yerle of Kyldare. [Note. This was a restoration rather than creation.]

03 May 1554. The iij day of May, at the cowrt of sant James, the quen('s) (38) grace whent a prossessyon within sant James with harolds and serjants of armes, and iiij bysshopes mytred, and all iij days thay whent her chapell a-bowt the feldes, first day to sant Gylles and ther song masse; the next day tuwyse-day to sant Martens in the feldes, [and there] a sermon and song masse, and so thay dronke ther; and the iij day to Westmynster, and ther a sermon and then masse, and mad good chere; and after a-bowt the Parke, and so to sant James cowrt ther.
[The same Rogation Week went out of the Tower, on procession, priests and clerks, and the lieutenant with all his waiters; and the ax of the Tower borne in procession: the waits attended. There joined in this procession the inhabitants of] sant Katheryns, Radclyff, Limehouse, Popular, Sthracfford, Sordyche, with all them [that belonged to] the Towre, with ther halbards, a-bowt the feldes of sant Katheryns and the prevelegys.

15 May 1554. The xv day of May cam Haknay prossessyon to Powlles; and after cam sant Clement('s) prossessyon and the mayre and althermen; and ther wher goodly quersse [choirs] syngyng.

16 May 1554. The xvj day of May cam to Powlles Eslyngton prossessyon.

18 May 1554. The xviij day of May was drane a-pone a sled a proper man namyd Wylliam Thomas from the Towre unto Tyborne; the .. he was clarke to the consell; and he was hangyd, and after ys hed stryken of, and then quartered; and the morow after ys hed was sett on London bryge, and iij quarters set over Crepullgate.

20 May 15544. The xx day of May my lade Elsabeth the quen('s) syster cam owt of the Towre, and toke her barge at Towre warfe, and so to Rychemond, and from thens unto Wyndsor, and so to Wodstoke.

16 May 1554. The xvj day of May, and the furst yere of quen Mare (38), was Henry Machun lvj yere old, Anno Domini M. v liiij. [Henry Machun being the author of the diary].

23 May 1554. The xxiij day of May a certain woman was set on the pillory in Cheapside for speaking lies and seditious words against the queen's (38) majesty.

24 May 1554. The xxiiij day of May was Corpus Christi day, and .... ther wher mony goodly pr[oss]essyons in mony parryches .. was yll, for mony had long torchys garnyshyd [in the] old fassyouns, and stayffe torchys bornyng, and mony [canopies] borne a-bowt the strett; and sant Pulcurs parryche went a-bowt ther owne parryche, and in Smythfeld; as they wher goohyng, ther cam a man unto the prest [that bare] the sacrament, and began to pluke ytt owt of ys hand, and contenent he druw ys dager (blank), and contenent he was taken and cared to Nuwgate.

25 May 1554. The xxv day of May was ij men set on the pelere in Chepe; one ys ere [ear] was naylyd for horabull lyes and sedyssyous wordes aganst the quen('s) mageste and her consell; and th'odur was sedyssyous slanderous wordes gaynst the quen('s) mageste and her consell and the mages ....

25 May 1554. The xxv day of May, wyche was the sam day, whent owt of the Towre northwarde the yerle of Devonshyre (27), and cared into Northhamtunshyre to a castyll called Fotheringay with serten of the gard, and dyvers knyghtes, by iij and iiij of the cloke in the mornyng.

26 May 1554. The xxvj day of May was the sam man that had ys her [ear] naylyd a-for, was ys thuder her [other ear] naylyd; and a woman sett on the pelere for spykyng of serten words thuchyng the quens (38) prosedynges and the consell.

27 May 1554. The xxvij day of May whent owt of the Towre unto Westmynster hall by land, and cam my lord John Gray (30), the duke of Suffoke['s] (37) brodur latt beheddyd.

29 May 1554. The xxix day of May the Queen (38) removed from St. James's, passing through the park, and took her barge at Whitehall, and so to Rychmond, on her progress.

30 May 1544. The xxx day of May was ij sett on the pelere, a [man and a woman]; but the woman had here ere [her ear] nayled to the pelere for spykyng of falles lyes and rumors; the man was for sedyssyous wordes and slanderous wordes.

31 May 1554. The xxxj day of May was a marchand-man of ... slayne by a servyng-man with-in Sant Marten ....