Diary of Henry Machyn May 1555

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1555 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1555.

01 May 1555. [The ij day of May three persons for their abominable living were carted through the city, from Guildhall to Cheapside, and so through Newgate, and through Smithfield, and back again to the Standard in Cheap, where the proclamation of their unclean living was made, viz. master] Manwaryng a gentyllman, and ij women, on .... Waren dwellyng at the Hare in Chepe, and the odur a gold-smyth('s) wyff, for baudry and hordom, and dyvers [times taken] with-all; and so cared owt of Algatt.

07 May 1555. The vij day of May was taken owt of ys grave the sam man that was bered be-syd the galaus at Charynge crosse, a pulter, and bornyd [burned] be-syd the galaus.

10 May 1555. The x day of May was browth unto [the court at] Hamtun to the consell a yonge man the wyche sayd he was kyng Edward the vjth (17), and was [examined] a-for the conselle, and so examynyd how he [dared be] so bold, and after delevered unto the marshall and conveyed to the marshellsay, and ther he bydyth the conselles pleasure.

Around 1540 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Portrait of Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553 Around 1546 Unknown Painter. After William Scrots Painter 1517-1553. Portrait of Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553. Around 1547. Workshop of Master John Painter. Portrait of Edward VI King England and Ireland 1537-1553.

15 May 1555. The xv day of May was a generall prossessyon from Powlles and unto Leydynhall and downe Gracious-strett, and tornyd done Estchepe, and so to Powlles a-gayn; for [there] whent ij C. pore men with bedes in ther handes, and iij C. powre women of evere parryche, ij men and ij vomen, ij and ij to-gether, and after all the men-chylderyn of the hospetall, and after the chylderne of sant Antonys, and then all the chyltheryn of Powlles and all ther masters and husshers, and then all the prestes and clerkes, and the bysshope, and my lord mare and the althermen, and all the crafftes of London in ther leveray. The sam tym as thay wher a-gohyng a-prossessyon in Chepe ther cam a frantyke man and hangyd a-bowt a prest ij podynges, and after he was browth to the bysshope, and after to my lord mayre, and after to the contur for ys folyssnes .... wypyd at a care-hars [carts tail] a-bowt the ....

17 May 1555. The xvij day of May was bone to a post in [Cheap and] wyped for (blank in the MS.) as they wher gohyng a-prossessyon the Wednysday a-for, a-for non, a man dwellyng at Belyngatt in Bore['s head]-alley; ys nam ys (blank) Halle a leyterman.

18 May 1555. The xviij day of May was nodur lad wypyd at the same post in Chepe for loytryng and ronnyng a-bowt master-les as a vacabond.

18 May 1555. The sam day of May was (arraigned) iiij men at Powlles, a-for none and after-non, of Essex, and thay wher cast for heresse, all iiij cast to be bornyd, and so cared unto Nugatt.

19 May 1555. The xix day of May dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Hapffeld; and ther wher ij women stode ther a-fore the precher, and ther the ij women declaryd that yt was falsse that they sayd a-fore, that the chyld dyd nott spyke, and bad all men take hed [heed] how eny man or voman shuld beleyffe any shuche person the wyche shuld spyke a chyld be-syd Powlles, the wyche the chyld should spyke and shuld bed [bid] men pray, and sayd that the kyngdom of God ys at hand.

17 May 1555. The xvij day of May was bered the contesse of Vestmerland (56) at Sordyche, for ther was a goodly hersse with iiij banars of emages, and iiij banars-rolles, and mony mornars, and ther was master Garter and Ruge-crosse, and after all done a gret dener.

22 May 1555. The xxij day of May one Wylliam (blank), sum tyme a lake [lackey], rod in a care from the Marsalsey thrugh London unto Westmynster and in-to the Hall, and ther he had ys jugement to be wypyd be-caws he sayd that he cam as a messynger from kyng Edward the vjth (17).

25 May 1555. [The xxv day of May were arraigned at St. Paul's for heresy, before the bishop, master Cardmaker sometime vicar of St. Bride's in Fleet-street, and one] John Warren a cloth [worker in Walbrook] and a-nodur of (blank), and cast to be brent; and [carried back to] Nugatt.

29 May 1555. The xxix day of May was a goodly prossessyon of the chylderyn of the hospetall and all the skolles in [London].

1555 Protestant Executions of Cardmaker and Warne

30 May 1555. The xxx day of May was burnt in Smythfeld master Cardmaker sum-tyme veker of sant Bryd and master Varren (29) clothworker dwellyng aganst sant Johns in Walbroke, an hupholster, and ys wyff behyng in [Newgate].

27 May 1555. The xxvij day of May was the Clarkes' prossessyon from Yerdhall college, and ther was a goodly masse be hard, and evere clarke havyng a cope and garland, with C. stremers borne, and the whettes playng round Chepe, and so to Ledynhall unto sant Albro chyrche, [and ther] thay putt off ther gayre, and ther was the blessyd sacrament borne with torche-lyght a-bowt, and from thens unto the Barbur-hall to dener.

26 May 1555. The xxvj day of May was a goodly May-gam at sant Martens in the feld, with gyant and hobehorsses, with drumes and gonnes and mores danse and with othur mynsterelles.