Diary of Henry Machyn May 1556

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1556 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1556.

02 May 1556. The ij day of May was a man and a woman (placed in the pillory) for falshod and perjure, the man had ys here [ear] naylled—the iij of quene Mare.

03 May 1556. The iij day of May dyd ryd in a care a-bowt London a woman that dwelt at Quen-heyffe at the hott howsse, for a bawde.

05 May 1556. The v day of May at after-none the sufferacan of Norwyche dyd consecratyd and halohyd iij auters in Trenete parryche—the iij yere of quen Mare.

25 May 1556. The xxv of Aprell was bered lord chamberlayne Gage (76) to the quen, with ij haroldes, with a standard, .. [banners of] armes and iiij of emages, and with a hersse and ij [white branches,] ij dossen of stayffes, and viij dosen of skochyons; bered at (blank)

09 May 1556. The ix day of May was a audetur dyd [wear a paper] round a-bowtt Westmynster Hall, and after be [was placed] apon the pelere, for deseyvyng the quen (40) of her rents, and dyd reseyff of her tenantes money and after dyd [avow he] reseyvyd non; ys nam ys master Leyke; the wyche [queen's] tenantes had ther qwyttans of hym of [his hand].

Around 1554 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. Around 1556 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558.

10 May 1556. The x day of May was bered Annes [Heth], the wyff of John Heth, penter stayner, Anno M.v lvj. the iij yere of quen Mare, ser Wylliam Garrard (49) being mayre of London, and master John Machyll and master Thomas [Leigh] shreyffes of London, and bered at Allalowes-staynyng Fanchurche-strett.

12 May 1556. The xij day of May was raynyd at Yeld-hall Wylliam Stantun, sum-tyme captayn, and cast to be drane from the Towre unto Tyburne, and hangyd and quartered, for a consperacy against the kyng and the quen and odur maters.

13 May 1556. The xiij day of May ded ser Rechard Dobes (25) late mayre of London, and skynner, and altherman, betwyn iiij and v in the mornyng. [Note. This is possibly a mistake since Richard Dobbs Mayor of London 1531-1573 (25) is believed to have died in 1571. There is a picture of his aged 63 at Christ's Hospital, Horsham. John Gresham Lord Mayor 1495-1556 (61) died in 1556 albeit in Oct.]

15 May 1556. The xv day of May was cared in a care from Nuwgatt thrug London unto Strettford-a-bow to borne ij men; the on blyne [one blind], the thodur lame; and ij tall men, the (one) was a penter, the thodur a clothworker; the penter ys nam was Huw Loveroke, dwellyng in Seythin lane; the blynd man dwellyng in sant Thomas apostylles.

18 May 1556. The xviij day of May at after-non was bered ser Recherd Dobes (25) latt mayre of London and altherman; ther wher at ys berehyng mony worshefull men; ... my lord mare and the swordbeyrer in blake, and the recorder cheyff morner, and master Eggyllfield and master (blank) and master .... [ov]ersear, and a lx mornars, and ij haroldes of armes, and the althermen and the shreyffes, and master Chestur bare ys cott armur, [with] helmett and targatt, sword, a standard, and penone, and iiij baneres [of] images, and a xxx pore men in rosett gownes holdyng .. torches, and iiij gylt chandyllstykes with iiij grett tapurs [with] armes on them; and all the cherche and the stret hangyd with blake and the qwyre, and armes, and ij grett whyt branchys; and alle the masturs of the hospetalle boyth althermen and the commenas with ther gren stayffes in ther handes; and the chyeff of the hospetalle, and prestes and clarkes; and after dirige to the place to drynke; and the morow masse of requiem ij masses, on of the Trenete in pryke songe, and a-nodur of our Lade; and after a sermon, and after to dener: and ther wher x dosen of skochyons.

19 May 1556. The xix day of May was dran [drawn] from the Towre unto Tyborne captain Wylliam Stantun, and ther hangyd and quartered, and ys hed sett on London bryge the morow after.

18 May 1556. The xviij day of May was the Clarkes' pressessyon, with a C stremers, with the weyttes, and the sacrementt, and viij stayffes torchys bornyng, and a goodly canepe borne over the sacrementt.