Diary of Henry Machyn May 1557

1557 Scarborough Castle Rebellion

1557 Creation of Garter Knights

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1557 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1557.

01 May 1557. The furst day of May was creatyd at Whytt-halle master Perse (29) the yerle of Northumberland, with viij haroldes and a dosen of trumpeters thrugh the quen('s) chambur, and thrugh the hall, and a-for hym my lord of Penbroke (56) and my lord Montyguw (28) and then my lord of Arundell (45) and my lord of Rutland (30), and hym-self whent in the myddes, alle in cremesun welvett in ther parlement robes, and whyt a hatt of velvett and cronet of gold on ys hed.

Around 1560 Steven van der Meulen Painter -1564. Portrait of William Herbert 1st Earl Pembroke 1501-1570. In 1559 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592 wearing a Garter Collar and St George Pendant. In 1550 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Henry Fitzalan 19th Earl Arundel 1512-1580 with the motto Invidia Torquet Autorem meaning Let envy torment its author. Around 1565 Unknown Painter. Anglo-Netherlandish. Portrait of Henry Fitzalan 19th Earl Arundel 1512-1580.

01 May 1557. Item the sam day a-bowt non ther wher sarten Spaneardes fowyth [fought] the cowrt-gate a-gaynst one Spaneard, and one of them frust hym thrugh with ys raper, and ded contenent [immediately]; and ij of the Spaneardes that kyld hym was browt in-to the cowrt by on of the gard, and he delevered them to the knyght marshall('s) servandes to have them (to) the Marshellsay.... .... serten skochyons.

23 Apr 1557. The xxiij day of Aprell was sant George('s) day [the King's (29)] grace whent a pressessyon at Whyt-halle [through the hall] and rond abowt the court hard by the halle; and so [certain of] the knyghts of the garter as they whent in ther [robes] of the garter; the bysshope of Wynchaster (47) dyd exsecute the masse with ys myter; the furst as they whe[nt the lord] Montyguw (28), my lord admerall (47), ser Antony Sely[ger, the] lord Cobham (60), the lord Darce (60), ser Thomas Chenne, [the lord] Pagett (51), the lord of Penbroke (56), the lord of Arundel (45), [the] lord tressorer (74), and secretore Peter in a robe of cremesun velvett with the garter brodered on ys shuder, and [one bare] a rod of blake, and a docthur bare a boke; and [then went all] the harodes, and then my lord Talbott (29) bare the sword, then sergant(s) of armes, and the Kyng('s) grace [came next], and Quen('s) (41) grace lokyng owt of a wyndow [beside] the cowrt on the garden syde.

Around 1573 Sofonisba Anguissola Painter 1532-1625. Portrait of Philip Around 1560 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Philip Around 1550. Titian Painter 1488-1576. Portrait of Philip Around 1554. Titian Painter 1488-1576. Portrait of Philip Around 1594. Juan Pantoja de La Cruz Painter 1553–1608. Portrait of Philip Around 1538 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Drawing of George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham 1497-1558. In 1549 Unknown Painter. Flemish. Portrait of William Paget 1st Baron Paget Beaudasert 1506-1563. Around 1576 Unknown Painter. Portrait of William Paulet 1st Marquess Winchester 1483-1572 wearing his Garter Collar and Lord Treasurer Staff of Office. In 1582 Unknown Painter. Portrait of George Talbot 6th Earl Shrewsbury 6th Earl Waterford 1528-1590. Around 1554 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558. Around 1556 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Mary Tudor I Queen England and Ireland 1516-1558.

1557 Creation of Garter Knights

23 May 1557. The sam after-non was chossen iij knyghtes of the garter, my lord Fuwwater depute of Yrland (32), my lord Gray (48) depute of Gynes, and ser Robart Rochaster (63) comtroller of the quen('s) howsse the iij. And after cam the duwcke of Muskovea cam thrugh the halle, and the gard stod in a-ray in ther ryche cottes with halbardes, and so up to the quen('s) chambur, and dyvers althermen and marchandes; and after cam downe a-gayne to the chapell to evyngsong, and contenent cam the Kyng (30) and the knyghtes of the garter to evyngsong; and when that evyngsong was down cam the Kyng and the knyghtes up to the chambur of presens; and after cam the duke of Muskovea, and toke ys barge to London, and that tyme my lord Strange bare the sword to evyngsong.

Scarborough Castle Rebellion

02 May 1557. The ij day of May dyd pryche at Powlles crosse dyd pryche docthur Chadsay, and mad a godly sermon, and ther he declaryd that serten trayturs that was taken at Skarborow castyll, the wyche they fled over the see a-for ....

03 May 1557. [The iij day of May came five persons to the Tower, the chief of those that had taken the] castylle of Skarborow in Yorke-shyre, [viz. Stafford (24), Saund]urs, Seywelle, and Prowtter, and a Frenche man.

04 May 1557. The iiij day of May dyd ryd a-for the Kyng (29) and Quen (41) in her grace('s) preve garden ser James Garnado, and so the bridle bytt dyd breke, and so the horsse rane aganst the wall, and so he brake ys neke, for ys horsse thruw ym agane the wall and hys brauns rane owtt.

05 May 1557. The v day of May a-for non was bered my lade Chamburlayne, the wyff of ser Lenard Chamburlayne (53) of Oxffordshyre, with ij whyt branchys and a fayr [herse] of wax, and v dosen penselles and skochyons and ij dosen of [staff-torches]; xxiiij powre men and women dyd bere them, and they [had] gownes of fyne brode cottun of blake; and iiij baners borne abowte her; and with prestes and clarkes, a grett compene of mornars; and ther dyd pryche att the masse docthur Chadsay, and he mad a godly sermon; and after a grett dener; and master Longkaster was the harold; and ther was a grett dolle of money at the cherche.

06 May 1557. The vj day of May was bered in sant Donstones in the est ser James Garnado knyght, with ij whytt branchys and xij stayffe torchys and iiij grett tapurs and a ij dosen of skochyons.

12 May 1557. Item, the xij day was bered master Tadeley haburdassher at sant Mangnus parryche, with ij whytt branchys and xij stayff torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and xvj pore men bare them, and they had xvj blake cassokes and nuw capes, and xvj payre of blake stokes; and he was one of the masturs of the hospetall; with a dosen of skcohyons and d.

14 May 1557. The xiiij day of May was bornyd [burnedd] in Chepe-syd and odur places in Lundon serten melle [meal] that was nott swett; and thay sayd that hey had putt in lyme and sand to deseyffe the pepull, and he was had to the conter.

27 May 1557. The xxvij day of May at after-none was a woman grett with chyld was slayne gohyng in Fynsbere feld with her hosband with a narow shott in the neke, the wyche she was a puterer('s) wyff.... masteres sumtyme the wyff of .... kynges bakehowsse and after the wyff of master .... clarke of the grencloth boyth sqwyrers, and d

22 May 1557. The xxij day of May cam owt of the Towre .... vj presonars, on Thomas Stafford (24), and captayn Sanders, Seywell and Prowther, and a Frencheman, and one othur; wher cast v, and so cared to the Towre agayn [through] London by land, the wyche thay cam from ...

22 May 1557. The xxij day of May was bered master Doge .... gren cloth at sant Martens in the feld be-syd Charyng-crose, with ij whytt branchys and .... and ij dosen of skochyons and dyver mornars.

23 May 1557. The xxiij day of May dyd pryche the bysshope of Wynchaster doctur Whytt (47) at sant Mare Overes in Sowthwarke, and ther was a heretyke ther for to here the sermon.

Scarborough Castle Rebellion

25 May 1557. The xxv day of May was raynyd at Westmynster one, a Frenche man, that was taken at Skarborow when that Thomas Stafford (24) was taken with ys adherentes, and cast to dee, and so cared to the Towre agayn.

25 May 1557. The sam day was hangyd at Tyburne xvij; on was a nold [an old] voman of lx yere, the trongyest cut-purs a voman that has ben herd off; and a lad a cut-purs, for ys tyme he be-gane welle.

28 May 1557. The xxvij day of May, the wyche was the Assensyon day, the Kynges (30) and the Quen('s) (41) grace rod unto Westmynster with all the lords and knyghtes and gentyllmen, and ther ther graces whent a prossessyon abowt the clowster, and so thay hard masse.

Scarborough Castle Rebellion

28 May 1577. [The xxviij day of May Thomas Stafford (44) was beheaded on Tower hill, by nine of the clock, master Wode being his] gostly father; and after ther wher iij more [drawn from the To] wre, and thrugh London unto Tyburne, and ther [they were] hangyd and quartered; and the morow after was master [Stafford] quartered, and hangyd on a care, and so to Nuwgatt to [boil.]

28 May 1557. The sam mornyng was bornyd be-yond sant George's parryche iij men for heresee, a dyssyd [at this side] Nuwhyngtun.

28 May 1557. The sam for-non was bered masteres Gattes wedow, and she [gave] vij fyne blake gowens, and xiiij for pore men of bro .., with ij whytt branchys and x stayffes torchys and iiij grett tapurs, and after masse a grett dener.

Scarborough Castle Rebellion

29 May 1557. The xxix day of May was the iiij heds sett upon London bryge, and ther xvj quarters sett up, iij and ij, on evere gatt of London; the sam mornyng was Thomas Stafford('s) (24) body quartered.

30 May 1557. The xxx day of May was a goly [goodly or jolly] May-gam in Fanch-chyrchestrett with drumes and gunes and pykes, and ix wordes [The Nine Worthies] dyd ryd; and thay had speches evere man, and the morris dansse and the sauden [sultan], and a elevant [elephant] with the castyll, and the sauden [sultan] and yonge morens [moors] with targattes and darttes, and the lord and the lade of the Maye.