Diary of Henry Machyn May 1559

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1559 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1559.

01 May 1559. The furst day of May ther was ij [4] pennys [pinnaces] was dekyd with stremars, baners, and flages, and trumpetes and drumes and gones, gahyng a Mayng [going a Maying], and a-ganst the Quen('s) plasse at Westmynster, and ther they shott and thruw eges [eggs] and oregns [against] on a-gaynst a-nodur, and with sqwybes, and by chanse on fell on a bage of gune-powdur and sett dyvers men a'fyre, and so the men drue to on syd of the penus [pinnaces], and yt dyd over-swelmed the pennus [pinnaces], and mony fell in the Temes, butt, thanke be God, ther was but on man drownyd, and a C [100] bottes [boats] abowtt here, and the Quen('s) (25) grace and her lordes and lades lokyng out of wyndows; thys was done by ix [4] of the cloke on May evyn last.

Around 1546. William Scrots Painter 1517-1553. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland before her accession painted for her father. Around 1570 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. In 1579 George Gower Painter 1540-1596. The Plimton Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1585 William Segar Painter 1554-1663. Ermine Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1592 Marcus Gheeraerts Painter 1562-1636. The Ditchley Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. After 1585 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland. Around 1563 Steven van der Meulen Painter -1564. Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland.

29 Apr 1559. The xxix day of Aprell at Dowgatt in London ther was a mayd dwelling with master Cotyngham, on of the quen('s) pulters [poulterers]; the mayd putt in-to a pott of (blank) serten powyssun [poison] and browth [brought] them unto her mastores, and to iiij [4] of her servandes, and they dyd ett them; and as sone as they had ett them thay be-gane to swell and to vomett peteusle; and ther cam a good woman causyd to be feychyd serten dolle of salett owylle [oil] to drynke, and thanke be to God they be-gayne to mend and never one ded of ytt.... and servandes, and ther herers [ears] nayled to the pe[llory,] .. was thes ij [2] persunes have dullysly [devilishly] gyffen poyssun [to their] mastores and ther howshold, and ether of them ij [2] handes cute off.

10 May 1559. The x day of May the parlement was endyd, [and the] Quen('s) (25) grace whent to the parliament howsse.

11 May 1559. The xj day of May the sam fellow and the [maid] was sett on the pelere a-gayne, and ther thodur [the other] handes cut off for the sam offens.

12 May 1559. The xij day of May be-gane the Englys [service] in the quen('s) chapell.

15 May 1559. The xv day of May dyd pryche at Powlles [cross] master Gryndalle (40), and ther was the quens consell, the duke of Norfoke (23), my lord keper of the seylle, and my lord of Arundell (47), my lord treysorer (76), my lord marques of Northamtun (47), my lord admerall (49), my lord of Sussex (34), my lord of Westmorland (34), my lord of Rutland (32), and mony mo lordes and knyghtes, my lord mare (50) and the althermen; and after sermon done they whent to my lord mayre (50) to dener, and my lord Russell (32).

In 1563 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Thomas Howard 4th Duke Norfolk 1536-1572. In 1550 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Henry Fitzalan 19th Earl Arundel 1512-1580 with the motto Invidia Torquet Autorem meaning Let envy torment its author. Around 1565 Unknown Painter. Anglo-Netherlandish. Portrait of Henry Fitzalan 19th Earl Arundel 1512-1580. Around 1576 Unknown Painter. Portrait of William Paulet 1st Marquess Winchester 1483-1572 wearing his Garter Collar and Lord Treasurer Staff of Office. Around 1539 Hans Holbein The Younger Painter 1497-1543. Drawing of William Parr 1st Marquess Northampton 1512-1571.

21 May 1559. The xxj day of May dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Horne (49), and ther was my lord mayre (50) and the althermen and mony juges and sergantes of the law, and a grett nombur of pepull to the nombur (blank)

23 May 1559. The xxiij day of May cam from be-yonde the see out of France and landyd at Towr-warff, and cam thrugh London, and unto my lord bysshope of London docthur Benard (59), monser Memeranse (66) ij [2] sunes [Note. Francis Montmorency 1530-1579 (28) visited in May 1559. It isn't known whether his brother Henri I de Montmorency 1534-1614 (24) visited at the same time], and ... unto ys palles to ly; and mony lord(s) and nobull men browth them to their logying.... attes and mony mo for serten Frenche-men.

Between 1533 and 1536. Corneille de Lyon Painter 1520-1575. Portrait of Anne I Duke of Montmorency 1493-1567.

24 May 1559. The xxiiij day of May the inbassadurs the Frenche [were] browth from the byshope('s) palles by land thrugh Flet-street [unto] the quen's pales to soper, by the most nobull men ther was a-bowt the cowrt, and ther was the hall and the [privy] chambur and the grett chambur of pressens hangyd with ryche clothes of arres, as ever was sene, and the cloth [of] state boyth hall and grett chamburs, and they had as [great] chere at soper, and after a bankett as goodly as has be[en seen,] with all maner musyke tyll mydnyght, for they wher (unfinished)

25 May 1559. The xxv day they wher browt to the cowrt with musyke to dener, for ther was gret cher; and after dener to b[ear] and bull baytyng, and the Quen('s) (25) grace and the embassadurs stod in the galere lokyng of the pastym tyll vj at nyght; and after they whent by water unto Powll wharff, and landyd, and contenent unto ther logyng to the byshope of London('s) to soper, for ther wher gorgyus aparell as has bene sen in thes days.

26 May 1559. The xxvj day of May they whent from the byshope('s) howsse to Powlles warff, and toke barge, and so to Parys garden, for ther was boyth bare [bear] and bull baytyng, and the capten with a C [100] of the gard to kepe rowm for them to see the baytyng.

The sam day was a proclamassyon of v of the actes; on was for (unfinished)

25 May 1559. The thursday the xxv day of May master John Whyt altherman and grocer ys chyld was cristened in lytyll sant Barthelmuw be-syd sant Antonys; thes wher the god-fathers' names, my lord marques of Wynchester (76) now lord tresorer of England, and my lord byshope of Wynchester docthur Whytt (49), and the god-moder my lade Laxtun, lat the wyffe of ser Wylliam Laxtun (59) latt mare of London and grocer; and after ther was waferers [wafers] and epocras grett plente; and after they whent home to the plasse, with the chyld nam(ed) John Whytt; the wyche wyff was master Raff Grenway altherman and grocer of London wyff.

28 May 1559. [The xxviij day of May .... bisho]pryke of yt by quen Mare, [for that he had] a wyff, and odur maters that he was fayn to ...

The sam day the inbassadurs of France whent [away,] and toke barge toward Grayffhend and they had .... gyftes gyffyne them, and they cared money mastiffs [with] them for the wolf, and (unfinished)

29 May 1559. The xxj day of May was bered at sant [Andrew's] in the Warderobe mastores Boswell, the wyff [of ... ] Boswell clarke of the wardes, with ij whytt branchys .., the wyche she ded with chyld, and a dosen and (unfinished)

30 May 1559. The xxx day of May was mared [married] in the parryche of sant Andrews in the Warderobe, master Mathuw, draper, unto the dowther of master Wylliam Blakwell, towne-clarke of [London?] the mornyng; and they wher mared in Laten, and masse, and after masse they had a bryd cupe and waffers and epocras and muskadyll plente to hevere [every] body; and after unto master Blakwell('s) plasse to bryke-fast, and after a grett dener.