Diary of Henry Machyn May 1560

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1560 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1560.

May 1560. The sam nyght cam the Quen('s) (26) grace came from Westmynster in her barge, and dyvers odur barges, with drumes and fluttes and trumpettes blohyng, and odur musyke, downe on London syd, and over the water to the thodur syd, and so up and downe to the cowrt with (unfinished)

05 May 1560. The v day of May dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Mollens archedeyken of London, and he mad a goodly sermon, and ther was my lord mare and the althermen, and grett audyense was ther.

12 May 1560. The xij day of May was kept the fest of sant Gorge at Wyndsore, with serten knyghtes of the Garter a-poyntted ther for the fest.

13 May 1560. The xiij day of May was bered mastores Palmer, the wyff of (blank) Palmer vyntoner dwellyng at the sant ... hed at Ludgatt, and he gayff in gownes and cottes a x ... and at her berehyng was the cumpene of the Vyntoners in ther leverey, and Veron dyd pryche at her berehyng.

13 May 1560. The sam day was serten qwynners [coiners] taken and browht a-for the consell, and from thens cared to the Towre.

14 May 1560. The xiiij day of May was the sam men cared to Westmynster hall how they shuld do theyre, and ther they wher cast and cared to the masselsay

14 May 1560. The xiiij day of May ded ....

May 1560. The ... day of May was a .... knyghtes of the Garter for soper, and the next .... and soper with all maner kyndes of fysse [and flesh,] boyth venesun and all maner of folle [fowl] [of all] kyndes and by (blank) cloke [clock] was send a com[mand] that they shuld come away, boyth ... knyghtes and all here servandes of all offeses, [and] brynge as myche as cold be savyd; the [same] nyght was browth unto Westmynster, the quen ... for sant Gorge('s) fest that shuld have bene at W[indsor] as the old costume has bene.

13 May 1560. The xiij day of May ded ser Marmeduke Constabull (60) .... in the contey of ....

14 May 1560. The xiiij day of May the Quen('s) (26) grace removyd from Westmynster by water unto Grenwyche, and as her grace was gohyng by water not so farre as ..., cam by water to her grace master Henry Perse (28) owt of F[rance,] with serten tydynges.

18 May 1560. The xviij day of May ther was sent to the shypes men from evere hall in whyt cottes and red crosses, and gones [guns] to the quen('s) (26) shypes.

19 May 1560. The xix day of May dyd pryche at Powlles [cross] my lord byshope of Ele, docthur Kokes (67), sum-tyme dene of Westmynster, and ther was browth hym word that one had fond a (blank) of money, and any man cold or cane tell what money yt was, lett cum, and they shall have yt.

20 May 1560. The xx day of May was send to the Towre master Fecknam (45), docthur Wattsun (45) latt byshope of Lynkolne, and docthur Colle (60) latt dene of Powlles, and docthur Chadsay; and at nyght abowtt viij of the cloke was send to the Flett docthur Score (50), and master Fecknam (45) the last abbot of Westmynster, to Towre.

20 May 1560. The sam day was bered mastores Russell wedow in sant Mathuw parryche, and she gayff a xx gownes and cottes of blake, and a xij gownes to xij women, and they gayff unto master Parre a blake gowne and a tepytt that mad the sermon; and ther was the compene of the Clarkes syngyng, and after a grett dener.

22 May 1560. The xxij day of May was a mayd sett on the pelere for gyffyn [giving] her mastores and her howse-hold poysun, and her ere [ear] cutt, and bornyd [burned] in the brow.

24 May 1560. The xxiiij day of May the sam mayd was set on the pelere the sam mayd, and after had her thodur ere [ear] cut for the sam offens.

After 24 May 1560. The .. day of May [was buried mistress Allen (37) the] wyff of master Wylliam Allen (45) altherman and lethers[eller; and] she ded in chyld-bed, and ther wher mony morners in blake, and the masters of the hospetalle with ther gren stayffes; and he gayff to pore women (blank) gownes ... when the compeny of ys craftes and the compene of [the Clerks,] and after to ys plase, and ther spyse-bred and wyne.

26 May 1560. The xxvj day of May dyd pryche at Powlles crosse [master] Skambeler, my lord of Canturbere('s) chapelen, and ther was my lord mayre (64) and my masters the althermen, and a grett audyense.

27 May 1560. The xxvij day of May was the obseque and fen[eral] of master docthur Wende (60), fessyssyon [physician] at Cambryge, a penon of armes and a cott armur, and vj dosen and d' of skochyons of armes, and a harold of armes master Somersett, and .. morners in blake, and he gayff mony gownes to pore men, and ther was a grett dolle, and thether resortyd xx m[iles] off vC. pepull and had grett plente of mett and drynke, boyth hosses [houses] and barnes and feldes, grett store as has bene [seen] for a men [mean ie middle rank] gentyllman, and gret mone mad [moan made].

27 May 1560. The sam day was the Clarkes' dener, and they had evynsong over-nyght at Yeld-hall colege, and the morow a communion, and after to the Carpynters' hall to dener.

27 May 1560. The sam day was bered mastores Grafton at Criste-chyche, the wyff of master Grafton (53) the cheyff master of the hospetall, and of Brydwell; and sche had a ij dosen and a half skochyons of armes, and ys plase and all the cowrt to the grett gatt next the strett was hangyd with blake and armes, and mony morners in blake, and he gayff unto powre (unfinished)
Item in gaune [gang] wyke callyd Rogasyon weke they whent a prosessyon with baners in dyvers plases, boyth in Bockynghamshyre and in Cornwall in dyvers plases, and in dyvers plases they had good chere after.

28 May 1560. The xxviij day of May ther was a m [aid] sett on the pelere for the sam of-fense [of poisoning,] and bornyd [burned] in the brow.

29 May 1560. The xxix day of May toke ther gorney [journey] into Skotteland master Syssell (39) secretore and master docthur Wattun (45) my (unfinished).

30 May 1560. The xxx day of May was the ij [2] maydes [set] on the pelere, one for the ruwmor rane that she was ded because she fell in a swone the iij.