Diary of Henry Machyn May 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

01 May 1561. The furst day of May was cared to Polles to be bered [one] Bathellmuw Comopane, a marchand stranger dwelling [by saint] Cristoffer at the stokes, and throughe Chepe, and yj men in blake gownes and hodes, and a xxx gownes for pore men and women of mantll frys, a liiij in blake gownes ; and within the gatt of Powlles cherche-yerd mett all the quer [choir] of Powlles, and the clarkes of London whent a-for the corse with ther surples onder ther gownes, tyll they cam in-to the Powlles cherche-yerd, and then they be-gane to syng : and the quer [choir] wher hangyd with blake and armes, a iij dosen of skochyons of armes ; and Veron dyd pryche, the Frenche- man, and after browth ym to the neder end of the stepes under the belles, and bered hym, and after home to dener.

The sam day at after-none dyd master Godderyke('s) sune, the gold-smyth, go hup in-tohys father('s) gylddyng house, toke abowe strynge and hangyd ym-seylff, at the syne of the Unycorne in Chepe-syd.

10 May 1561. The X day of May dyd ryd in a care a-bowt [London] mastores Whytt shepster, dwelling in Fletstreet.

11 May 1561. The xj day of May cam rydyng thrugh London, with a ixxx horse and with men in ys leverey with a iijxx in .. and with bages [badges] a talbott of the gold-smyth('s) makyng, my yonge yerle of Shrowsbere (33) to ys plase at Cold[-harbour,] all in bluw clothe, and on sant Gorge day was electyd knyght of the garter in ys father('s) stede.

In 1582 Unknown Painter. Portrait of George Talbot 6th Earl Shrewsbury 6th Earl Waterford 1528-1590.

14 May 1561. The xiiij day of May, was Assensyon evyn, was bered in sant Pulkers parryche my lade Esley (51) the wyfg of ser Henre Hesley (61) knyght, of Kentt, the wyche he cam in with sir Thomas Wyett (40) knyght by quen Mare('s) days, and he was hangyd and drane and quartered, and ys hed sent unto Maydston, and set a-pone (blank) and she had nothyng done for here, butt master Skammeler (41) mad a sermon for here — the byshope of Peterborow,

Around 1550 based on a work of around 1540.Unknown Painter. Portrait of Thomas Wyatt 1521-1554.

1561 Creation of Garter Knights

18 May 1561. The xviij day of May was sant Gorge fest keptt at Wyndsor, and ther was stallyd ther the yerle of Shrowsbere (33) and my lord of Hunsdon (35), and the yerle of Arundell (49) was the quens deputte, and the way my lord Monteguw (32) and my lord Pagett (55), and so they came to cherche ; and after matens done, they whent a prosessyon rond about the cherche, so done the mydes and so rond a-bowt, and a X almes-knyghtes in red kyrtylles, and a-loft a robe of purpull cloth syd with a crosse of sant Gorge, and after the verger, and then the clarkes and prestes a xxiiij syngyng the Englys prossessyon in chopes [copes] xxxiiij, and sum of them in gray ames [amices] and in calabur, and then cam my lord of Hunsdun (35), and after my lord Montyguw (32), and after the yerle of Shrowsbere (33), and after my lord Pagett (55), and after the yerle of Arundell (49), all they in their robes, and master Garter (51) and master Norres (51) and master dene in cremesun saten robes, with red crosses on ther shuldurs, and after rod up to the castylle to dener.

In 1550 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Henry Fitzalan 19th Earl Arundel 1512-1580 with the motto Invidia Torquet Autorem meaning Let envy torment its author. Around 1565 Unknown Painter. Anglo-Netherlandish. Portrait of Henry Fitzalan 19th Earl Arundel 1512-1580. In 1559 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592 wearing a Garter Collar and St George Pendant. In 1549 Unknown Painter. Flemish. Portrait of William Paget 1st Baron Paget Beaudasert 1506-1563.