Diary of Henry Machyn May 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn May 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

09 May 1562. The ix day of May was ij prentes apprentices was wypyd a-bowt London for (blank)
Item, ther was (a) pyge brothe to London in May with ij alff bodys, behyng with viij fette, that mony pepull dyd se ytt; and after cam a syne and token of a monstorous chyld that was borne be-syd Colchester at a town callyd (blank)

11 May 1562. The xj day of May was bered at (blank) master Swallow sqwyre, of the chycker, with a .. of armes, and a iij dosen skochyons [of arms, and] ther was grett dole of money and mett.

11 May 1562. The sam day of May was the Clarkes of [London] ther communion at the Gyldhalle chapell, and ther .... persuns, and after to ther halle to dener, and after a good[ly concert of] chylderyn of Westmynster with wyhalles and regalles.

09 May 1562. The ix day of May was a lade and here ij systers browth to Yeld-hall, for ther was a quest that shuld .... of them for ther nostylevyng [naughty living] of baldre done.

12 May 1562. The xij day of May was a goodly wedyng [at master] Whytt('s) howse altherman be-twyne master (blank) unto ser Thomas Whytt('s) dowther of the contey of (Southampton?)

12 May 1562. The sam day at nyght ther was a grett frey, [and my] lord mare (66) and the ij shreyffes was send fore, and they had a do to pasefy the pepull, and dyvers wher hurtt, and s[ertain] cared to Nuwgatt and to the conturs, and ther was .... the best archers of London with the flethe, and master Underelle hu.. the master of the comen-huntt.

13 May 1562. The next nyght after my lord mare (66) commondyd that serten constabulles shuld kepe all Smyth-feld to stand in a-ray in harnes to see wo wold be so bold to com and make any besenes, and my lord mare and the shreyffes dyd walke abowt Smyth-feld to se wether any wold make any salt [assault] as they dyd over nyght.

08 May 1562. The viij day of May was a proclamacion of the aht of a-ray, and grett ruffes and grett brechys, and that no man to have butt a yerd and a halff of kersey; that no swerd to be butt a yerd and a quarter of lenth the blad, and dagars butt xij ynche the blad, and that buckelles shall not have longe pykes, but of a sysse [assize].

15 May 1562 and 16 May 1562. The xv and vj day of May was sessyons at Nuwgatt, and so many wher cast doys [those] ij days; and the sam monyth were dyvers token sene in dyvers placys in England, a calffe and (unfinished)

16 May 1562. The xvj day of May died my lady Chenne, latt wyff of ser Thomas Cheyne (77), the warden of v porttes, and ded at Todyngton.

20 Apr 1562. The xx day of May they begane to make for my lady Chenne, for here buryall, a grett baner of armes [of] nuw damaske and wroth with fyne gold, and a xij dosen of skochyons of bokeram, ij dosen and vj of taffata [wrought with] fyne gold; and the sam day was Hare Machyn [the author] iijxx and vj yere, [the which] was Wedynsday in Wytsonwyke.

21 May 1562. The xxj day of May was a man was cared ... grett stayff from Belyngatt abowt London for takyng of money of pepull for fysse, and whent away [with] ytt.

25 May 1562. The xxv day of May was bered master Godderyke (56) sqwyer, the wyche he ded at ys place with-in Whyt-freres, and cared unto sant Andrew's in Holborne to be bered; and ther was the compene of the Clarkes syngyng pryke-song, and then cam a morner careng ys pennon of armes, and then cam master Yorke beyryng ys cott armur, and after master Clarenshus (52); and then cam the corse with a ryche palle of tynsell and ryche cloth of sylver with armes of bokeram; and then the morners, and after the byshope of Canturbere (57) and the byshope of Ely (69) and the byshope of London (43), and next my lord keper (51) and my lord cheyffe justus of England and mony worshephull men, and after ij C [200] of the ines of the cowrt folowd; and the dene of Powlles (45) dyd pryche for hym.

25 May 1562. The sam day was sett up at the cukold haven a grett May-polle by bochers and fysher-men, fulle of hornes; and they mad grett chere, for ther was ij [2] fyrkens of fresse sturgeans , and grett konger, and grett burttes, and grett plente of wyne, that yt cam to viijl.

25 May 1562. The sam day was a yonge man dyd hang ym-seylff at the Polles hed, the in in Carter lane.

25 May 1562. The sam day was the masturs the Skynners' fest, and the master was chosen, master Gunter master, and master (blank) master warden.

After 25 May 1562. [The .. day of May was the funeral of lady Cheyne, late wife of ser Thomas Cheyne (77) councillor to] kyng Edward the vj (24) and unto quen Mary (46) and queen Elesabett (28) tyll he ded, and she was beried at Toddington with mony mornars; master Garter (52) and master Norrey (64) [were] the haroldes, and (the) dene of Powlles (45) dyd pryc[h the sermon,] for ther was grett chere, and a grett dole [as ever] in that contrey seneā€”iij mylles from Donstabull.

After 25 May 1562. The sam day was on [one] sett to a p[ost at the] grett gatt to Westmynster-ward, hys .... for stellyng of the quene('s) dyssys [dishes] .... in Chancheler lane [Note. Probably Chancery Lane].

30 May 1562. The xxx day of May was a boye wypyd [whipped] .... the standard in Chepe for (blank)