Diary of Henry Machyn November 1550

Diary of Henry Machyn November 1550 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1550.

17 Nov 1550. The xvij day of November was bered the old contesse [of Derby] (65), bered at Collam, sir Edward Hastyngs behyng her se—unfinished.

18 Nov 1550. The xviij day of November was bered M. Heys, he .... of London, in the parryche of saynt Peter's, in Cornhylle ... awllter with the feyleshyp of the Clarkes of London.

19 Nov 1550. The xix day of November was bured my lade Jude, ma[yress] of London, and wyff of sir Androw Jude (58), mayr of London, and bered in the parryche of saynt Ellen in Bysshope-gatt stret, for he gayff mony, gownes, and to the powre men and women ij C. gownes of mantyll ... and the Clarkes of London had the beryng of my lade, and then came ... with ij harolds a-for with iiij baners a-bowt her borne, and after my [lord] mayre and ys bredurne, and alle the stret and the chyrche wher hangyd with blake and with schochyons of ther armes, and a gret dolle and a grett [dinner.]

24 Nov 1550. The xxiiij day of November was bered the nobulle ca[ptayn] ser James Wylfford (34) knyght, sum tyme captayn in Franse and .... and ded at the Cruchydffrers, and was cared to beryng from [thence] unto lytyll saynt Bathellmuw besyd sant Antonys, with a standard, a penon, and a harold carehyng the cott armur, and mony m [ourners], and bered in the sam tombe that ys grett unckulle M. James [Wylfford]. Ther was at ys bereyng my lord Gray and the Wylfford ... captaynes, and the company of the Clarkes. Mylles Coverdalle (62) dyd [preach].

1547 Unknown Painter. Portrait of James Wilsford 1516-1550.

30 Nov 1550. The xxx day of November was bered Crystoffer Machyn, Marchand-tayllor, in the parryche of saynt James, and brodur [of] Henry Machyn: the compeny of Marchand-tayllers behyng at ys berehyng, and the compeny of the Clarkes syngyng, and ... Maydwell dyd pryche for hym,—the iiij yer of K. E. vjt.