Diary of Henry Machyn November 1554

Diary of Henry Machyn November 1554 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1554.

02 Nov 1544. The ij day of November was bered at sant Peters in chepe on master Pekeryng with ij fayre whyt branchys and viij torchys, iiij grett tapurs, and he gayffe unto xij [pore men] xij gownes that dyd bere them, and eldyd th .... dyvers mornars, and the felowshype of the .... and the morow the masse of requiem.

04 Nov 1554. The iiij day of November dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Harpfeld; and ther wher v dyd penance with shetts a-bowt them, and tapurs and rods in ther handes, and the prycher dyd stryke them with a rod, and ther dyd they stand tyll the sermon was all done; and then the sumner toke the shets and the rods, and they whent into Powlles a-gayn, and so up the syd of the quer; on prest, ys nam ys ser Thomas Lawes, odur wysse callyd ser Thomas Gryffyn, sum tyme a chanon at Eyssyng spyttyll; iiij of them wher relegyous men, and the feyth was a temporall man that had ij wyeffes.

04 Nov 1554. The iiij day of November be-gane a grett fray at Charyng crosse at viij of the cloke at nyght be-twyn the Spaneardes and Englysmen, the wyche thrugh wysdom ther wher but a fuwe hort, and after the next day thay wher serten taken that be-gane yt; on was a blake-mor, and was brought a-for the hed offesers by the knyght-marshall('s) servandes.

06 Nov 1544. [The vj day of November the earl of Shrewsbury (44) came riding to London with vjxx horse, and of gentlemen in velvet caps thirty, to his place in Coleherber in Thames-street.]

07 Nov 1554. The vij day of November was ij men sett in the pelere in ther fordgownes [furred gowns]; on had the wry [ting over] ys hed for falshood and wylfull perjury; and th'odur for subtyll falshod and crafty desseytt.

07 Nov 1554. The vij day of November was ij men sett in the pelere in ther fordgownes; on had the wry [ting over] ys hed for falshood and wylfull perjury; and th'odur for subtyll falshod and crafty desseytt [deceit].

09 Nov 1554. The ix day of November cam rydyng to London the yerle of Penbroke (53) with ij C. horsse, and in velvet cottes and cheynes, the cotes with iij lasses of gold, and lx reseduw in bluw cotes gardyd with velvet, and badge a gren dragon, to the parlement.

01 Nov 1554. The furst day of Novembar was [carried] by the gard into Nuwgatt serten men.

11 Nov 1554. The xj day of November dyd pryche master Pendylltun (30) at Powlles crosse and mad a good sermon.

12 Nov 1554. The xij day of November the Kyng (27) and the Quen (38) rod unto Westmynster chyrche to the masse of the Holy-gost, and after masse to the parlement-howsse; and all the bysshopes and the lordes in ther parlement robes, with trompeters blohyng, and all the harolds in ther cote armurs, and the juges in ther robes; the yerle of Penbroke (53) bare the kyng('s) sword, and the yerle of Comberland (41) bare the quen('s) sword, and the yerle of Shrowsbery (54) bare the kyng('s) cape of mantenance, and the yerle of Arundell (42) bare the quen('s) cape of mantenance; and a-for them rod to-gether my lord chansheler (71) and my lord tressorer (71) in ther parlement robes.

13 Nov 1554. The xiij day of November was commondyd by the bysshope of London (54) to all clarkes in the dyoses [dioceses] of London for to have sant Necolas and to go a-brod, as mony as wold have ytt.

14 Nov 1554. [The xiiij day of November, saint Erconwald's day, it was commanded that every priest in the diocess ....]

After 14 Nov 1554. The (blank) day of November cam to the Fleet [Barlow (56)] sumtyme bysshope of (Bath and Wells), and master Kardmaker parsun of sant Brydes in Fletstret was the.... thay wher gohyng over see lyke marchands.

18 Nov 1554. The xviij day of November dyd pryche at Powlles crosse the nuw bysshope of Lynckolne, doctur White (44), late the warden of Wynchaster.

18 Nov 1554. The sam day was consecratyd nuw [bishops], on bysshope of Brystow (59), and a-nodur byshope of Lycheffeld and Coventre (50).

19 Nov 1554. The xix day of November was bered at sant Martens at Charyng-crosse with ij crosses a gentyllman a Spaneard, and a iiijxx torchys and tapurs in ther handes, and with syngyng to the cherche, and the morowe-masse boythe Spaneards and Englysmen syngyng.

19 Nov 1554. The sam day whent to met my lord cardenall Polle (54) in Kent my lord of Elly, with odur — doctur Thurlbe (48) bysshope of Elly.

23 Nov 1554. The xxiij day of November was a man and a woman stode on the pelere for tellyng of falsse lyes thatt kyng Edward the vjth (17) was a-lyffe.

24 Nov 1554. The xxiiij day the sam man (and) woman was sett on the pelere a-gayne that dyd say that kyng Edward (17) was a-lyffe, and for odur thynges.

24 Nov 1554. [The same day cardinal Pole (54) came from Gravesend by water, with the earl of Shrewsbury (54), the lord Montagu (25), the bishops of Durham (80) and Ely (48), the lord Paget (48), sir Edward Hastings (33), the lord Cobham (57), and diverse] knyghts and gentyllmen, in barges, and thay all [did shoot the] bryge be-twyn xij and on of the cloke, and a-g[ainst] the steleard of Temes my lord chanseler (71) mett [them in his] barge, and my lord of Shrousbury (54) [had his] barge with the [talbot, all] ys men in bluw cotes, red-hosse, skarlett capes, [and white] fethers; and so to the cort gatt, and ther the Kyng('s) (27) grace [met him] and inbrasyd hym, and so lad ym thrughe the kyng('s) hall;] and he had borne a-for hym a sylver crosse, and [he was arrayed in] a skarlet gowne and a sqware skarlett cape; and my lord [North] bare the swarde a-for the Kyng; and so they whent up unto the Quens chambur, and ther her grace (38) salutyd hym; and after he toke ys leyffe, and toke ys barge to ys plase at Lambeth, that was the bysshope of Cantorberys, Crenmer (65), and so to dener.

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25 Nov 1554. The xxv day of November dyd pryche at Powlles crosse master Fecknam (39), den of Powlles, and a godly sermon.

25 Nov 1554. The sam day, the wyche was Sonday, at after-non, the Kyngs (27) grace and my lord Fuwater [Probably Henry Radclyffe 2nd Earl of Sussex 1507-1557 (47)] and dyvers Spaneards dyd ryd in dyvers colars, the Kyng in red, and som [in] yellow, sum in gren, sum in whyt, sum in bluw, and with targets and canes in ther hand, herlyng of rods on at a-nodur, and thrumpets in the sam colars, and drumes mad of ketylles, and banars in the sam colars.

27 Nov 1554. The xxvij day of November was the obsequy of sir Hugh Ryche (14) knyght, the sune and here to the lord Ryche (57), and knyght of the Bathe mad by quen Mare the Furst, in Essex, with a standard, a penon of armes, and a cot armur, elmet, targat, sword, skochyons, and torchys.

27 Nov 1554. The xxvij of November the Kynge (27) and the lordes of the parlement satt with-in the court, and ther my lord cardenall (54) dyd make a orayson to the Kyng and the lords of the parlement what .. .... thankes unto God of the Quen('s) (38) grace qwyckenyng.

29 Nov 1554. The xxix day of November was commondyd by the byshope of London (54), thrughe ys dyosesse, that thay shuld say the masse of the Holy-gost (with) prossessyon, and to syng Te Deum, and ryng yng, [and to] pray to God to gyffe hym thankes of owr [gracious] quen (38) of her qwyckenyng with chyld, and to pray.

30 Nov 1554. The xxx day of November the Kyng('s) (27) grace and ys [lords] rod to Westmynster abbay to masse, for the Spaneards [sung], and ther mett ym at the cort gate a C. He-Alman [High Almains] in hosse and dobeletes of whyt and red, and yelow welvet cotes [trimmed], with yelow sarsenet, and yelow velvet capes and fethers ... coler, and drumes and flutes in the sam coler, and with gylt [halbards], and C. in yolow hosse, dobelets of welvett, and jerkens of [leather] gardyd with cremesun velvett and whyt, fether yelow and red; and thos be Spaneards; and a C. in yelow gownes of velvett with (blank) And the sam nyght my lord cardenall (54) cam to the courte, and whent to the chapell with the Kyng, and ther Te Deum songe.