Diary of Henry Machyn November 1557

Diary of Henry Machyn November 1557 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1557.

05 Nov 1557. The v day of November rod thrugh [the city] a man on horsebake, ys fase toward the horses tail, and a wrytyng on ys hed; and he had a fryse gown, [and] ys wyff leydyng the horse, and a paper on her h[ead, for] horwdom [whoredom] the wyche he lett ys wyff to ho ... to dyvers men.

08 Nov 1557. The viij day of November was bered with-in the Tempull ser Necolas Hare (73), knyght, and master of the rolles, with ij whytt branchys and (blank) torches, and a herse garnyshed with wax and penselles and armes; and with a harold of armes; and with a standard, and a penon, and cote of armes, elmett, targatt, and sword; and a viij dosen of skochyons.

09 Nov 1557. The ix day of November was bered at Stonesthett ford master (blank) Langfold, with pennon and cote armour, a sqwyre.

11 Nov 1557. The xj day of November was bered besyd Cambryge ser John Hodyllstone (40) knyght, with standard and pennon, cote armur, elmett, targat, sword, and penselles, and a vj dosen of skochyons and of torchys.

12 Nov 1557. [The xij day of November was buried at Stepney master Maynard (48), merchant, and sheriff of London in the sixth] yere of kyng Edward the vjth (20), the wyche kept a grett howse, and in the time of Cryustymas he had a lord of mysrulle, and after the kynges lord of mysse-rulle cam and dynyd with hym; and at the crosse of Chepe he mad a grett skaffold, and mad a proclamasyon. [He was buried] with ij whytt branchys, and xij torchys, and iiij grett [tapers]; and after to Popeler to dener, and that was grett.

12 Nov 1557. The sam day was bered at sant Augustyne master ... anell with ij whytt branchys, and xii stayff torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and after masse to .... and mony morners, and a ij dosen skochyons of armes.

12 Nov 1557. The xij day of November ther was a post sett up in Smythfeld for iij that shuld have beyn bornyd, butt boyth wod and colles; and my lord abbott of Westminster (42) cam to Newgatt and talked with them, and so they wher stayd for that day of bornyng.

03 Nov 1557. The iij day of November was bered in the parryche of sant Donstones in the West, sargant Wallpoll, a Northfoke man, with a pennon and a cott of armes borne with a harold of armes; and ther was all the juges, and sergantes of the coyffe, and men of the law a ij C. with ij whytt branchys, xij stayff torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and prestes, and clarkes; and the morow the masse of requiem.... my lade W.... wher her husband and she had a harold .... mony morners, as ser Recherd Southwell ... and dyvers odur, with ij goodly whyte branchys ... grett stayffe torchys, and xij pore men that bare ... and xij powre women xij gret tapurs of ij ... and the men had gownes of mantyll frysse and ... and the women gownes and raylles; and the morow m[ass, and] after a grett dener and a sermon.

13 Nov 1557. The xiij day of November was sant Erkenwald eve, the iiij and v yere of king and quen, whent owt of Newgatt unto Smyth-feld to be bornyd iij men; on was [blank] Gybsun, the sun of sergantt Gybsun, sergantt of armes, and of the reywelles [revels], and of the kynges tenstes [tents]; and ij more, the whyche here be ther names—Gybsun, Hali[day,] and Sparow, thes iij men.

15 Nov 1557. The xv day of November was bered ser (blank) Arundell (57) knyght, with iiij branche tapers of wax, and penselles ij dosen, and vj dosen skochyons, and a standard, pennon, and cott armur, elmett, targatt, sword; and ij whyt branchys, and ij dosen torchys, and mony morners, and a grett dener.

16 Nov 1557. The xvj day of the sam monyth was bered at sant Martens at Ludgatt, master (blank) Terrell, captayn of the galee, and knyght of the Rodes sum-tyme was; with a cote, penon, and ij baners of emages, and iij haroldes of armes, and ij whyt branchys, and xij torchys, and iiij gret tapurs.

Battle of St Quentin

18 Nov 1557. [The xviij day of November died the lord Bray, within the Black-friars, near Ludgate]; the wyche he gatt ys deth [at St. Quintin's.]

18 Nov 1557. The xviij day of November cam tydynges from the yerle of Northumberland (29) owt of Skottland that the [Scots] and our men mett and ther fowth, and ther was taken and ... of the Skotts, att a place callyd (blank).

21 Nov 1557. The xxj day of November dyd pryche my lord [abbat of] Westmynster (42), and ther he mad a godly sermon, at Powlles crosse.

21 Nov 1557. The Sonday, the xxj day at November, the quen('s) (41) grase [did] sett a crowne of master Norrey('s) (47) hed kyng at armes, [and] created hym Clarenshus, with a cup of [wine], at Sant James, her grace('s) place.

23 Nov 1557. The xxiij day of November was cared from Blake-freres to Temes syd, and ther wher rede to grett barges covered with blake and armes hangyng for my lord Bray, and so by water to Chelsey, to be bereyd by ys father, with iiij haroldes of armes, and a standard and a baner of armes, and ij baners of emages borne by ij haroldes of armes in ther cott armurs, and so mony nobull men morners in blake, and xvj porre men had new gownes, and a xvj grett torchys, ij whytt branchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and a cott armur, elmett, target, sword, and mantylles, and a viij dosen of skochyons; and after messe, and ther wher mony prestes and clarkes, and the dener at ys plase at Blake-frers, and so they cam bake from Cheshey to dener.

30 Nov 1557. [The xxv day of November died the lady Hare (54), late wife] unto ser Necolaus Hare (73), knyght, and [master of the rolls, the] wyche she ded at (blank).

26 Nov 1557. The xxvj day of November was bered my lade [Clifford] the wyff of ser Thomas Clyfford knyght, the wyche [was] bered in Westmynster abbay, the wyche lade was bered in the [cou]ntie of (blank), with a harold of armes, and a ij dosen torchys, and iij dosen of skochyons, and iiij baners of armes, [and] a hersecloth of blake saten, the crosse whyt saten.

30 Nov 1557. The xxx day of November was sant Andrewes day, a prossessyon at Powlles, and a preste of evere parryche in [London,] and ther wher a goodly sermon, and after the processyon was Salve festa dyes.

30 Nov 1557. The sam day the Quen('s) (41) grace and my lord cardenell (57) cam from Sant James unto Whytt-halle, and ther they hard masse; and after masse done, and ther wher all the byshopes and the juges and sergantes of the lawe, and ther wer creatyd ser Thomas Tressam (57) lord of sant John's of England, and iiij knyghtes of the Rodes made; and the sam tyme my lord abbot whent a prossessyon in ys myter, and all the monkes and clarkes syngyng Salve festa dies; and rond abowt the abbay, and my lord abbott (42) sange the masse.

30 Nov 1557. The sam day at after dener my lord cardenall (57) mad a godly sermon in the chapell, and ther wher all juges and bysshopes, and my lord mayre and all the althermen, and mony lordes and knyghtes, and lades and gentyllmen. .... assyon by the mare.