Diary of Henry Machyn November 1558

Diary of Henry Machyn November 1558 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1558.

06 Nov 1558. The vj day of November was bered at sent Benettes at Powlles Warff master John Stokes (the) quen('s) servand and bruar [brewer], with ij whytt branchys and x gret stayffes-torchys and iiij gret tapurs; and x pore men had rosett gownes of iiijs. the yerd, and xvj gownes, and cottes of xijs. the yerd.

07 Nov 1588. The xij day of November was Saterday ther was a woman sett on the pelere for sayhyng that the quen (72) was ded, and her grace was not ded then.

Death of Mary I

17 Nov 1588. The xvij day of November be-twyn v and vj in the mornyng ded quen Mare (72), the vj yere of here grace('s) rayne, the wyche Jhesu have mercy on her solle! Amen.

17 Nov 1588. [The same] day, be-twyne a xj and xij a' fornoon, the lady Elizabeth was proclamyd quen Elsabeth (55), quen of England, France and Yrland, and deffender of the feyth, by dyvers haroldes of armes and trumpetors, and dukes, lordes [and knights,] the wyche was ther present, the duke of Norfoke (52), [the] lord tresorer, the yerle of Shrousbere (88), and the yerele of Bedford (61), and the lord mayre (79) and the althermen, and dyver odur lordes and knyghtes.'

17 Nov 1588. The sam day, at after-non, all the chyrches in London dyd ryng, and at nyght dyd make bonefyres and set tabulls in the strett, and ded ett and drynke and mad mere [merry] for the newe quen Elsabeth (55), quen Mare('s) (72) syster.

19 Nov 1588. The xix day of November ded be-twyn v and vj in the morning my lord cardenall Polle (88) at Lambeth, and he was byshope of Canturbere; and ther he lay tyll the consell sett the tyme he shuld be bered, and when, and wher.

19 Nov 1588. The sam day all London song and sayd Te Deum laudamus in evere chyrche in London.

20 Nov 1588. The xx day of November dyd pryche at Powlles crosse doctur Bylle (83), quen Elsabeth('s) chaplen, and mad a godly sermon.

20 Nov 1558. The xx day of November ded the bysshope of Rochestur (51) and parsun of sant Mangnus on London bryge.

22 Nov 1588. The xxij day of November was bered in Jhesus chapell master Robertt Jonsun gentyllman, and (blank) to the byshope (of) Lundon, Boner (88); with ij whyt branchys and xiiij grett stayff-torchys, and iiij grett tapurs, and ii dosen and d' [a half] of skochyons of armes; and mony morners in blake, and all the masters of Jhesus with ther blake saten hodes, and a xxx morners; and the morow masse and a sermon, and after a grett dener, and a dolle of money.

23 Nov 1588. The xxiij day of November the quen Elsabeth('s) (55) grace toke here gorney from Hadley be-yond Barnett toward London, unto my lord North('s) plase, with a M. and mor of lordes, knyghtes, and gentyllmen, lades and gentyllwomen; and ther lay v days.... cote armur and pennon of armes and .... with ij whytt branchys and xij torchys and iiij gret tapurs.

25 Nov 1588. The xxv day of November was bered in sant ... Flettstrett master Skynner sqwyre, on of the vj clarkes of the Chansere, with a harold of armes beyryng ys cote armur, and ys pennon of armes, and ij dosen skochyons of armes, and ij grett whyt branchys and xvj torchys and iiij g[reat tapers;] and mony morners, and all they of the Chanserey.

26 Nov 1558. The xxvj day of November was bered in [Kent] my lord Cobham (61) here husband with iij haroldes .... with a gret baner of armes and iiij baners of [images], and a iiij dosen of armes my lade Cobbam (57).

26 Nov 1558. The xxvj day of November was bered at the Blake Frers in Smythfeld master Bassett (32) sqwyre, on of the [privy] chambur with quen Mare; and he had ij whyt branchys, and xij torchys, and iiij gret tapurs, and a harold ... a cote armur, a penon of armes, and ij dosen of [shocheons.]

25 Nov 1558. The xxv day of November was mared ser Thomas W[hite] (66) knyght, late mare, d unto my lade Warren, the wyff of ser Raff Warren, knyght, twys mare of London.

30 Nov 1588. The xxx day of November, was sant Andrewes day, the bysshope of Rochestur (81) was cared from the plasse in Sowthwarke unto sant Mangnus in London; for he was parsun ther; and he had a herse of wax, and a v dosen pensels, and the qwyre hangyd with blake and armes; and he had ij whyt branchys and ij dosen torchys; and he had ij haroldes of armes, ser Wylliam Peter (83) cheyff morner, and ser Wylliam Garrett (81), master Low, master Catter, and dyvers odur, and mony morners; and xij pore men had blake gownes, and xij of ys men bare torchys; and after my lord of Wynchester dyd pryche; and after he was bered they whent to ys plasse to dener, for ther was a grett dener, and he had a gret baner of armes and iiij baners of santes and viij dosen of skochyons.

28 Nov 1558. [The xxviijth day of November the Queen (25) removed to the Tower from the lord North's] plasse, (which) was the Charter Howsse. [All] the stretes unto the towre of London was newe gravelled. Her grace rod thrugh Barbecan and Crepulgat, by [London-wall] unto Bysshope-gate, and up to Leden-halle and thrugh Gracyus strett and Fanchyrchestrett; and a-for rod gentyllmen and [many] knyghtes and lordes, and after cam all the trumpetes blohyng, and then cam all the haroldes in a-ray; and my lord of Penbroke (57) [bare the] the quen('s) sword; then cam here Grace (25) on horsbake, [apparelled] in purpull welvett with a skarpe [scarf] abowt her neke, and [the serg]anttes of armes abowt here grace; and next after rod [sir] Robart Dudley (26) the master of her horse; and so the gard with halbards. [And] ther was shyche shutyng of gunes as never was hard a-for; so to the towre, with all the nobulles. And so here Grace lay in the towre unto the v day of Dessember, that was sant Necolas evyn. And ther was in serten plasses chylderyn with speches and odur places, syngyng and playing with regalles.