Diary of Henry Machyn November 1560

Diary of Henry Machyn November 1560 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1560.

22 Nov 1560. The xxij day of November was bered in sant .... on master Bulthered with a pennon of armes and cote [armur, and] vj skochyons of armes.

23 Nov 1560. The xxiij day of November was bered in s[aint Stephen's] in Colmanstrett ser John Jermy knyght of Suff[olke be]yonde Epwyche iiij mylles, the wyche was a goo[d man] of the age of iiijxx and ode [odd], the wyche he left iiij sunes [sons] and iij dowthers [daughters], and he had a standard and a pennon of armes, and cott armur, elmett, targett, and sword, and mantyll, and a iij dosen of skochyons and alff a dosen of bokeram; and the chyrche was hangyd with blake, and with armes; and ther was mony morners; and gohyng to the chyrche a mornar beyryng the standard in blake, and anodur a pennon of armes, and then serten mornars; then cam master Somersett the harold bere the elme [helmet] and crest, and after cam master Clarenshux (50) beyryng ys cote armur and the clarke(s) syngyng; and (then) cam the corse with a palle of blake velvett with skochyons on yt, and (then) cam the cheyff morners, and after ys servandes in blake; and master Mollens the archdeacon dyd pryche; and after all done hom to a fleccher('s) howse to dener.

24 Nov 1560. The xxiiij day cam downe from my lord mare (51) that sertten of craftes shuld walke in evere markett, with a whyt rod in ther handes, to loke that men shuld take testons of the ratt as the quen has proclamyd in all markettes thrughe all London, that the markett folke take the money, be-cause the rumore rane that they shuld falle.... master Nuwwell, and Te Deum sung .... with all the quer.

29 Nov 1560. The xxix day of November ther was a man ryd [in a cart?] for bryngyng of messelle porke to selle.

30 Nov 1560. The xxx day of November ther was iiij men sett on the pelere for purjure, and a-for they wher sett on the pelere at Westmynster.

30 Nov 1560. The last day of November, that was sant Andrews day, was a grett fray at the cowrt be-twyn my lord Robart [Dudley's] (28) men and (blank) Harbard('s) [Herbert's] men; and that day was no water in [any] condyth [conduit] in London but in Lothbere.

19 Nov 1560. The xix day of November was electyd the byshope of Wynchester at the cowrt, master Horne (50) late dene of Durram.

14 Nov 1560. The xiiij day of November was kyllyd in Powlles chyrche-yerde a hossear [hosier] by on Necolles a tayller.