Diary of Henry Machyn November 1561

Diary of Henry Machyn November 1561 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1561.

01 Nov 1561. [The j day of November went to saint Paul's the lord mayor (65)] and the althermen at afternon [and all the crafts of] London in ther leverey, and with iiijxx men all carehyng of torchys, and my lord mare [tarried until] nyght, and so whent home with all torches [lighted,] for my lord mare (65) tared the sermon; my lord of London (42) mad the sermon; but yt was latt, [and so] there torchys was lyght to bryng my lord home.

02 Nov 1561. The ij day of November was a yonge [man] stod at Powlles crosse in the sermon tyme with a [sheet] a-bowtt hym for spykyng [speaking] of serten wordes agaynst Veron the precher.

05 Nov 1561. The v day of November was bered in sant Stephen's in Walbroke ser Rowland Hylle (63), latt mare and altherman and mercer and knyght, with a standard and v pennons of armes, and a cott armur and a helmet, a crest, sword, and mantyll, and xj dosen of skochyons of armes; and he gayff a c. gownes and cottes to men and women; and ther wher ij haroldes of armes, master Clarenshux (51) and master Somersett, and my lord mayre (65) morner, the cheyff morner; ser Recherd Lee, master Corbett, with dyvers odur morners, ser Wylliam Cordell, ser Thomas Offeley (61), ser Martens Bowes (64) and master Chamburlan althermen, and the ij shreyffes, and master Chambur .. and master Blakewell, with mony mo morners, and a 1. pore men in good blake gownes, besyd women; and the dene of Powlles (44) mad the sermon; and after all done my lord mayre (65) and mony and althermen whent to the Mercers' hall and the craft to dener, and the resedu to ys plase to dener, and grett mon mad [moan made] for ys deth, and he gayff myche to the pore.

Around 1561. Unknown Painter. Portrait of Alderman Martin Bowes 1497-1566.

05 Nov 1561. The sam day was wypyd at Quen-heyff at a post a waterman for opprobryus wordes and sedyssyous wordes agaynst the magystrates.

05 Nov 1561. The sam day of November dyd pryche at Westmynster abbay master Alway, one of the plasse, and mad a godly sermon ther, and grett audyense.

Nov 1561. The (blank ) day of November ... had master Walkenden a servand that ... of the age of xv . and ther dyd...

14 Nov 1561. The xiiij day of November ther was a procla[mation] of gold and sylver that none shuld be take[n be]twyn man and man butt the Frenche crowne and the Borgo[ndian] crowne and the Flemyche, and that phystelars and Spa[nish] ryalles shuld not goo, butt to cum to the Towre ther to have wheth for wheth [weight for weight], gold and sylver.

23 Nov 1561. The xxiij day of November, the iiij yere [of] quen Elesabeth, dyd pryche at Powlles crosse Renagir, yt was sant Clement day, dyd sy[t] alle the sermon tyme monser Henry de Machyn [Note. The author of this diary], for ij [words?] the wyche was told hym, that Veron the French [man] the precher was taken with a wenche, by the rep[orting] by on Wylliam Laurans clarke of sant Mare Maudle[n's] in Mylke strett, the wyche the sam Hare [Harry] knellyd down[be-] for master Veron and the byshope, and yett (they) would nott for[give] hym, for alle ys fryndes that he had worshephulle.