Diary of Henry Machyn November 1562

Diary of Henry Machyn November 1562 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1562.

08 Nov 1562. The viij day of November the Quen('s) (29) grace removyd from Hamtun cowrt toward London, and be-twyn iij and [iiij o'clock] cam by Charyng-crosse, and so rod unto Some[rset plac]e with mony nobull men and women, and with har[olds of a]rmes in ther cotte armurs; and my lord Thomas [Howard bare] the sword a-for the quen to Somersett plase, and the [Queen will abide] ther tyll Criustynmas, and then to Whyt-halle.

14 Nov 1562. The xiiij day of November dyd ryde in a care a w[ife] dwellyng in the longe entre at the Stokes at the syne of (blank) kepyng a taverne, for okuwpy here own ....

14 Nov 1562. The sam day at nyght cam a commondement [to] the masturs of every parryche and mastores shuld pray to [God] thys iij days for to helpe them that be send [be-]yond the see agaynst the Duke of Gwys (43), the wyche the prynce of Co[ndé] (32) doys in-tentt for to mett in the feld on Tuwsday.

16 Nov 1562. The monday the xvj day of November was mar[ed at Bow] parryche master Allen the shreyff('s) dowthur unto master Star[ke] marchand and skynner, and ther was mony worshep[ful] men and women, and dyd pryche master Crolley (45), and after a gre[at dinner.]

19 Nov 1562. The xix day of November at after-non was [a] fray with-owtt Tempull-bare agaynst master Huntun (28) ['s house?] that mared my lady of Warwyke (24), and ther was sl[ain] master Banaster, servand unto master Huntun, by (blank)

18 Nov 1562. The xviij day of November was bered at Hakenay master Dedycott sqwyre and draper of London, and ther he gayff to (blank) pore men xxiiij gownes of rattes coler of vijs. the yerd, and had a penon of armes and cott armur, and master Rychemond was the harold; and he gayff mony blake gownes a xx ... and ij dosen of skochyons of armes, and ther was a xx [of the] clarkes of London syngyng, and ther dyd pryche master (blank); and ther was the masters of the hospetall with gren stayffes; master Avenon and master Mynors cheyff mornars; and after to ys plase to dener.... Dormer] sqwyre, [the son] of ser Myghell Dormer, late mare [of London].

21 Nov 1562. The xxj day of November was bered in Colm[an street?] .... om the phesyssion, with a dosen of skockyons [of arms, and] all the clothyng of the Penters in ther leveray, and .... there at ys berehyng.

04 Nov 1562. The iiij day of November dyd ryd a woman thrugh London, she dwellyng in sant Necolas shambulles, for baldre, or okuwpyng of here owne gayre.... forth and shuld have bene .... as Blakewelle the sune of master Blakwell .... was cheyfe mornar there.

22 Nov 1562. The xxij day of November was bered at Why[techapel?] mastores Typkyn wedow, latt the wyff of master Typkyn, bered ... dosen of skochyons of armes; and she gayff a xij gownes [of frie] sse unto xij pore women, and she gayff a xl blake [gowns and] cassokes and blake cottes; and ther was a xvj clarkes, and master Phylpott dyd pryche; and after to sant Katheryn's [to her] howse to dener, for ther was good chere.

26 Nov 1562. The xxvj day of November at nyght was slayne a carter by a Frenche-man, because that the carter cold [not give] hym rome for presse of cartes that was ther that tyme.