Diary of Henry Machyn October 1550

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1550 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1550.

23 Oct 1550. The xviij day of October was bered Juge Hynde (70) in sant Donstones parryche in the whest, with standard, cot, elmet, sword, and penon, target, and a harold, and Juges ij and ij to-gether, and then serjantes of coyffe ij and ij together, and then clarkes syngyng, and my lade Hynde dyd make anodur standard, and a cote armur, and a penon, and a elmet, and target, and sword, to be had at the moynthe myn[d] in the contrey for hym, and a grett dolle of monay and of mett and drynk, and gownes to the pore; for ther was myche a doo ther for hym.

After 23 Oct 1550. The next paragraph belongs to another funeral: the beginning of which is lost:

.... gayffe unto xiij powre men xiij gowns .... yffe having a bage of bokeram logent-fassyon .... gold, with prestes and clarkes, with a pennon of ys armes .... tes of armes, and hangyd with blake and schochyons of the .. with a harold beyryng ys cott in ys armes.