Diary of Henry Machyn October 1551

1551 Edward VI's 14th Birthday

1551 Arrest of the Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1551 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1551.

Arrest of the Duke of Somerset and his Supporters

15 Oct 1551. The xv day of October was had to the Towre the duke of Somersett (51) and and the lord Gray (42).

16 Oct 1551. The xvj day of October was had to the Towre the duches of Somersett (54) and Sir Raff a Vane and Sir John Thyn (36), [as also] Sir Thomas Holcroft (46), Sir Michael Stanhope (44), Mr. Hammond, Mr. John Seimour (24), Mr. Walley, Mr. Nudigate, Mr. Banister, Mr. Brayne, Mr. Crane and his wife, Sir Myles Parterege, and Sir Thomas Arundell (49) and Lady (36).

21 Oct 1551. The xxj day of October was cared [to the Tower] my lord Pagett (45) by the gard—the v yer K. [E. vjt.]

Edward VI's 14th Birthday

11 Oct 1551. The xj day of October wher creatyd [at Hampton] curtte my lord marqwes Dorsett duke of Suffolk (34); the yerle of Warwyke duke of Northumburland (47); [the earl] of Wyllshere (68) created the marqwes of Wyncha[ster; sir] Wylliam Harbard (50) made lord of Cardyff, and after the yerle of Penbroke; and knyghtes mad the sam time, sir William Syssyll (31), secretery, knyght, and M. Hare Nevylle knyght, [sir William] Sydney knyght, and M. Cheke, the kynges scollmaster.

22 Oct 1551. The xxij day of October was alle the craftes [of London] commandyd to go to ther halles, and ther yt was [shewed] them that the duke of Somersett (51) wold have taken the Towre, and to have taken the brod-selle, and to have [destroyed] the cete, and then to go to the ylle of Whyth; and so evere craft to ward at evere gatt in London, and to have a rydyng wache thrugh the cete,—the v K. E. the vjth.

09 Oct 1551. The ix day of October was stallyd at Wyndsore the lord chamburlayne Darcy (44) knyght of the garter.
The same day was bered Gylles the kynges bere [-brewer] dwellyng at Sant Katheryns, and bered at Algate, with ys armes, and the craft of the Bruars; the wyche he ded with a chrache of ys lege, and bled to deth.