Diary of Henry Machyn October 1552

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1552 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1552.

02 Oct 1552. The ij day of October cam to London owte of Skottland ij (blank) sunnes, late of the kyng of [Scots?] and dyd lye at the iiij Swanes with-in Bysshope-gate, and ther they have ther coke and ther cater, and dress ... seylff.

04 Sep 1552 and 05 Sep 1552. The iiij and v day of October was the good bysshope of Dorham (78) whent unto Towre-hylle [to the] late monestery of whyt monkes, the wyche place ys gyffyn unto ser Arthur Darcy (57) knyght, and a-ffor the chyff justes of England, Chamley, and master Gudderyke, and master Gosnolle and odur, master Coke and master Chydley.

08 Oct 1552. The viij day of October was a proclamasyon that no man shuld not selle ther grett horssys.

09 Oct 1552. The ix day of October was taken and brought thrugh and undur London bryge and so to Parys garden, and the next day up to Westmynster thes ij grett fysshes, the one the malle and the feymalle.

14 Oct 1552. The xiiij day of October was depossyd of ys bysshope-pryke the good bysshope of Duram (78), and whent unto the Towre agayn, and so remanyth stylle.

.... hangman ... styll and .... owtt the mydylle of them bowth with ... from one syd to the th'odur syd of the ...

17 Oct 1552. The xvij day of October was made vii serjants of the coyffe; at ix of the cloke they whent to Westmynster halle in ther gownes and hodes of morrey and russet, and ther servants in the sam colers, and ther was gyffyn a charge and othe by the kynges juges, and the old serjants. This done, they retornyd with the juges and the old serjants, and men of law, unto Gray-yn to dener, and mony of the ... for ther was a grett fest, and my lord mayre and the [aldermen], and many a nobull man; and the new serjants gayf to [the judges], and the old serjants and men of the law, rynges of gold, every serjant gayff lyke ryngs; and after dener they whent unto Powlls, and so whent up the stepes, and so round the qwere and ther dyd they ther homage, and so [came unto] the north-syd of Powlles and stod a-pone the stepes ontil iiij old serjantes came to-gether and feythchyd iiij [new], and broght them unto serten pelers, and left them, and then dyd feyched the resedue unto the pelers; and ther was an oration red unto them by the old sergants, and so done they whent unto Gray('s) in; and her be ther names, master [Brook] recorder, master Gaude, master Stamford, master Dyer, master Carrell.

21 Oct 1552. The xxj day of October was the feneralle of a gentyll knyght, ser Thomas Jarmyn (70), the best housekeper in the contey of Suffoke, with ys standard and ys penone of armes, cot-armur, target, and sword, and skochyons; and he kept a godly chapel of syngyng men, for the contray have a gret loss of ys deth, as any contrey in England.

.... a grett bage off ... and so ys here was naylyd to the pelory .. by-syd syd of ym hangyd a bage of contu .. ys neke hangyd a-pone strynges a gret nombur ..