Diary of Henry Machyn October 1554

Diary of Henry Machyn October 1554 is in Diary of Henry Machyn 1554.

02 Oct 1554. The ij day October whent from Westmynster xx carres with veges [wedges] of gold and sylver to the Towre to be quennyd [coined].

04 Oct 1554. The iiij day of October was the monyth myn at Waltham Abbay of master James Suttun sqwyre, and clarke of the grencloth; and ther was a sarmon, and a dolle of money unto evere howsse that ned the charete, and after a grett dener.

02 Oct 1554. The ij day of October was bered the nobull duke of Norffok (81) at a plasse callyd Fremyngham chyrche; and ther was a goodly hersse of wax as I have sene in thes days, with a dosen of banerrolles of ys progene, and xij dosen penselles, xij dosen of kochyons, and with standard, and iij cotes of armes, and a baner of damaske, and iiij banars of emages, and mony mornars, and a gret dolle, and after gret dener. [For the furnishing of which dinner were killed forty great oxen and a hundred sheep, and sixty calves, besides venison, swans, and cranes, capons, rabbits, pigeons, pikes, and other provisions both flesh and fish. There was also great plenty of wine; and of bread and beer as great plenty as ever had been known, both for] ryche and pore: all the co[untry came thither; and] a grett dolle of money ther wher [bestowed upon the poorer sort;] for he was cared from (unfinished).

05 Oct 1554. The v day of October was the obsequy of the duke of Northfoke (81) at sant Mare Overes; a hers [hearse] mad with tymber, and hangyd with blake, and with ys armes, and iiij goodly candlestyks gyldyd, and iiij grett tapurs, and with ys armes, and alle the qwyre hangyd with blake and armes; and durge and masse on the morowe. And my lord chanseler (71) cheffe morner, and next master [controller,] and master Gorge Haward; at the durge my lord Montyguw (25), my lord admerell (44), and my lord Brugys, and divers others; and a xl in gownes and cotes in blake; and after to my lord['s place], and gret ryngyng ij days.

In 1559 Hans Eworth Painter 1520-1574. Portrait of Anthony Browne 1st Viscount Montague 1528-1592 wearing a Garter Collar and St George Pendant.

07 Oct 1554. The vij day of October was the monyth myn[d of] ser Hare Huncotes knyght, late mayre and altherman, and Fyssmonger of London, and ther ys hersse bornyd .... durge, and the morow-mas the furst masse of the tr[inity], and with a harold, and after the masse of requiem; and doctur Smyth dyd pryche, the reder of Oxford, and after [a great] dener; and he gayff muche money to evere w[ard] in London and he has fondyd ij prestes to syng, on in London and th'odur in Lynckolneshyre, wher he was borne: thys shall be for ever.

06 Oct 1554. The vi day of October was bered at Westmynster a grett man a Spaneard, with syngyng, boyth Englys and Spaneards, with a hand-belle, a-for ryngyng, and ever[y] Spaneard havyng gren torchys, and gren tapurs to the nombur of a C. bornyng, and ther bered in the Abbay.

09 Oct 1554. The ix of October was bered master Gorge Medley merser, and lat Chamburlayn of this cete of London, with ij whyt branchys and xij pore men with xij stayffes torchys, and xij gomes, and dyvers men and women in blake gownes; and ys armes a-pone ys body, and the compene of the Clarkes, and of the Marsars; and when alle was don, they whent hom to drynke; and the morow after the masse of requiem; and ther dyd pryche doctur Smyth; and after hom to dener.

10 Oct 1554. The x day of October was bered the good lord De la Warr (79) in Sussex, with standard, banar of armes, banar-roll, [coat] armur, targat, sword, elmet, with harolds of armes; then cam the corsse with iiij baners borne abowt hym. [He] was the best howssekeper in Sussex in thes days, and the mone (was greater) for ym, for he ded withowt essue; and ther wher mony morners in blake; and ther wher a goodly hersse of wax and pensels, and viij dosen skochyons; and ther was a grett dolle of money, and met and drynke as was (ever known in) that contrey.

12 Oct 1554. The xij day of October ther was on of the pelere for spykyng of sedyssyous wordes, a colyar, iij tymes

14 Oct 1554. The xiiij day of October dyd pryche in the shruds [shrouds] the good bysshope of Durram, Donstall (80), that was Sonday.

11 Oct 1554. The xj day of October was the obsequy of (blank) a Spaneard at Westmynster; ther wase a praty herse after the fassyon of Spayn, with blake, and a goodly masse of requiem; and the chapell that he was bered in was hong with blake; and ys harmes mony, with a baner of armes and cote of armes, alle in gold, and target and elmett and mony skochyon, and a fere hers-clothe of blake, and a crosse of cremesun velvet, done to the ground—the ij yer of quen Mare.

15 Oct 1554. The xv day of October was kyllyd with-owt Tempall bare almost at stren [Strand] a servand of ser Gorge Gyfford, shamfully slayne by a Spaneard, a-bowt iiij of the (clock) at after-non.

16 Oct 1554. The xvj day of October cam rydyng owt of Northfoke on John Day prynter and ys servand, and a prest, and an-odur prynter, for pryntyng of noythy [naughty] bokes, to the Towre.

18 Oct 1554. The xviij day of October king Philip (27) came down on horseback from Westminster unto Paul's, with many lords, being received under a canopy, at the west end: and the lord Montagu (25) bare the sword afore the king. There he heard mass, and] Spaneards song mase; and after masse [he went back to] Westmynster to dener.

Around 1573 Sofonisba Anguissola Painter 1532-1625. Portrait of Philip Around 1560 Antonis Mor Painter 1517-1577. Portrait of Philip Around 1550. Titian Painter 1488-1576. Portrait of Philip Around 1554. Titian Painter 1488-1576. Portrait of Philip Around 1594. Juan Pantoja de La Cruz Painter 1553–1608. Portrait of Philip

21 Oct 1554. The xxj day of October ded the yerle of Warwyke (27), the eldest sune of the duke of Northumberland (50) that was heddyd, at ser [Henry] Sydnay (25) plasse at Penthurst at mydnyght he ded.

In 1573 Unknown Painter. Portrait of Henry Sidney KG 1529-1586 wearing his Garter Collar. In 1573 Pieter Bronckhorst Painter -1583. Portrait of Henry Sidney KG 1529-1586.

21 Oct 1554. The xxiiij day of October was bered ... Rechard Townlay (34) in sant Austyn parryche syd Powlles with xvj torchys and iiij grett [tapers], and ij whyt branchys, with a harold of armes, with a standard, a penons of armes, cote, helmet, target, sword, the crest a hauke w ..., and vj dosen of skochyons, and prestes and clarkes; a C. of the in(ns) of the cort cam to the berehyng, and the morow masse, and a sermon.

26 Oct 1554. The xxvj day of October was hangyd at Charynge-crosse a Spaneard that kyld a servant of ser Gorge Gefford, the wyche was slayne with-owt Tempull-bare.

29 Oct 1554. The xxix day of October the nuw lord mayre of London, master Lyons (40) groser, toke ys hoathe at Westmynster; and alle the craftes of London in ther barges, and with stremars; and ther was a grett penoys decked with ij topes and stremars and .... gones and drumes and trumpetes, rohyng to Westmynster up and don; and when thay cam hom thay landyd at Powlles warff, and ther mett the mayr lx in rosett gownes and with targetts and gyffelyns and blue hattes; and then a goodly pagant, a gryffen with a chyld lyung in harnes, and sant John Baptyst with a lyon, and ij vodys [woods aka wild men] and a dulle [devil] with squybes bornyng, and trumpetes blohyng, and drum(s) and flute(s), and then the bachelers with cremesun damaske hedes [hoods], and then trumpeters, and the wettes [waists] of the cete; and so to yeld-hall to dener, for ther dynyd my lord chanseler (71) and all the nobuls, and the Spaneardes, and the juges and lernyd men.

29 Oct 1554. The same day sir Thomas Audley (66), a famous captain, was buried in saint Mary Overy's. There attended his funeral the lord Gray, lord Fitzwalter, and divers other] captaynes and knyghtes and gentyllmen [to the number of] lx. be-syd odur.

In 1569 Unknown Painter. Posthumous portrait of Thomas Audley 1st Baron Audley Walden 1488-1544.